True Love Never Dies,Even If You Ignore It...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
Love : the most hot and common topic of discussion for young adults. It's the source of both pain and pleasure but we can’t predict which it will be from one moment to next.Now-a-days many issues, many problems are arising among youngsters due to it's a short story based on Love and ignorance.
Hope you understand it and do give comments after reading.

Submitted: September 07, 2012

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Submitted: September 07, 2012




“Never ignore a person who loves you, misses you and cares for you. Else one day, you will wake up and realize that you have lost the moon while counting the stars.”

The above quotation is quite good but many people fail to implement it. They advise others but aren’t good at doing the same.

This is a small story of B. Tech life. A story of a guy called Rihan, who is a little innocent, quite poor in understanding the complex things in life, funny in nature but very sweet at heart, with a truthful and honest attitude.

After joining B. Tech, he stayed in hostel, away from his home. So, in the beginning of the first year, Rihan was a little upset. But very quickly, he made many new friends in the hostel as well as in the college. He started enjoying the college days with the company of his friends, by playing and having fun. Then after some months, the first semester exams came. Late night studies started. The enjoyment still continued in between studies. The first semester got completed with 90% fun and 10% studies.

Rihan was very happy with his new friends, new college and the hostel life. He thought that the next four years would pass in a similar way, by enjoying and studying with his friends. But life is not so simple… Without tension and pain, life has no meaning. As dream and reality are two different things and we always have to live in reality.

In the second year, Rihan came to his aunt’s home to stay. He was away from the hostel. But that wasn’t such a big deal. He could always meet his friends anytime he wanted to. In the 4th semester, he suffered from severe jaundice and was admitted into a hospital. He was advised to take bed rest for at least one month and eat only boiled food. This made him very weak and he recovered from it after 3 months. And after many days, he came to the college only to appear for the semester exams. Like this second year also passed with little happiness and little pain. But this kind of pain can be recovered after some days and it is curable. The situation becomes unbearable, when the pain is incurable and irresistible. We don’t want to feel that kind of pain but still it is not within our control.

Rihan never thought that one day; he would have to go through such pain. The guy who was fun loving, always liked to enjoy life, was poor in understanding the complex things of life, had to experience so many complexities one day that he wouldn’t be able to enjoy anything else in life.

It was the beginning of 5th SEM. One fine day, as usual, Rihan boarded the bus to go to his college. But that day an unexpected thing happened, which put a great impact on his future.

He was standing in the bus because all the seats were taken. Just at that time, he saw a girl who was sitting in the window seat. She was looking outside. To Rihan she looked cute, attractive and mesmerizing. Her hair was a bit loose and some strands of her hair were falling on her face due to the wind. She was a pretty girl, not beautiful but still that moment was magical for him. He wasn’t able to take his eyes off her. Though he turned his gaze away from her but within a few minutes, it again fell on her. In this way, the bus reached college.

Everyone got down from the bus and moved to their respective class rooms. Rihan also went to his class but he was unable to concentrate on the lecture. Every time the girl’s face kept coming before his eyes. He wasn’t able to understand what was happening to him. He also knew that she was not the only girl he had seen till now. There were many girls in his school and also in his college, who were much beautiful than her. But then, why did he want to see only her again and again? What was so special about her? Never had he felt in this way for any girl. He thought a lot but he couldn’t find any answer. That night, he couldn’t sleep. Even if he slept for a few minutes, he kept dreaming about the girl.

Out of his several hobbies, sleeping was the favorite one. If he wasn’t busy, he would love to sleep for the entire 24 hours. Irrespective of the time, he would love to sleep and during his sleep, even dreams couldn’t disturb him. Such a guy forgot sleeping and always the girl came into his dreams. He used to wake up early in the morning and reach bus-stop before time, to catch the college bus, just to see her. And he used to stay back in the college after his class for the same reason. He had never done all this before. Waking up early in the morning was very tough for him. But during those days, Rihan wasn’t able to recognize what was happening to him. He just knew that whenever she was around him, he was happy.

Gradually he got to know more about the girl - her name, her batch, her branch, etc. and like this, almost one semester got completed.  Her name was Natasha. She was one year junior to Rihan. Throughout the semester, Rihan talked with Natasha a couple of times and that too, only as a senior. Some girls can easily talk with unknown people but Natasha was not that type of a girl. She was a simple girl, who talked only with her close group of friends and didn’t bother to talk with strangers.

Rihan’s feelings for Natasha got increased day-by-day. He wasn’t able to keep his feelings to himself. So finally, one day, he decided to tell her how he felt about her. He saw Natasha with two of her friends. He moved towards them and called out to her. At that time, he was shaking and was extremely nervous but somehow he managed to tell her about his feelings. He wanted to tell much more, but due to the fear of being rejected, he couldn’t tell everything.

After telling, Rihan felt a little relaxed. But before confessing his emotions, Rihan didn’t think from Natasha’s point of view. How can a girl say “YES” to a guy with whom she had talked only 2-3 times and that too only as a senior? She knew nothing more about Rihan. Moreover, she can have some other problems. So after listening to Rihan, Natasha didn’t speak anything. She just gave him an angry look, suddenly turned her face and went away.

After that day, Natasha started ignoring him. Rihan tried to talk to Natasha 2-3 times and ask her, although he knew the answer. The answer was quite evident from Natasha‘s reaction on that day. But we all live with a positive hope and Rihan was no different. Every time he approached Natasha with a positive hope in his heart. But Natasha just used to turn and go away. After some days, she didn’t even like to look at him. All this hurt Rihan a lot.

“To love someone and be loved by the same person is everything.” Everyone is not so lucky to get everything. It hurts when we don’t get back the love from the person whom we love. But the situation becomes unimaginable, when the same person ignores us, hates us and can’t bear the sight of us. How can one bear the ignorance of someone whom he/she loves deeply?

For the first time in his life, till that day, she is the only girl whom he loved so much truly and deeply. But Natasha didn’t understand that.  May be for Natasha, Rihan was one among many of her admirers. So, she avoided him. Rihan also knew that it wasn’t Natasha’s fault. Feelings cannot be created forcefully. He respected Natasha and so he didn’t want to hurt her any more. When he felt like she was getting annoyed due to him, he also started staying away from her. He didn’t want to do all the degrading things that guys of today’s generation did -  irritate a girl by sending her random messages, making calls from different numbers, etc.  Rihan was not such type of a guy. He could easily get her mobile number and maybe he already had her number. But he knew very well that he couldn’t force Natasha into anything. Love, affection and attention should never be chased. If those are not given freely by a person, then those aren’t worth having. So, he didn’t keep her contact number and simply waited for her positive response.

He tried hard to stay normal, as before, without thinking about her. But he wasn’t able to do so. Every time he thought of staying away, those memories kept coming again and again. It’s very difficult to forget someone, when he/she is always present in our thoughts and also around us. Everywhere he went all he could see was her face. For this reason his feelings kept increasing instead of decreasing. There is a good saying based on this ”The more we try to go away from someone/something, the more we will get closer to that.”

Day-by-day, his feelings went on increasing and likewise, her ignorance too. Rihan was tending to lose his control over himself. He never wanted to hurt anybody due to any reason. But he knew that during all this he had hurt some people knowingly or unknowingly. Though he didn’t want to give pain to himself and others, still he wasn’t able to do anything. He didn’t know what to do. So, he became frustrated with his life. He couldn’t enjoy even a single thing.

Like this days, months and almost a year passed. Nothing improved. Though Rihan was living and trying to enjoy his life by forgetting about the frustration, still it was there somewhere inside him, which often came out.

The final semester came. Just 2-3 months more in college. Now, Rihan just wanted to be just friends with Natasha and wanted to say “SORRY” for whatever has happened. But Natasha was ignoring him completely, was not even giving him a single or small chance to talk with her. May be now Rihan also knew that the remaining months would also pass and he wouldn’t be able to talk with her. This thought was driving him crazy. He had never dreamt in his wildest dreams that all this would happen to him in the 4 years of his B.TECH life. The saddest part being on the day of graduation, he would not only have many good friends, good marks, good job but also the ignorance of the only girl whom he loved, cared and respected truly!!!

If we can’t love someone or can’t give happiness to someone then we have no right to hurt or hate that person. Generally people think ignoring and remaining silent or moving away from any problem, will be the best solution. But this is wrong. May be in some cases, it is good to remain silent. But in most of the cases, this increases the problem. Ignoring a person will never reduce or kill his/her feelings for you, if he/she is genuine. It only acts as an enhancer. Instead of ignoring and remaining silent, talking and discussing the problem will help a lot. If a few words and a few minutes of your time can easily give the solution and happiness to others, then why to hurt the person by ignoring???

Now, may be some of you are thinking that sometimes giving a single chance also will lead to a big problem and it’s like inviting trouble. Yes, it’s true. But the main problem arises only when we aren’t able to know to whom we should give a chance? And to avoid that confusion we start ignoring all those who like/love us! In the process of ignoring all, we ignore and hurt some true hearts.

That doesn’t mean we will love everyone, if there are more than one true lover or admirer. But at least we shouldn’t hate them just because they love us. Many a time, it also happens that there is “someone special” in our life, whom we love silently. In that case we are not in a state of accepting love of any other person. Then we should try to explain this to the person who loves us, so that their love doesn’t increase unboundedly.

If I go deeper into this, it will become more complex. So, just a simple line Love the one whom you want to love; but don’t hate the one who loves you.”

Before taking any action or judging about someone, we should also think by putting ourselves in their place. Just think, how you will feel when the only person whom you love will completely ignore you? Do you really think ignoring will make everything all right?  If we think about this with a cool mind, then we will surely get the answer…

Ignorance is not always the solution. Sometimes it’s better to talk and discuss about the problem.”

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