Mirroring Yourself

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This poem is symbolic, the mirror, is actually the girl imagining herself; her soul. It represents girls who look in the mirror and see nothing, but someone who is broken. When people see them, they think shes beautiful, but she is hurt, lost, broken, inside, and puts up a front. People see themselves as something ugly not what they actually are.

Submitted: May 11, 2013

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Submitted: May 11, 2013




The shiny glass with a perfectly white frame.
A beautiful structure; a perfect structure.
It is seen as a beauty from the eyes of others.
Slowly the glass tints, with the edges wasting away.
Foggy and lost, with no beauty to remain.
The glass cracks into little fragments.
Lifelessly falling piece by piece to the floor.
Destroyed as the reflection is broken.
Screaming with pain, as each piece is lost.
Tears rolling down the disintegrating edges.
The frame splits, with no support for the rest.
Every piece shattered among the floor.
Leaving an empty, broken border, with nothing left to reflect.
The numbness consumes, as this beauty is now broken.
Looking up, she sees the mirror intact.
It stands with the same beautiful, white frame, and shiny glass.
Broken, she falls to the floor.
Tears cloud her eyes.
A beautiful girl; a perfect girl, envisions herself. 

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