Taken Chp 3: Last Chance

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

3rd chapter of Taken.
Anya has been taken from the cellar against her will. Devin is still locked down there scared to lose his best friend. Trying to escape Devin finds himself in more trouble than he though and finds Anya's family isn't really who they say they are. This is his last chance to get away from it all. Will he take it or stay to protect Anya as best he can?

"Anya! Anya!" he shouted, still pounding on the locked doors. His fists bled from the stone he continued to hit. He had to get out of there. He had to save Anya. Suddenly Devin heard voices behind him. Anya's father stood behind Devin and covered his mouth.

"Don't talk. We've got to get you guys out of here. If my brother doesn't see you leave, he won't go after you. Only if he sees you making a run for it will he kill you," Mitchel said quietly. Devin shook his head. "I know you don't want to leave Anya," Mitchel continued, "but she's better off on her own. She can handle herself. I promise." Devin stared at Mitchel and then to the person standing behind Mitchel.

"Who the hell are you?" Devin asked, pushing Mitchel's hand away from his mouth. The man stepped forward. He looked very much like Mitchel and even more so like Kurt. "Wait.. are you related to them?" he asked. The man nodded. Devin's mind spun as he thought of what Anya had been talking about before. How was it that her own mother married the brother of her nephew's murderer?

"Ben, where did your father go?" Taylor asked her son. Ben shook his head.

"I thought he said something about going over to Uncle Jerry's house. They were going to go look for Anya," he replied. Ben set a picture down on the table and looked at his mother. Tears ran down his face. Within the last twenty-four hours they hadn't heard a single thing about Anya. He didn't get why his parents didn't just go to the police. Even if they had been threatened, the police could help track the person down before it was too late.

Suddenly Ben grabbed the phone and ran to his room. He shut and locked the door so that his mother couldn't get in. He heard her coming up the stair and called nine-one-one as fast as he could. "Hello?" he said quietly. "I need help! My sister was taken and there was a note. It said that if we called the cops that she would die. My parents didn't call, but please come and help us! I want my sister back!" he shouted. Taylor listened through the door and dropped to the floor in tears. When Ben opened the door and said the police were on their way, Taylor lost it. She grabbed him by the shirt and shoved him down stairs.

"Get your ass into the living room. I need to talk to you immedeatly!" she shouted. Ben set the phone down and sat down on the couch. His mother grabbed the note off of the refrigerator. Taylor stormed into the livingroom and threw it into Ben's hands.

"You must not understand the meaning of 'I will kill her!' " his mother screamed. "Your sister is going to be dead before the police even show up thanks to you!" Tears were running down her face and Ben's hands began to shake. His voice was weak and his couldn't bring himself to look at his mother.

"I... I was just trying to help," he whispered. Taylor shook her head angrily. "Mom, if anyone can help, it's the police. They can find out who has Anya!" She looked at her son and smiled in a strangely evil way.

"We know who has your sister you idiot! That's why we didn't call the police. Because we knew if we called the police we would never get her back! Your uncle Kurt has her!" Taylor shouted. Ben litereally fell of the couch in shock. Why would Uncle Kurt threaten to kill his sister?


"Wait.. so you know how to stop Kurt from killing Anya?" Devin asked. Mitchel looked at him and then at his brother. The two of them began to laugh hysterically. "What?" Mitchel shook his head and grabbed Devin's neck.

"You just don't get it, do ya boy?" he asked with a menacing stare. Devin shook his head. "That girl is the reason my brother is dead! Wouldn't you want to kill the little bitch who got your brother killed?" Devin shook his head again. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Anya's own father wanted her to be dead!

"She's your daughter, why would you want to kill her?" Devin asked. Suddenly it clicked in his mind. Mitchel didn't marry Taylor because he loved her. He married her so that he could get a hold of Anya without anyone suspecting him. "But you... you took care of her when she was sick with pnemonia. Why didn't you just let her die then instead of tourturing her?" he asked. Mitchel nodded to his brother.

"Because Devin, then we wouldn't have all gotten to watch her die. Frank was our brother too. Not just Kurt's. Anya Vincent will die. And she will die tonight as soon as the sun begins to set at six thirty. And you know what? You'll be there to watch her die," Jerry said. Then he took the pistol he had out and bashed Devin in the head with it. Devin fell to the ground, pretending they'd knocked him out.

As soon as they opened the door, he pushed off the floor and ran as fast as he could shouting for help. Then he realized that they were in the middle of nowhere. Kurt lived on a farm. No one else lived around there. Gunshots rang through the sky as Mitchel and Jerry aimed their guns at Devin. He turned into a cornfield and ran and ran and ran. About ten minutes later he collapsed into a heap in the field. He'd lost the brothers, but he needed to find Anya. Devin looked around silently. In the back of his head a little voice was telling him to just leave while he still could. There was nobody around. The two brothers assumed they'd killed him. What more was there left to do? He could just walk out of the other side of the cornfield right now and leave.

'What about Anya?' his own voice asked. 'She's as good as dead if you don't try and help her. Do you want me to remind you of that everytime someone mentions her name?' Devin shook his head. If he was going to get away, this was his only chance to do so. If he went back onto the farm, he might die, but he also might be able to save Anya. 'It shouldn't be this hard of a desicion,' he thought to himself. 'Anya's your best friend. You wouldn't be able to live knowing you let her die  because you didn't want to go back...' With that thought he turned himself around and ran right back to the farm.

"Where's Anya?" he demanded, standing firmly infront of the barn. The three brothers turned around in shock.

"I thought you said he was taken care of?" Kurt asked. The other two nodded in response. Devin grinned.

"I guess you can't count on them as much as you thought. They're pretty incapable beings," he said. Kurt grabbed a knife from behind him and pulled Anya infront of himself. Devin's heart stopped beating for a moment as he watched Kurt press the sharp double-edged knife to Anya's neck. He lost his breath and couldn't move.

"Devin, get out of here," Anya said, whimpering. Devin shook his head. "But they'll kill you too," she cried. Tears came to both their eyes. Kurt, Jerry, and Mitchel stared at them and suddenly Kurt let go of Anya. She tried to run but he dug the knife into the back of her knee.

"You can say goodbye, but that's it. If you try to run you will both die. As soon as we kill you Anya, the boy will be let go. Unless he threatens or shows signs of trying to tell on us like the puny little boy he is. Understood?" he demanded. Anya nodded. She limped weakly over to Devin. He hugged her tight. She winced as he picked her up and kissed her.

"Sorry.. I'll stop," he said. She stared at him silently for a moment.

"No," she whispered, "Don't stop. It only hurts a little, and it's a good kind of hurting." She leaned in and kissed him again and again. "Devin, I'm sorry I got you into this. Please just go. This is your last chance. If you go now, they probably won't follow you. Please, just go. I love you, I don't want you to get hurt. Please," Anya begged him. Devin just shook his head.

"And I love you," he said. "That's why I came back. I couldn't just let you die. I had to try and save you. Please, don't make me go. I would rather die trying to save you, than to die running away from all of this. I'm sorry I never told you how much I loved you. Just, remember my lips, and don't ever let this kiss fade away," Devin said. Their kiss seemed to last forever. The world seemed to stop moving and they felt nothing but their love for one another. Suddenly they broke apart and Anya was dragged away by Jerry and Mitchel. Tears streaming down her cheeks she whispered 'I love you' one more time.

Devin's mind began to spin. How the hell was he going to save Anya? He had no weapons, and he had no skills that could be used against these three. His heart raced as he watch Anya being taken into the barn. He wasn't going to let this happen. He wasn't going to lose her like he had last time, when she almost died of pnemonia. He couldn't go through that again.

"LET HER GO!" he shouted. Devin ran as fast as he could, catching up with the three men. He grabbed Jerry around the neck and pulled him to the ground. "I will kill him if you don't let her go!" he said, confiscating Jerry's knife. Mitchel's eyes grew wide but Kurt just laughed.

"you wouldn't have the guts to kill someone," he said. Anger flowed through Devin's veins as he stared at Kurt, realizing he was right. He couldn't kill someone, but he could hurt them. He dug the knife into Jerry's back and let him fall to the ground. Kurt smiled and pulled the knife closer to Anya's neck.  Looking at Anya Devin saw the terror in her eyes. She looked from her father to him to her two uncles and screamed. Devin dropped the knife and just stared at his best friend. She looked at him with new eyes. Eyes the showed how she was terrified of him, of what he had just done. Kurt laughed.

"Didn't think you could do it. You're too weak," he said. Anya somehow managed to lean over and bite Kurt's hand. By the time Kurt had looked up, Anya was halfway to the cornfield. "Get that damn daughter of yours!" he shouted to Mitchel. Devin ran after Anya and managed to scoop her up and hide in a hollow tree trunk. Blood dripped from both Anya's knee and from Devin's hands. She stared at him, silent, but horrified. Devin shook his head.

"No," he whispered. "I didn't do it to hurt him... I was just trying to help you. Anya, I'm sorry." She shook her head.

"How could they? How could you?" She leaned on Devin's shoulder and cried as hard as she could. Her mind spun with details of what had just happend. Suddenly she looked up at Devin's face, spattered with some of her blood and some of her uncle's. She was so scared, but she didn't know who to turn to. Devin had always been there, but then again, so had her dad. Well... since she was four at least. Had everything just been a plan to kill her? Devin took her hand gently.

"Anya, you can trust me," he whispered. She shivered as his words worked their way into her brain. His hand was warm, and his eyes were bright. Scared, angry, terrified, but bright and truthful. She could trust him. Devin had given up his chance to leave for her. He had chosen to stay with her and protect her. Any other person would have just walked away to save their own ass.

"I love you," she whispered again. Devin kissed her forehead and she began to fall asleep on his chest. He carefully leaned her against the trunk of the tree as he took of his shirt and wrapped her knee to stop the bleeding. He leaned back and she woke up just long enough to lay her head back on his chest. She could hear him breathing and the steady thump of his heart beating. Now all they could do was to wait until either help came or her uncles and father gave up the search for them. She fell back asleep and Devin watched her... waiting silently to find out what would happen next and if they would survive or not.

Submitted: July 31, 2009

© Copyright 2022 Mandie. All rights reserved.

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us this the end or will there be more

Tue, August 11th, 2009 9:15pm


definately will be more. :) I'm at a friends using their internet, my parents got disconnected, so I can use hers, but it will probably be a while until I can type it up and get it on booksie.com. Have you really enjoyed Taken, so far at least?

Wed, August 12th, 2009 7:05am

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