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Textology is when you send and receive texts to and from someone , but what role does it play in relationships ? Can one text be the cause of a serial of emotions ?

Submitted: January 12, 2016

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Submitted: January 12, 2016





It all starts with an ‘’I miss you’’ kind of text and ends with pain , a broken heart and anxiety . First he feels bored , he takes his phone , unlock it  , then think about you because you are the only girl who’s been forgiving him for every single mistake  he does , because you are the only girl who didn’t spoke the famous ‘’I’m fed up , leave me alone ‘’ sentence until after it was too late , he think about you because you are the only girl in the world who loves him to the point that you will be ready to forgive him for the billion time and start over with him to live for the second time the same mistakes that once broke your heart , and he knows it very well , so he texts you : ‘’I miss you ‘’ .

You receive the text , you see that it is coming from ‘’him’’ : the guy who keeps hunting you in  your thoughts , you hesitate for a second then jump and open the text , you read it , you smile , you feel happy but still feel awkward ,you have a thousand question running in your mind right now , you’re not sure if that text was really meant for you , what if he wanted to send it to someone else ? you wait for a while , you don’t notice any temptation of him trying to rectify the situation , now you are sure that the text is really meant for you , you smile again , your phone is still in your shaky hands , you write something then you send it .. You told him that you miss him too.

He reads your text , then feels happy or should I say ‘’glorious’’ , he knows that he just won the second round with you , he was laying in his bed when he wrote the first text but now he is sitting in the dining table in front of a glass of wine celebrating his glory , his future glory with you …he is like poison he was born to break you and other ones down , he feeds on your tired emotions , and all of this is happening  under your own permission because you texted him back .

You are having a virtual conversation on texts , he fulfills your soul with sweet lies that you chose to believe , he steals song lyrics and movie’s scenarios to make you fall in love with him again  in case you already moved on which apparently you didn’t , he is writing his words very carefully but he doesn’t mean them for real , he wants you to take his texts with a grain of salt , very seriously ! so that you believe him and that you won’t know that he is laughing at you behind that screen , you play with your hair with a big smile on your face , you’re jumping on your bed while waiting for him to text back , you are having all of those sweet flashbacks  visualizing the whole nine yards of your relationship , finally , you take a step forward then invite him to your place .

He doesn’t feel that bored when he is hanging your bedroom in fact he feels that he is the boss , he didn’t lie when he said that he misses you , and you didn’t lie too when you replied , but see , the problem is that you did not miss each other in the same way , you for example , missed his smile , his hugs , his kisses , his jokes , you missed the early morning coffee that is he used to make , or missed wearing his T-shirts , the list is long ..while he , well he missed your body because no one was next to him in  bed when he send that text to you . But of course you chose to not think about all of this , because you truly deeply believe from the bottom of your heart that this time he is willing to commit to you .

You live happy with him , you think that you are in a relationship with him , you tell your friends about him , but then two or four weeks  later you’ll find out that he is been lying to you again , as soon as you will start to change your relationship status online , you will find out that the person who once and twice thought that he is in love with you is no one but a player , a F.boy , a ladies’ man , a douche bag call it as you want it doesn’t really  matter because he just dumped you for the second time and one more time it is only you and your broken heart who are left in your miserable house that once was a home .

None of this would of happened if you used your brain more than your heart when you first got that text , when you leave someone or let him go you do it for a reason , if you are not able to remember that reason for the rest of your life then write it down somewhere only you know , in that way if that same person comes to you again or texts you , you will search for that piece of paper , find it , read it , then make the choice of texting back or not , don’t make the same mistakes you did in life because there are a lot of other ones waiting for you to make them , don’t get attached with someone who destroys your emotional health , be surrounded by people who truly care for you , all of us deserve to be loved by someone , that ‘’someone’’ is us ; fall in love with yourself before loving other people , respect yourself before respecting other people , and what is more important than all of this is to commit to yourself before you commit to other people , because no one will be loyal to you as you will be for your own self .  

(These are a few things I’ve been thinking about , if you  have something to share too , let me know below .)




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