Power of people

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Everything written below is my opinion. I hope the people I offended would think over it from my side. And if I made any mistake then sorry. Sorry if there are any grammatical or spelling errors.

Seriously, how foolish can people become. I have never ever felt that the education system i follow is such a useless system. How can people tell how qualified I am just by looking at my certificates? The only thing needed to get those certificates is time, some work (not even hard work) and some memory. This shit going around me is driving me crazy every second. Okay let us start discussing with the most recent topics, I hope everyone knows about the GST coming into system recently. Although people didn’t like it they slowly accepted it because it is told that it for the sake of people. And I hope everyone who is reading has been educated. The first thing i want to remind you people is that democracy is for the people, to the people and by the people. I am again telling it is for the people, to the people and by the people not for the people, to the people or by the people. Have some common sense please. All those three conditions are satisfied in democracy. That is the major difference between democracy and other ruling methods. The other ruling methods are using an 'or' in between not 'and'. And the funny thing is that the rulers itself don’t know the meaning or even if they knew it they would never follow it. How can the rulers forget the major part i.e. by the people part in democracy. When I said this to one of my friend who is supporting, he said that the rulers are selected by the people so it should be fine. How can people select rulers when they themselves don’t know what they are for? The rulers are there so that they fulfil the peoples wishes not for the ruling party and opposition party to fight in the assembly. Even the children fight in a better and dignified way. And yet we sit in front of TV's judging those idiots. Who the hell asked you to vote for them? you dug your own grave right? what the hell are the educated people doing in this country? All these questions will get fired back at me if tell them in a meeting or to anyone saying what the hell I am doing. Let me tell those fools that I am protesting. But my protest can never be successful. I call a protest successful only when all the people realise what I am doing and support me. And the protest is to stop voting. Just imagine an election in which not even a single vote is voted for anyone. Just imagine the whole country standing in front of the party offices and asking the questions. The government is going to fall apart. A person can truly understand the problem when he is facing it or atleast when he hears it. And in our incredible country if some question like this is posed not even 1% of our population would care about it. They think if they go to work instead of wasting time protesting they will get paid. Now, is this the education which was taught for us? Is this the way people react in an incredible country? Think about it. Question yourself. What the hell is government for? What the hell this 'education' word means. Learn things and then teach those to others. The government does what we want to do. We don’t follow the government. If the country wants to start a war then the government should. Because the people can face the consequences of the decisions they make not the decisions taken by the rulers. Remember, if the ruler cheated people after getting selected then he can be brought down by the people who selected him. Think about it. In a democratic country people hold the power or we can say people are the power. Understand that everything needed to be done can only be achieved when all the people are united.

Submitted: August 12, 2017

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If all the people were united then there would be only ONE ruling party.Human beings from birth are "An Aggresive Mammal" We constantly and relentlessly "push our own little red wagon" as individuals and politicians are "Caught Up" in all this as well.As long as "Human Nature" is of the form us current people have come to know it there will be no respite or peace on earth so to speak.
The Bible predicts that our current generations are headed for "an armagedddon" not seen since the days of "Noah's Ark" whether it be by natural disasters or man made disasters.
Maybe then after the "carnage" will us humans who are left "Morph" into a more presentable species.

Sun, August 13th, 2017 12:55am

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