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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a grimy piece of science fiction. Possibly still a word in progress.

I know, I know. Survival...but this is getting ridiculous. I can’t help but wonder: if each day is going to be this bland, is it really worth it?

Next drop in 30 minutes. Charging my energy rifle...it’s a repeater. I popped a giant spider-looking thing with it one day. Felt pretty good...but that was a long time ago.

I’ve been talking to myself for a long time now. I wonder if that’s strange...but when you’ve lost contact with your team, what else can you do?

Lost contact months ago. We got separated. How long ago were we dumped on this planet?

Rations are low and I can smell myself through this bodysuit. Hang on it’s a drop:

OHHH that’s a big mother. Tentacles too. And they dropped two of them.

Ouch ouch...it’s got me. Yeah it’s got me. That is one amazing stench. Hovering over the mouth now. Dummy, now I’m going to pop you in the eye. Yeah. That hurt didn’t it. Now for your other one.

Ouch, ouch. That was a long drop. Watching this fucker go hysterical. Still have some explosives. Need to climb up this thing. Open the head, drop a present. Rifle slung, dodging writhing tentacles, duck and roll, jab that hand knife in there. Yeah. Up we go now. I’ve been covered in every blood known to man. But this still really stinks...something like a vomitorium, if I had ever come across one with vomit in it.

Okay I’m up. Your shrieks don’t bother me none. Skull is tough, need a bigger knife...




Where am I am? Salty – my blood. Here it comes. I forgot about the second one. Well, that’s that. Must have thrown me five metres or so. Very painful. Slimy bastard drooling all over me now. Good night.

Well, well. I guess I wasn’t alone. He blasted them both. And that is some gun he has there. Splattered goodies and guts all over my visor.

“Hi there. I noticed you were in some trouble.”

“Yeah, I suppose I was. Wasn’t that particularly concerned though. Happens all the time.”

“That so? Are you aware that you were screaming? Like a girl?”

“When’s the next drop?”

“An hour.”

“I wasn’t screaming.”

“Yes, actually, you were.”

“I’m ready to die...I’m quite sick of this.”

“Okay tough guy. So should I leave you here? I’m sure you’ll bleed out in a couple of hours or so.”

I laid there for almost a minute – somewhere between existential crisis and resting my eyes. “Fine...help me up.”

“Good man. Keeping up the good fight.”

“What good fight?”

“I don’t know. Just figured that was the right thing to say. Come on. I have a stash not far from here. Collected it from all the dead guys...lots of those around.”

He leads me through the dense foliage. I’m horny...I haven’t had sex since landing here...obviously. No girls here...only option would be bestiality, but that’s not my thing.

“What team are you from?” he asks.

“Does it matter?” I reply.

“Good point.”

“What gun is that?”

“It’s an Obliterator.”

“Do you have another one?”

“I have plenty.”

“So what are you? Some kind of Special Forces? Why are you still alive with so many things to steal from dead people?”

“You should ask God that.”

“Why? Did he keep you alive and tell you to steal from the dead?”

“No. Because I have no idea why I’m still alive. Why are you still alive?”

“Because I keep up hope...against my better judgement.”

“And what do you hope for?”

“There’s something in those trees.”

Yup. I spotted something in the trees. Not too big. We both slow our paces (lucky since every step I take aches) and remove our rifles. It’s kill time...again. How exciting.

Nasty looking fucker. Lizardy, with a cunninglinguist tongue. Fast too. Would probably have killed me in this weak condition, but this guy and his obese gun had to come and rescue me. Of all the rotten luck.

Rolling out of the way. Ouch and ouch again. This thing reminds of an Earth cheetah in a radioactive kind of way. Zapping around us, flashing scales. Very dead now. I didn’t even shoot once.

I need an Obliterator.

“Why do they keep dropping these things here?” I ask.

“Because this is a waste planet. Colonizers need somewhere to dump their waste and make planets safe for new inhabitants.”

“So why dump us here with the waste?”

“Because you committed a terribly crime against humanity?”

“No...I didn’t.”

I didn’t...did I?

“Fuck man, I don’t know. I just woke up here one day. EAT KILL REPEAT. But I really do think this is some kind of waste planet. That’s my theory at least.”

“So does that make us waste? And if the creatures are waste, why not just kill them elsewhere. Flush them down a toilet.”

“Maybe it’s bad for PR? It’s probably some conspiracy – like treehuggers probably think it’s morally wrong to colonize planets that are inhabited already, so big corporations and government say they’re making a home for them, meanwhile their just dumping them here, and we’re killing them off, since we don’t exist in the records anymore. ”

“Well...I can’t speak for the creatures, but I really don’t think I deserve to be here. I don’t recall doing anything particularly heinous enough to deserve this banal punishment.”

“That’s the funny thing about life man...you don’t always have to do something wrong to end up neck high in crap....son of a bitch. Some kind of dragon is burning down my hideout.”

A really, really, really, big dragon thing. HUGE. And I was looking forward to some rations and an Obliterator.

Maybe I should help the guy. Or I could just sit here and wait to bleed out. Maybe I’ll be dead before the next drop. That’d be grand.

Submitted: April 23, 2012

© Copyright 2022 Mandisi Nkomo. All rights reserved.

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