Confessions of a Psycopath Lover

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This is a love confession of highly obssesed woman who insanely fears to loose her guy.

Submitted: April 06, 2016

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Submitted: April 06, 2016



He is already gone , but she won't accept that fact ; so she sits alone at home ; and talk to his picture on the wall


? ?"Come here .. Look at me .. look straight in my

eyes so that you will be able to see your reflection in

them as if i was you mirror .. Let me be your mirror ..

Let me be the one that you talk to every single day

all the time? and about everything and anything , let

me be the one to stand in front of the window and

stare to the passing cars? outside so that you can 

sneak behind me , and hold me from the back , i

want to be the one who smiles when you hold me

from the back , and call you by your name without

seeying your face or hearing your voice , let

me be the one that? will be able to recognize you

without seeing you , can you do that for me too ?Can

you tell when i'm around without? seeing me ? can

you remember my smell ? 

i want you to ! i don't want to be just one of ''the

many'' that you had before , i want to be something

different , i? want to make myself unique to you  so

that you'll miss me  when i'm gone , i want to be the

winner in every? comparaison you make , i want to be 

that one person that you shall never understand , i

want to be ..loved ...i guess .Loved by you , Honor

me by loving me , make me happy by missing me ,

make me the eternal love that will change your

life , i'm thirsty for your love , i'm thirsty for your

passion , i desire you as i desire life , i need you as i

need air , i? breath you , i drink you , every single

word in my intellectual life is related to you , do i 'love

you ? i don't know ...this? ain't love what i'm feeling ,

this is something stronger than love , i kind of want to

own you for myself , i rather make? you my own

prisoner than  let you free to meet other women , you

are mine , i protect what's mine ,

i am ..obssesed with you ! 

I'm your other half , i'm a piece of your identity , i'm

warning you ! if you loose me you'll eventually? loose

yourself , so don't do it .. don't you dare to do it !

don't you even think about it ! i am good enough for

you okay? i am everything that you need okay ? with

me  you will be okay , o..kay ? 

You belong with me , i'm not sure if i belong with you

too ..But still , YOU will always belong to me , and i

will make? sure that you will love me in the way that i

want , you will treat me just as i want , and you will

stay with me even if it? costs you your life! Being dead

is better for you than being alive without me ..

i'm sick are my disease .. you are my sweet

disease , i will never wish to get recovered from you ,

as long as you are mine i will  kill the world for you , 

but changing your mind and throwing me away as if i

was one of them .."the many" will make me kill you

instead , you'll be dead on my hands , i'll cut your

veins , i'll drink your blood ..i'll lay? down next to your

head , shoot myself , then follow you to the dead’s

world because you will never have the chance to? get

rid of me .


Darling i am proudely obssesed with you ...

(smiles) . "








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