lost grace

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the person in poem was walking down a lane and suddenly the streetlights went out. He felt alone and when he was lying in bed he felt like he was in his coffin. searching for a good friend was his motto. and this is my motto to all the people in the world.
the world is in a crisis. everyone's selfish. so if we could make just one good person then we are making a shield against the ill effects in the world...

Submitted: October 20, 2009

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Submitted: October 20, 2009




There the lights went out,

just like the sun went down today,

is this gonna happen everyday?

am i gonna be alone today.

why are they happy?

am i looking fool?

or am i blaming you?

this is only what i do.

child days were empty,

school days were smoke,

college days were water,

and now i stand alone and everything"s alter.

wars don't make a sense,

agony, jealousy makes too much sense,

confused! you are me,

and i am you.

alone the days went,

alone my cemetry stands,

roses are much far away from me,

but yes! thorns awaiting me.

if i could get just one chance,

I'll try everything,

to make just one  friend,

who would be with me till the last stand.

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