Untouched Beauty

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It's a dream i had a while back and i wrote it down i feel like putting it in more detail but i don't have the time for it right now so just please enjoy what i have so far. :D

Submitted: July 04, 2008

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Submitted: July 04, 2008



Have you ever looked at someone and thought "eww" because they are fat or not very pretty? Well, in today's society anyone can be beautiful due to plastic Surgery. What would you do to be beautiful? How far would you go to be recognized? Would you do anything?

Most people might answer "no, I wouldn't" but really, anyone would do anything for absolute beauty. It is something we all want because the fact is, everyone hates themselves and yes, even that Jeffrey Star dude is pursuing beauty and perfection because he isn't perfectly happy with the way he looks. No one ever will be.

Now the story begins with two people who play God in a way, not trying to be him, but giving people what they want so bad... Perfection.

These two people who I speak of are far beyond humans. They lack the things that humans have that clouds their minds to judge. They are not all-knowing and they are not Godly creatures, they only have collective minds and are usually always three steps ahead of others.

Now you're wondering what do these two people do exactly?

Okay, well pretty much long story short, they give people what they so desperately want. They give them beauty (what people call hot or true beauty) That's what they give them but perfection is only for a few people. They target fat, ugly and gross people who nobody will ever want to touch, much less even hold hands with or find desireable. So that's what they give them, a reason to be desired with Plastic Surgery and meds that enhance their body and biologic procedures.

I am now going to tell a story on how these two people fixed a girl who was uglyer then your mom when she's 80 years old. We shall name these people Adam and Eve because these two people are a boy and a girl.

Year Zero

Time 8:45
Bell rings

8:48 - Adam and Eve make it to class

8:55 - People are introducing themselves. Adam and Eve noticed someone they can enhance and make beautiful.

9:00 - They walk up to the girl while everyone else stares at deguest at her but look at Adam and Eve in awe of their face and body struture.

* Now this girl has like a double chin and and is hairy and at least wheres a size 15 and yet shes only 15 years old you can tell she's not happy. She's gross, plain and simple

Now takes place their conversion.

9:01 - 9:25

Adam- Hi there, nice bracelet

No Name- Hello! Thank you! Whats your name, if I may ask?

Adam- Oh, sorry, how rude of me. My name is Adam, and yours?

No Name - it's Eva

Adam- Nice, beautiful name. It's strong

Eva- (Laughs) Beautiful? Sure, I think your beautiful

Adam- ....Thank you (Laughs)

Eva- So, how are you?

Adam- Good and you?

Eva- Okay, you know, life is really hard

Adam - I agree. Hey, me and my best friend are gonna have a get-together at my house. Would you want to come? We can give you the ride and everything. We're new here.

Eva- (Starts to crush on Adam) ....Wow, really? Are you sure? I don't want to be a burden.

Adam- Uhm, didn't you just hear me, dear? I invited you, but hey! if I seem weird then never mind.

Eva- No! I didnt mean it like that, but sure I will go

Adam - Great! Meet us at the flagpole. See you then.

Eva- Okay, bye Adam

Adam - Bye

Lunch begins

Eve- God damn, I don't think that bitch is going to fit in our car

Adam- Dude, I'm more worried about her popping the tires with her weight. A car has a weight limit too

Eve- Really, since when?

Adam- Since she existed

Eve- Hah hah, too fucking true

Adam- So are we going to make her beautiful?

Eve- God couldn't, so we will

Adam- Okay, let's begin the operation

Its after school and there are people walking everywhere. Eva is at the flagpole waiting while people look at her and say things like "wow, that bitch is fucking gross"

3:55- Adam and Eve show up and say their greeting. They meet her then take off

4:20- They get to Eve's house

Now that they have her at the house they stop pretending to be nice and tell her everything

4:25 - 4:50

Adam- Okay look, we brought you here to tell you that we can help you

Eva- What are you talking about?

Eve- Listen, bitch, we don't have all the time in the world so be a good girl and listen

Eva - Uhmm......okay

Eve- Okay look, you are gross. Pretty much God didn't like you very much when he created you and, honey, McDonald's isnt helping you either. Now look, due to your fat cells and you eating big macs like they're free, you have more hormones than needed and that's what causes your hairs to grow at an alarming rate.

Eva- Why are you telling me this? (Starts to cry a bit)

Eve- Because listen, we can help. We can make you beautiful so that society accepts you 

Eva- How!?

Eve- We have an underground hive where perfection is born and no, this isn't some scene bullshit, honey but in fact, we are Plastic Surgeons who can help you.

Eva- Impossible, you guys are too young

Eve- I must admit we look great for being twenty-three, but hey! we're surgeons and this is the stuff you can do when educated

Eva- Okay, so you are telling me that you can do this well, how? Also, at what price?

Adam- It's free

Eve- Yes, indeed, it is only with one price

Eva- You just said it was free?

Adam- Free from money, but we have one condition

Eva- What?

Eve- We brand you since we created your beauty and perfection. But hey, if you dont want that small price to pay for Untouched Beauty we understand. However, this is a once-in-a-lifetime deal. What do you have to lose?

Eva- ..........okay, deal

Adam- Great!

Eve- Let's get started. We don't have alot of time

They Blindfold Eva and tell her they're taking her to Year Zero*
*Year Zero is a place hidden underground where Beauty and Perfection are born

Time- Unknown

They descend underground and tell Eva that they are gonna operate on her and fix her DNA to make enhancements with biologic warfare to her body and use plastic surgery to fix her appearance.

They begin first with fixing her DNA to make sure her body stays skinny after they suck the hundreds of fat off of her. This is now the order they did stuff in;

1st- Sucked tons of fat off of her from every inch of the body until she was 100 pounds of weight

2nd- Constructed her face by shaving the bone to give her a more defined face and better cheek bones

3rd- Fixed her belly button and other small things while making her ears the same height, fixing her legs (Her knee caps and reduced the dead vains off her legs)

4th- Took off all the extra skin from the dramitic weight loss

5th- Gave her C34 boobs

6th- Tighted her whole body to make everything tight and fit just right

7th- Gave her blue eyes with a hint of green by mapping her DNA and taking off brown eyes and adding a blue-eyed code into the DNA strand

8th- Gave her a faster way of processing food so she will stay thin

9th- Gave her hormonal decreasers to stop her aging process

10th- Made her skin a nice, pale color

11th- Branded her lower hip area with the words " Mana & Miyavi "

Now that her the multiple operations and process healing is done, she is taken out of her medical induced coma

She wakes up in a white room under 25 F degrees. There is is a mirror for her to see herself, she is in awe on how beautiful and perfect she has become.

Adam- Hello, how are you doing?

Eva- ......I....I.....cant believe this, I'm .....beautiful?

Adam- Hah hah, yes you are. It's time to send you to the outside

Eva- Oh my god! I can't wait, let's go!

Adam- Alright.

Next, Adam and Eve take Eva outside to a mall and then to park. They tell her that now society will accept her as she is nothing but a lie; the very thing people believe in and feed off of

Eva- * Gets off of the car *

Adam and Eve- Good-bye, and good luck ...Bitch

As they leave, she tries to see what she can do and explores into the mall
She walks in and people stare at her in awe and envy her beauty and perfection. Her body screams out Untouched Beauty

The ending of this story is no fairy-tale happy ending

First, she has no home. It's been one month and her parents wont recognize her since Adam and Eve made her their own creation. Now she's all alone more then before, yet with a beauty to die for.

Three months pass by

She now lives with her boyfriend since she has no where else to stay. She is non-existant. Their is no trace of her anywhere and she realizes that Adam and Eve made her pay a price that was more then just a brand but it costed her family and the people she knew and cared for. Eva starts to go insane.

Her boyfriend always tells her she needs to calm down and that maybe she has a medical condition but she tells him, "why the fuck do you love me? I'm a make believe piece of shit that they made!"

She leaves and goes off into her boyfriend's room while he leaves mad.

She's alone. She has a gun and a video camera.

Now reads what she said before she took her life;

Eva- It's me mom and dad. I hope you will be able to hear this and i hope this doesn't take too long. I feel completely lost and i know there is something really strange going on but I can't escape it. I've been like this for far too long. Perfection and Beauty don't get you happiness but rather emptiness because there's nothing left to get or have. It's getting worse and worse. I feel like I haven't slept in years. I can  feel "them" always right behind me. Those bastards, what they have done to me is everything but Perfection.

Now my mind as almost turned insane.
Can you hear this Adam can you Eve?
Are you guys out there?
I want to go back to where I came from, please Adam and Eve, Please!
How much time has passed? I can feel them. I swear they are here... they're beside me as I speak. Can't you see I'm the very thing they created? I'm a part of them. Mom, dad,I can feel my thoughts dying out so I just want to fucking say I love you ........Goodbye

* Shoots Ring Out *

It's over

The End


Authors Notes- Well this is a dream i had last night about and i wanted to put it into words. I would have rathered it be in greater detail but lol i just dont have the time i hope you enjoy it and think is Beauty really worth losing everything at least thats the lession i learned from my dream but who knows lol it could be something completely different please comment and tell me what you think of it

Thank You for reading

Mana Filth

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