Pray for the world : Tragedy of Paris (on Friday13/11/2K15)

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Submitted: November 14, 2015

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Submitted: November 14, 2015



 Pray for the world :

tragedy of Paris (on Friday14/11/2K15)


Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world , it is not only the icon of France , by also the icon of so many sensational elements , it was mentioned in the books , in the movies , in the series , in the theatre ..The poets , the writers ..they all talked about Paris , even the world most famous celebrities dream about being in Paris in order to get inspired  from its beauty , its magnificent architecture , it’s wide , tree-lined boulevards and it’s immense  sense of fashion .  

But yesterday the 13th of November 2015 , Eiffel Tower wasn’t the star of Paris , it wasn’t the thing that everyone is talking about . The world knew once at 1929 what it’s called the Black Thursday , but this time it’s the black Friday , where the city of light, the city of joy , the city of art and love became a field off gun shots , and bomb explosions because of the terrorists , some  people was hurt , a lot of them died , some of them had lost their families or friends a such a short time , in such a short night , Paris turned out to be  a  war field ..


From another hand The world reaction to what happened was extraordinary , it is clear that what happened is already happened and there is no way to get back to the past in order to change the future , but still , the people from all over the world , from different countries , with a none similar nationalities have virtually united , to show love to the French people and to show them support ..That is a good thing , in fact that is a wonderful thing : seeing human beings loving each other and praying for each other is amazing , it is defentively good to pray for France , but about Palestine ? What about Syria ? What about Iraq ? What about THE ARAB WORLD? What happened yesterday at France is happening every single day , in every single hour , at every single minute to the Arabic countries , people in Iraq and Palestine get killed since forever ..children get killed in the street while they are going to attend to school , woman get tortured and killed only because they love theircountries and refuse t leave , why can not the world support those people like they are supporting now France ? aren’t they people too ? or aren’t they human enough to get support and love from all over the world ? what happens to our world ?! how can we kill each other when we all are the same ? how can we feel so much hate about each other , and destroy each other while we can live in peace ? in fact , peace nowadays , has become as an imaginary thing , talking about realizing peace is like talking about flying  without using technology , we have lived to the day where peace is nothing but a happy fairy tail ..

Anyways , I wont make this article longer than this , Today I see humans but no humanity , terrorism has no religion ,killing people has no religion…

Pray for France Today , and Pray for the Arab World every day !



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