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Not lucky enough finding true friends...

Submitted: May 04, 2011

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Submitted: May 04, 2011



Do you ever felt alone?

I do..

They said that, the only TRUE friend you will have is your mother. In my case, Its true. She's my one and only true friend since i am on my Kindergarden years. My mom is the one fighting for me, taking care of me, a shoulder to cry on. I am old enough to choose my group of friends, you know what's hard about it? In the end of my friendship to them, we will fight and end up being strangers again. Sometimes, i ask myself, is it me? Probably. But i reasoned, i will never be your perfect friend, but i will tell you, i will be there for you when you need me, its proven.

What hurts the most is that, they ignore you. I never felt lucky finding my true friend.

Elementary days, people tease me, hurt me, i am an emotional wreck. They don't like me because i am ugly and fat. They don't like me because i am not rich enough, they don't like me because i am not pretty enough to be in their group. My teacher hated me even though i didn't do anything to them. Am i still that lucky?

I never think so.

High school,i attended one of the prestigious school in my small town. I am happy because i think on that time i found my very best friend. We are always together, buy the same shoes for school, treat her everyday for lunches, hang out everyday, talk about boys. It's pretty exciting.

All of a sudden a change of heart. A group of "cooler" girls accepted her because she's athletic and i am not. I am left hanging.

I cried myself to sleep. It's worst than a heartache at that time.

I promised to myself that i will never be under this people. I join the military training at my high school to be an officer. I learned how to fight. I learned discipline. She began to be a stranger to me. She belongs to another world, but definitely not mine.

Another group of girls accepted my friendship. They accepted my shortcomings and i am glad. We hang out together and i am content. Another group of people became my friends. They were in the same military training im in. We consist of 8. (4 girls and 4 boys).

We learned to drink together, hang out also and bonded. We fight for each other. We don't let anybody come in our way.

Only thing that break us up?

A guy.

In friendship, never ever let a guy break your friendship.

Although now, we are okey with this person. The bond will never be the same with this group.


2 girls became my instant friends, i met them as soon as i walked in to my new college. My mom knows some professors in that college. We are all 1st year college. Someone approaches me and ask what section i am in. She introduced herself and i am glad. We decided to go the restroom to freshen up. Another girl ask us, what section we are in. God is good. We 3 are in the same class and section together. 2 years of college with some ups and downs, heartbreaks and sober nights. These two, are the only true friends.

What's the problem?

We all live a far. Way far from each other to hang out.

Me in Seattle, Another one in United Kingdon and last but not the least Philippines.

We talk once in a while, but not always.

I meat a group of girls in Seattle looking for true friendships online. A lot of girls signed up to be their friend, and because i am desperate also for some companion. I asked if i can join them. They happily welcomed me.

Its fun for 2 and a half years, pure friendship and then, back stabbing, drama, break of trust, gossips break us all up.

Once we are a group of girls that no can ever break, a simple crack became BROKEN and the glass will never be put together. Ever.

I am hopeless.

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