A Pirate's Life For Me

Runner-up-Booksie 2017-2018 Young Writer Short Story Contest Runner-up-Booksie 2017-2018 Young Writer Short Story Contest

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: February 27, 2018

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Submitted: February 27, 2018




Tori pressed her body close to the wall, clutching her bow tightly as she allowed the darkness to shield her from view.

A small green light glowed from the cyrstal around her neck. “Tori, you there?” A voice spoke through the lit gem.


“Got him in sight?”

Tori squinted, a blurry black figure strolled down the deserted street. “Uh… Yup.” She replied to the forest green necklace. It was the only thing that allowed her to contact her friends in any time of need.


“Tell me why we’re doing this again?” she asked, plucking the string of her bow before grabbing one of her sharp arrows.

“‘Cause he’s a thief,” he replied. Tori could have sworn that he was rolling his eyes at that very moment.

“So are we, or did you forget already, Seth?,” she teased.

“Ha, ha, ha, and no, in fact, we’re not thieves, we’re pirates,” he corrected. Tori snorted rolling her eyes.

“Oh right, because there is a difference.”

“Yes, there is! There is a line between the two, it might be blurry, but it’s there. Now stop stalling. Are you ready?”

Tori pulled the arrow back. “Now?”


In a flash, three arrows whizzed through the air, cutting the silent night. They pierced the flickering street lights, shattering the glass surrounding the burning flames before the fire vanished, sending the entire street spiraling into darkness.

The man strolling down only moments before stopped suddenly, shouting in surprise as the lights burnt out.

Tori couldn’t see exactly what Seth and the rest were doing, but she knew it couldn’t be good. After multiple grunts and yells, there was a loud ‘thud’ followed by a long string of silence.

“Are we good?” She asked into the crystal.

There was a loud grunt from the other side. “Ouch! This guy really knows how to pack a punch,” Seth complained.

Tori rolled her eyes and took that as a yes. She peeled herself from the cold stone wall and walked into the open, slinging her wood bow across her shoulder, her black coat shielding her from the hissing wind.

There was a small snap of a finger before the streetlights flickered back on, illuminating the narrow street along with the three boys surrounding the buff man who now lay sprawled against the ground.

Tori reached them, stopping just before the man bleeding below her. “Couldn't you have gone a little easier on him?” She asked, feeling a pang of guilt at the man whose nose was placed in a cringing position, a thin layer of frost covering his face while the end of his shoe was burnt  to crisp.

“I mean really, look at him.”

“He’s hardly innocent,” Julian replied, rolling his blue eyes. “If it makes you feel better…” He waved his hand, the frost retracting from the man’s pale skin.

Tori cringed. It did not make her feel better. In fact, it made her feel worse, but for an entire other reason. She knew she was different from the rest, very, very, different. Her green eyes traveled down to her calloused hands, faint red polish peeling from her nails. As she concentrated, she felt light droplets of water drip from the sky, but paid no attention to them. Not even as they grew harder and constant. It was only when Seth yelled that she was pulled back to reality.

“Tori!” He exclaimed, staring at her wide eyed. His body was completely drenched in water, the thick rain pelting down on them.

“Oh!” As soon as it started, the rain quickly stopped, leaving three dripping boys and a girl standing in the center of the road.

“Is there a reason you’re making it rain on us?” Liam asked, his blond hair falling into his eyes.

“Sorry, my mind drifted off,” she replied, her cheeks growing rosey.

“Of course it did.” Julian grumbled.

“Oh, let me,” She waved her hands, extracting the water from Seth’s skin, leaving him dry. She did the same with Liam but left Julian alone as he froze the water on his body, allowing it to slide off his skin before melting back onto the ground.

Being able to control water was a ‘gift’ she was granted with when she was born. When she was young, she thought that she was all alone with that fearful power. That was, until she found the BlackCoats, a group of pirates who were like her, each power different and each unbelievable. After her parents died, Jack, the captain, asked her to stay with them, and she had happily obliged.

“Did you get it?” Tori asked anxiously, remembering what their mission was.

“Of course,” Seth presented her with a golden crown, three blue gems placed inside which glinted in the night.

“This is beautiful.”

“And, it’s worth three hundred golds,” Julian replied leaving Tori gaping at him. So much money!

“Hey guys, we should get back,” Liam replied stretching his back. “You know how antsy Jack gets when we’re gone for too long.”

“We sailing tonight?” Seth asked.

“Yeah, we’ve been in one place for too long, time for the next town. Who knows, maybe we’ll get the pleasure of stealing from a royal.” Julian spoke as he started down the path, Tori on the other hand pulled up the young man, dabbing the blood off his lip and leaned him against the wall. She took off her cloak, draping it around his shoulders to keep him from freezing to death.

She sucked in a sharp breath, an uncomfortable feeling suddenly setting over her. Looking around she saw nothing but darkness for miles around, and yet, the feeling of being watched stayed.

Through the corner of her eye, a black blur moved through the silence. Her head snapped around, only to find nothing.



She jumped up, turning back to Seth who was motioning for her to follow. “C-coming!” With one last glance, she got to her feet, running down the dirt street,  missing the dark green eyes glinting mischievously as the streetlights went out once again.


The crystal waves crashed against the rocking boat. Although Tori adored land, the sea was even better...a never ending ocean of azul blue waters, and she dreamed of exploring them all.

“Victoria,” Tori glanced up to see Jack, his brown hair falling into his blue eyes, his face tired and filled with worry.

“Hey Jack,” She replied with a yawn, the stars twinkling brightly in the sky above. The coast of their recent destination was long gone as they continued to travel for days, allowing Tori all the time in the world to stare down at the blue water.

“Jeez, and here I thought something happened to you.” He sighed with relief. “What are you doing here so late at night? It’s one thirty in the morning,” He said trying to hide the tiredness that filled his features.

“Couldn’t sleep,” Tori replied with a shrug. She tilted her head, studying Jack. “When was the last time you slept?” He seemed so tired, she was afraid he would crumple to the ground any second now.

He shrugged. “Had things to do, you know how it is. But I should probably get some rest, I’m so tired I think I even started hallucinating. A few minutes ago I could have sworn there was a ship sailing towards us.” He answered. “Now, go to your room, I don’t want you falling asleep and falling overboard.”

“You’re the one who looks like he’s going to fall asleep,” Tori teased.

“Good night Tori.” He replied stearly.

“‘Night captain,”


Tori’s small room swayed gently with the boat, her sheets sliding off her body every time the boat rocked. She groaned snuggling deeper into the bed, her eyes slowly opening. Darkness unsurprisingly filled her vision, her drowsy brain focusing on her room.

A groan escaped her lips as she turned, her head facing the wall. The familiar noise of the creaking wood filled her ears as her eyes slowly closed, allowing her to drift back to sleep.





Tori’s head shot up at the unusual sound. She blinked, rubbing the sleepiness out of her eyes. She glanced around the room.




Tori fought the urge to reach for her bow and sat up, hands clenching the sheets that surrounded her.




Before she could even think to move, the large circular window in her room shattered to the ground, the jagged glass pieces raining down on her small body.

Tori cried out in pain as the shards cut her skin, scarlett blood pouring out of the wounds. She kicked out her foot, a large black figure grunted in surprise and was sent crashing down into her desk.

She rolled onto the ground, as three more figures appeared from the window. She tried to yell, kicking and punching, but a rough hand found her mouth first, keeping her from making a sound.

Tori collided her elbow into her captive’s rib earning a loud grunt in response. She scrambled to her feet, but her body was too weak to escape.

Something cold and hard smashed into her rib cage, sending her stumbling back with harsh force, her body hitting the wall behind her. The force of the kick pushed her towards the window, her body falling out of the large circular hole.

She let out an ear piercing scream as she fell, the rushing water crashing down below. Just as she fell, Tori saw Julian and Seth burst through the door, yelling her name, but it was too late.

Before they could lunge for her attackers, they jumped down after her, the murderous glint in each of their eyes was the last thing she saw before her head hit the water.

The water itself seemed to caress every piece of her body as she sunk lower, her weak form keeping her from using her powers. The impact from the surface is what made her head spin.

All the air was knocked out of her lungs as she struggled to breathe. She tried to use the water to push her back up to the surface, but the lack of strength kept her from doing so.

Her body finally began shutting down without her consent, her light figure sinking lower and lower into the deep sea, her eyes fluttering shut.

Three more figures splashed into the water, black cloths fluttering around them. Two strong hands pulled her arms, keeping her from moving.

Darkness consumed her, sending her down into an endless dream of nothing.


Tori gasped, her body bolting up. She immediately regretted it, her forehead pounding in pain. A groan escaped her lips as she tried her best to keep her eyes from closing once again.

She couldn’t fall asleep. Not now.

“Well, well, well, looks like our little princess is awake,” sneered a sharp voice. Tori tried to move away from the cruel looking man only to find she couldn't. Her feet were tied along with her hands which were placed in silver cuffs. She tugged on them desperately.

“Aw, like those? They'll keep you from using those freaky powers of yours.” Tori blocked out the rest of the man's speech and forced her tired eyes to analyze her surroundings. She was in a small room, obviously on a boat, the constant rocking made that clear. A young man sat in the corner, ignoring Tori as he stared at the creaking wall.

“Hey!” When the man caught Tori blocking him out, he slammed her head against the wall. Stars danced in her vision. “I'm talking to ya!” Tori gritted her teeth to keep from lashing out, the rough hand growing tighter on her hair.

“Drop it!” The man from the corner snarled.

The other huffed but let go of her hair. Tori curled her toes to keep from yelling in frustration.

Kidnapped? You had to be kidding!

“Who are you?’ she asked, trying to keep the anger out of her voice.

“'Who are you?’” He mocked. “You could at least remember us,” he barked. Tori racked her brain, but nothing appeared.

“You can't really expect a stupid brat like her to remember.” The man in the corner snapped, anger radiating off his body.

Suddenly, the door slammed open so hard Tori was sure that it was going to split in half. “Out!” A blond man commanded. The two men scrambled out the room quickly, leaving Tori and the mysterious man alone.

Tori squinted. He looked familiar. He cocked an eyebrow. “What? You haven't figured it out yet?” He turned his neck  revealing a black snake mark crawling up the side of his face. The man gave her a smirk as her mouth fell open.

No. Way.

“Killian,” she spat out.

“My my, I'm so flattered you remember. It's been a while since we last met, since you and your little friends destroyed my life.” He ripped open his shirt, revealing a long nasty scar.

A quick flashback of Jack dragging a thick knife into his skin, filled her mind. “Yeah, and after all your little friends destroyed my ship, all my customers decided that I wasn't 'good enough.’”

Killian was a captain of a group of merchant pirates. They stole stuff and sold it to the black market, mostly to powerful men that suppressed the poor. This was something the Black Coats would never do! They had fought a few years back, destroying all of Killian's ship to keep him from selling poison to a man who would surely use it against the world.

He’d always tried to beat Jack in any way possible, usually setting things on fire to get his attention.

“What do you want, Killian,” Tori asked, annoyed. As she spoke, she searched for her green crystal, only to realize she had left it back on her night stand.

“Well, It’s not about what I want-” He stopped. “No wait, actually it is about what I want.” He strolled towards the small chair, plopping down onto it. “The original plan was to kill you,” he stated casually. “I mean, Jack obviously seems to be fond of you, so It would hurt him at least a tiny bit, but then, I got a genius idea!”

“I find that hard to believe,” she whispered under her breath. If Killian heard her, he showed no sign of it and continued speaking.

“See, what would people think of me if I managed to cross the sea faster than ever before?” He asked. “I’m sure Jack uses you to get where he wants.” Tori glared at him. Sure, Jack sometimes asked her to shift the waves, allowing them to sail faster, but it was never against her will, and she had a feeling Killian wasn’t going to do the same. “So, you’re going to do the same for me.”

“And if I say no?” As soon as the words left her lips, the silver glint of a gun was placed on her forehead, the cool metal giving her a harsh warning. Killian grinned.

“Sorry, I forgot to mention. You don’t have a choice.”


And she didn’t. As soon as Killian removed the chains from her wrists, he had at least two pirates guarding her, gun at the ready just in case she thought to escape. For a few days they kept her below, using her power through the thick wood, but eventually Killian realized they weren't going much faster and pulled her up onto the top deck.

Tori’s arms moved with the crystal blue waves, sending the large ship gliding across the water, almost as if it was on ice. The ride had been calm and steady, thanks to Tori, that is. Apparently, Killian had jewels sitting hidden beneath his ship ready to be sold at the black market, and, according to the pirates, they were absolutely priceless.

Tori watched the waves. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and… Her eyes slowly closed without her consent, her body slumping against the rough edge of the wood.

“Oi!” A hard hand gripped her hair, keeping her from falling off the side of the ship. Her eyes snapped open unwillingly, her face coming close to a sneering man who growled at her. He let his hand fall back to his side, cocking his gun in a small warning.

Tori sent him a tired glare. Her body felt as though it was going to shut down any moment. She couldn’t even remember the last time she got to sleep. Killian had high expectations, and he was going to make sure she reached them.

A loud groan left her lips as she tried to shift the water, sending the ship into sudden jolts.

“What’s going on?!” Killian snapped, obviously displeased by the sudden stop. He stomped over to her side, glaring daggers towards the both of them.

A moan of pain escaped Tori’s lips as she doubled over, clutching her head. The burning headache pounded mercilessly. Killian shouted something at her, his voice sending echoes through her pounding ears.

Her legs gave up from under her, falling to the ground,and hitting the floor with a loud ‘thunk’. She stared up at the blue sky, beyond Killian’s roaring face above her, before she spiraled into a familiar world of darkness.


You have got to be kidding me. Tori thought bitterly as she stared at the pale roof above. She couldn’t believe she passed out...Again.

She turned, expecting to find herself tied to a chair once again, battling the rough restrains for freedom, but surprisingly, she found a soft bed beneath her instead. Tori blinked, confusion washing over her.

Realization hit her as she moved her hands and feet which were both free of any ropes or chains. She bolted up, hope rising up. Maybe she could find some way to escap-

“Don’t even think about it.”

All hope crashed down around her. She turned, not surprised to see one of Killian’s minions sitting in the corner. It was the man who had been there when she had first arrived. What was his name again? She knew It started with a d…

“Dimitri,” he spoke as if reading her mind.

“Right,” Tori had met him a few times, he was very stolid. He showed very little emotion, sorta like Julian, but more serious and aggressive.

Well there goes my chance. She thought bitterly...If she even had one to begin with. “You’re an idiot.” Dimitri snarled, catching Tori’s attention. “Not even enough food to keep straight.”

“Sorry?” They didn’t even give her much food! What did he expect?! It was going to happen at some point. “So this is my fault now?!” She spat, anger lacing her voice.

Dimitri glared at her, throwing a sharp dagger onto the table in a hush warning, earning an eye roll from Tori. That was getting old. “You pirates are all the same,” he growled standing up.

“So you’re not a pirate now?”

He ignored her, turning around as he paced the floor. Tori rolled her eyes and turned towards the high window, glancing up at the setting sun.

A low thud made her flinch in surprise. A small bird hit the window, the water splattering across it’s white wings.

Why was there a bird here? The question echoed in her head until a small piece of paper became visible from the bird's beak, the recent question fading all together. Slowly the bird sputtered the paper out of its mouth, tearing it open as if held down by the roaring wind and its wing.

Tori tilted her head as the parchment was pressed against the window, blurry words forming outside the dirty glass. She managed to make out the words as the bird shook from the wind.

Wait for us. Was all that was written. Tori’s brows furrowed in confusion before everything slowly fell into place as a familiar stamp sat in the corner of the parchment.


Her heart leapt with joy. They were coming for her! The bird all made sense now. It was definitely Liam. While Julian could control ice, Seth fire, Liam could make any animal follow his will. It was something they had all teased him for, but at that moment, Tori couldn't have been happier.

Beside her, Dimitri turned sharply on his heel, facing the poor bird who quickly slid down the window, disappearing down below. As soon as he turned, a ripe red apple hit the back of her head.


“Eat it.” Dimitri commanded. “Then get back to work.”

Tori rolled her eyes and murmured a ‘whatever’ under her breath. She bit into the crimson apple, the sweetness filling her mouth. When was the last time she had eaten? It was probably not long ago, but right then it seemed like forever.

After crunching her apple, Dimitri dragged her back up onto the deck, passing creaking doors. It was only as they passed the paintings of Killian that Tori notice something. A small metal hinge glited from behind the frame, the thin outline of a safe hidden deep below. It was barely visible, but she caught it. Why would Killian hide anything unless it was worth something? Killian’s voice boasting about the ‘rare’ treasure echoed through her mind.

A small smile danced at her lips, but quickly fell as they reached the deck, Killian stomping towards them.

“Finally!” Killian snapped. “What are you doing slacking off?! I got somewhere to be!” He snarled. He shoved Tori back to the top, forcing Dimitri to come along to make sure she didn’t try anything.

She sucked in a deep breath before placing out her hands, forcing the water to push them forward. All the power it took for her to move it left her weak and shaking, but she knew if she stopped, she wouldn’t be waking up in a bed next time.

The night seemed to pass extremely slow, even though the moon was high in the night sky, Killian had no motive to allow her to sleep, or even rest for a second. You would have thought he had learned his lesson by now.

Jack, please hurry up. Tori prayed, she didn’t want to be on this ship at all, much less help Killian in his little quest for gold.

Proudly, Tori at least got to say Jack never stole more than he needed too, but Killian didn’t seem to care how much he took.

It was only when a loud yell came from above that she was pulled out of her trance. “What is it?!” Killian bellowed towards the man high in the crows nest.

The figure above pointed east. “There’s a ship! Over there! They’re headed straight towards us!”

Tori’s head whipped around, her hands dropping to her side, the black sails barely visible in the distance. Her heart leapt. Could it be?

Killian yanked her shoulder back. “What are you doing! Go faster!” He placed a knife at her side, no doubt ready to pierce the skin if necessary. Unwillingly, Tori moved her hands, a large wave sending them sailing in the distance. Even compared to Killian’s ship, the boat behind came charging at them at amazing speed.

“What do we do?!” One pirate shouted.


The burning sound of cannons filled the air, along with guns and arrows whizzing past. Dolphins along with unique sea creatures hissed and jumped before diving back down into the sea, disappearing down below.

“Turn left!” Killian bellowed in her ear.


“Do it!”

Tori did as she was told, turning the ship into a dark path between two enormous split rocks. It was barely just wide enough for them to sail through.

She knew it was a bad idea, the entire place screamed ‘danger’, and there was no way to turn back if needed.

Darkness coated the ship, the loud bangs of guns bouncing off the crumbling walls.

Tori forced the water to stop, keeping them from crashing into the sharp rocks.

Another loud call came from above as they sailed deeper through the rocks. “They stopped!” Tori turned back, her heart sinking as the ship behind them refused to sail any farther.

A long, eerie silence filled the air as everyone finally realized where they were. The silence was unbearable, the only noise was the small rocking of the ship.

The ship suddenly jerked forward, sending everyone stumbling across the deck. Tori gripped the side to keep from falling as the boat slammed into the rocks.

The yells started once again as something continued to shake the ship. Tori managed to catch a glimpse down below. A large black figure swayed in the water. It was a… squid?! Thick grey tentacles grabbed the ship, smashing it against the rocks.

Things went from bad to worse. Thick fog slowly reached the ship, covering the air as it blocked everything in sight.

Panic filled the pirates as the fog spread. Tori’s scream vanished in the wind as a rough hand covered her mouth.

“Jeez, calm down.” Tori turned with wide eyes towards Seth.

She blinked, scared this was all a dream. “Seth?!” She exclaimed. More figures gripped the side of the ship, pulling themselves up from the small, bobbing boat below. She was pulled into Jack’s familiar embrace.

“Take her down!” He snapped at Julian. Before she could understand anything, she was brought down to the small boat in the dark water.

“Liam! Call it off!” Julian yelled to Liam who was having fun watching his pet squid smash the ship. “I’ll finish it.”

Liam whistled for the monster to stop. It quickly obliged, letting the ship free before sinking back down into the turbulent water. “What are you doing?” She asked Julian who placed his hand to the water. He didn’t need to answer as a coat of white ice reached Killian’s ship, crawling up the creaking wood.

While that was happening, Seth wasn’t missing out on the fun. Bright fiery flames ate at the south end of the ship, slowly crawling up the mast towards the black skull flag. The ship slowly began to cave in, the ice and fire too much for its weak wood planks.

Tori watched with wide eyes as the men began to jump off the ship, swimming towards the rocks. Killian on the other hand seemed no where eager to leave his ship, or let Jack escape either.

Jack was pushed against the creaking wood, sliding down the deck as it continued to reach further and further into the sea.

Seth and Liam jumped off the remains of the ship and swam towards the small boatTori now resided on.

“Where’s Jack?!” They exclaimed once realizing their captain was nowhere in sight. The question was answered when Killian began screaming at the figure below him, gunshots ringing through the air.

Tori stood up abruptly at the sight of Killian standing over Jack’s fighting figure, a thick, sharp dagger raised over his head.

Time seemed to stop as Tori moved her hands, forcing the rest of her energy to move the water. The blue sea rushed towards the floating remains in a wave of power. Before Killian could use the knife in his hand, his body was smashed backwards, down into the sharp rocks below.

Silence once again washed over the water as Jack stood stunned along with everyone else.

But, the silence didn’t last long as the ship finally broke away, slamming into the water as golden coins and shining gems spilled out of unknown places.

Tori managed to grab a small red bundle that floated near her as Jack swam safely towards them, leaving the destroyed ship behind.

They helped Jack onto the boat. For a second, everything was quiet before realization hit Tori.

Killian and the other pirates were gone. Her friends and family were here. They had really come for her. She was safe.


Tori shivered, staring out at the morning sun. She gripped her black coat closer to her shivering figure. It felt so good to be back. The familiar scent of the sea filled her nose as she took in a deep breath.

I’m home. A small grin reached across her face as she giggled, happiness overwhelming her. Everyone had been extremely worried and she owed it all to Liam for finding her. Thanks to all the creatures of the sea, he was able to locate the ship.

“Happy?” Jack mused, leaning next to her.

“You have no idea.”

He rubbed her back. “Don’t worry, I’ll get you a new room without a window this time.” He said earning a laugh from Tori.

“Gee thanks.”

“Don’t stay out too long,” Jack called as he turned, stalking off. Seth joined her shortly after, sitting besides her.



“I heard Killian had a bunch of treasure he was hiding.”

“Yeah,” Tori mumbled, hiding a small smile.

“Too bad it all went down.”

Tori could no longer suppress the smile threatening to appear, confusing Seth. “What?” He asked.

She simply held out her hand, pulling out a small velvet bag before dropping the contents onto her outstretched palm. Blue jewels and golden coins rolled out.

Seth’s jaw dropped. “You thief!” He replied with a grin.

“Not thief, pirate,” She corrected in a teasing manner.

“And here I thought you were losing your pirateness.”

“Who me? Nah, once a pirate, always a pirate.” Tori winked, the comfort of her friend allowed her to loosen up. She had gone on a journey she never wanted to do again, but it was all over… for now. Nothing could stop her from getting caught up in trouble, it was one of the things she was good at. She was a pirate after all.

She smiled, staring out into the distance “Besides, you know what they say, It’s a pirate’s life for me.”

© Copyright 2020 mandy panda. All rights reserved.

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