Unseen Angel

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Sammie Peterson and Brenden Greyson were head-over-heels in love with each other.. until Brenden kills himsef. It was totally out of the blue, with no reason at all. Or that's what everybody thinks...

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



"Brenden!" I cried, looking around me. It was all a blur because of the steady tears falling from my eyes. I felt him with me, even though he was gone. I felt him in the air that blew through my hair, in the stars that shone brightly in the sky. He was with me, I knew it in my heart. I kept repeating his name to myself, then heard a wisper through the trees. "I'm here, Sam. Stop crying..." "I can't!"I yelled towards the voice. "Your breaking my heart." I felt cool, crisp breath on my neck. Even though I couldn't see him, I knew he was right behind me. "Why'd you do it, Brenden? Why did you leave me!?"I asked. "Don't hate me, Sam.. Don't hate me." his voice was in such a low wisper I could barely hear it anymore. "I don't hate you. I've tried forever to tell myself you were gone, but I just can't.." I replied, and felt his hand run across mine. I looked up, but saw nothing. "Why did you kill yourself? Why did you leave me alone?!? You said you would never leave me alone again... You promised me. You promised!!!" I said, feeling his grip on my hand. "Bren?"I asked asked when he didn't reply. "I'm right here." I could just see a little glimmer of him appear in front of me. My heart broke into a million peices. I reached out for him, and my hand went right through. "Even though I'm dead, my soul will always be here with you." he said, reaching out to hold me. All I felt was cold air. "Sammy, please stop crying." he wispered. I hadn't even realized I was still crying... His hand reached up to wipe away my tears, but it didn't touch me. Instead, cold air brushed my face, sending the tears away. "Tell me why you left me." I said, looking in front of me where his voice was coming from. "Don't hate me." was all he replied. "I don't hate you, Brenden! I could never hate you. I've been in love like crazy with you for four long years, and you just up and killed yourself? WHY?!"I screamed at the air. He didn't answer. Little drops of water fell from out of nowhere in front of me. "Bren?" I asked again, "Listen to me! Please, please... just let me know you're still here."I cried. "'I'm here. I always will be." he sounded like he'd been crying. So that's where the water came from... "Brenden, are you an angel?" I asked, "'Cause I keep hearing your voice in my dreams. I think I wake up and see you sitting by my bed, but when I turn on my light you're not there." I said, then felt cool air brush my hand. He was holding my hand. I started crying again. "Yes, Sammy.. And I do watch you sleep. It keeps me from losing my mind.." his voice got lower, like he was in deep thought. Do angels have thoughts? Well appartnly they do, 'cause he said he had a mind.. He couldn't have thoughts without a mind.. Right? But how can angels have minds, anyway?

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