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She fell in love from the first sight , she didn't have the opportunity to speak with him ,she thinks that he didn't even noticed her ... but faith decided to meets them up one more time , what will happend ? Read for more details :)

Submitted: October 23, 2015

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Submitted: October 23, 2015






That day , the weather was windy , i was wearing a white sweater with long sleeves that matches the colour of sand ..yes , i walking by the shore enjoying the winter calmness on the windy charming beach ; that was my last day on that beautiful island where i used to live for a while with my mother , when the day after comes , i will go back home to the place where i was born to live with my father .

My long last walk on the beach was amazing not just because of the perfect weather but also because it was the start of -everything- . I saw him there for the very first time of my life , a white blond tall guy wearing nothing but a wet grey pants , laying on the beautiful white sand , at first i thought that something bad may happend to him so i made some baby steps towards him and asked ''Are you okay ? " he turned his head towards me and answered me "what if i wasn't ? Will you save my life ? " He smiled to me .. he has the most amazing smile ever , i didn't say a word , i left him there and went back to my house .

1 month later , i've already left the island , and moved on to live with my father in the big city , living with paps is not that bad actually , i like my new school , my new part-time job wasn't perfect but the salary was not that bad , i worked as a waitress after school time at a coffe shop . Whenever i woke up the first thing that comes up to my mind was that half naked man laying under the light rain on the white beach sand , his wonderful smile couldn't leave my mind , is he an angel ? Because if he is , i will be in love with a angel .

One more week passed by , i was on the coffe shop working as the usual , some man asked for a coffee so i've been told to serve him , i went towards his table , i couldn't see his face at first , then when i saw him , it was him ! The angel ! i was so confused at first , i didn't know if what i saw was real or not , but i woke up after hearing him telling me : ''aren't you going to serve me with some coffee please ? '' i didn't say a word , i just did what he said , i couldn't help serving him without staring at him , and he couldn't help to stop himself from giving me that same amazing smile . He came near to me and whispered in my ears : '' remember me ? '' i said ''yes'' in seconds ! He smiled again and said " there must be one of the two choices " i didn't understand what he said so i answered him  : ''what do you mean ?'' He smiled at me again for the thousand time and said : '' either the world is too small , either you and me belong with each other , and trust me when i say that the world is far from being small  '' . My heart was beatting so  fast when i heared him saying that , i couldn't beleive what just happend , i couldn't believe that faith was on my side , i couldn't believe that i just met the strange angel that i've felled in love with him for the second time in my life and in the other side of the world . I've decided immediately that i shouldn't speak , because no word will describe how surprise , grateful and happy i'am , so i jumped on his lap and kiss him as if i want to be loved by an angel-man . 

And that's it , that's all what happend , we clearly are now in a relationship, we get to know each other a little bit better everyday .. i don't know what will happen to us later.... But i guess that  i'll just leave that to faith ...

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