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Remember the movie Fly Away Home (1996), It's one of my favorite movie when i was still in high school. Although i am always intrigue about Amy and David's relationship because the way they look at each other (in the movie) and i assumed there's a love story. But in real life it's not. But when the movie plays again and it never failed to make me cry in the end. So i made this story between Amy and David. Just for fun ^_^Have fun!

I am 16 years old when I first met David. David is 21. She’s not even in the right age to fall in love as my father believed. After the big break of leading the geese to south, since then I always adore David. I have this little crush on him and my step mom knows everything. She told me that it’s okay to like someone, but for now I am too young to realize what true love means. She told me that in time I will learn it the hard way. I never thought she was serious about me learning it the hard way. Sure I did.

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Submitted: March 07, 2011



Graduating from College is the best thing that happened to my father, thinking that I didn’t get pregnant or even marry the wrong person is like a big sigh of relief to him. You all should see his face it was priceless. My step mother is very proud of me and balling her eyes out. While my Uncle Steve (another friend of my father) is clapping his might at the crowd and patting my father’s back. Although I am expecting David to be here at my graduation, I am disappointed that he’s unable to come. My father said that he is too busy and unable to join me on my special day. He sent me a card and bouquet of flowers.


I am very sorry for not being with you on your special day.

Busy here in Virginia. Looking and protecting the geese’s for you.

Hope to see you soon and I am looking forward for it.



It’s really sweet of him to send me the flowers and the note.

He’s been really special to me ever since the migration of the geese from Ontario, Canada to Virginia.

I have the special eyes on him. Although in my heart I know he does have some eyes on me too. But I can feel it. He just respects my father so much. After graduating, I need to take my licensure exams, took me 6 months until I decided to take it and prayed that I can pass it. As soon as they released the names of the people who pass; I am ecstatic! I made it!

Me, my father and step mom Susan jumped for joy and my father is throwing me a party this weekend. My father helped me take a lease on one of the space on town to start my Pet Clinic. I am starting to love it. But the problem is I don’t have a special person to share it with. I am terribly missing David.

The day of the party came and I am very pleased to see my high school friends, and some of my college friends came as well. It’s a very magical night, everybody is dancing, drinking and even my Uncle Steve is dancing with my group of girlfriends. I went to the back patio to look at the moon. It amazed me every time I stare at it. It feels like David is really close to me. Even in college, although some guys or should I say suitors continued to court me, I refused to give them my full attention. I told myself that maybe someday, David will be able to realize that can’t leave without me and he loves me so much. That brings a smile on my face just thinking about it. Then;


In the middle of my thoughts, there he is. David in front of me, laughing his might. I hit his shoulder and finally hugged him.

“Finally Amy, look at you! You are all grown up and now a licensed veterinarian! I am very proud of you”.

“Thanks David, finally you came! It’s about time you show up and you cut your hair!”

“I know, just for fun. I just need a change for myself, they told me that Long hair is not on their list for fashion nowadays” He winked.

We are just staring at each other, when my father all of a sudden opened the door; another awkward moment for the 3 of us.

He was calling us because it’s time for dinner. We all sat at the table and David is right across me. The excitement I felt inside is phenomenal. Then my father all of a sudden is clicking his glass so everybody can listen to his toast.

“I would like to congratulate Amy my daughter for passing her license exam to be a veterinarian, I am hoping this time you can find your true love and I promise not be in the middle of it. But remember that if they hurt you I am going to kill that person. Hahaha! I am just half joking.”

Then we all laugh at my father’s half joke.

Next thing I know, we are all clicking our glasses to each other and saying To Amy, and we all drink our champagnes and waters.

Eating our dinners, laughing, sharing stories, and watching the people that I cared the most and very happy for me make me teary eyed. Then my eyes met David, smiling and winked at me. Now that I am 25 years old, I think I am on my right age to find true love.

By midnight the guests started leaving and the only people left at the house is me, David, my father, Uncle Steve and my step mom Susan.

“Amy, we need a lot of things to repair at your clinic you know, are you ready for it?” uncle Steve asked.

I think I had so many champagnes that the answer to my Uncle Steve’s question is a smile.

“I am willing to help!” David said.

“Well how long are you planning to stay here?” My father asked.

I looked at him and he met my eyes and he answered “A while”

“Great! It will be nice to have another extra hand just like old times” Uncle Steve said

Tonight I think is the best night ever. I am now a licensed veterinarian and my new clinic and of course, David.

The next morning, Susan and I are making lunch snacks for the guys while they’re working repairing my new found pet clinic. They’re painting it and putting new lights inside. My Step mother Susan will be helping with my clinic. She will be my temporary receptionist answering phones and scheduling appointments. David is working on the paint at the back and I went to bring him some sandwich and a soda. The sights of him with his sleeveless shirt on a sunny day with some touch of paints all over his body make my body shivers in a good way. He still looks simply amazing.

“Hi David” I greeted

“Hey there Amy” he greeted back

“I got some sandwiches for you and some soda for extra energy you might need it you know” Teasing him

“Are you saying I’m old?” Smiling back

“No, No, definitely not!” Laughing

“Are you doing anything tonight?” He asked

OMG! This is the moment! He finally asks me to go on a date! I am so happy so answered “None” yet.
“Good! I was wondering if you want to come and have some drinks with me, Nicole and Derek tonight.”

I remember Nicole, is the prettiest girl in town when I was still in high school. Suitors are lined outside her home. Some gossips are going around and people said that she doesn’t like anybody in this town except David. But David has to move to Virginia for work. David went on a date with her one time and that is the hardest night of my life. I stayed late that night waiting for him to be home. He didn’t.

“Oh, where are we going? Oh and who’s Derek?” I asked

“Derek is Nicole’s cousin; he’s here for a vacation.”

“I see, so it’s like a double date with you and Nicole, me and possibly Derek?”

“No, just a friendly night out.” He smiled

Very disappointed that I thought he is finally asking me out, and then BOOM! With Nicole and this guy Derek, I really don’t know what’s going to happen but you know what, I will show David that I am a grown woman and I changed a lot.

I am very nervous and my step mom Susan went to my room to talk to me.

“Hey” I said

“Hey you” she greeted back

I was combing my long hair and putting some earrings on. She went and grabs the comb and started brushing my hair.

“I heard you are going out with David, Linda and her cousin Derek.” She asked

“I guess I am.” I answered

“Are you ready to find what true love means?”

“I guess I am”

“If you need me you know where to find me” She said

I nod and put the necklace that belongs to my mother. Susan helped me put it on my neck. David is downstairs waiting for me. I am wearing a green and black summer dress.

Simple, elegant and also my favorite dress.

“Wow, honey you look great” My father said

“Thanks Daddy” Winking at him

Looking at David saying nothing but staring at me means I succeed on picking the right dress. He didn’t say anything but he smiled at me. He thought I was going to wear a high heels but I am actually wearing my favorite converse all star sneakers.

“Perfect, we are going bowling” David finally said something.

“Awesome I am wearing my perfect outfit for that” I lied

My dress is for dinner and maybe some billiards? I really have no idea but bowling! I got to work this out! I am very terrified, but! Who knows, I will just bring my pro bowling skills and I should be fine.

David opened the door for me and we drove to the bowling alley. Nicole and her cousin Derek is already waiting for us. I don’t like her. This is torture!

“Hey David! I missed you so much!” Hugging him

David hugged her back. It will be rude if he didn’t anyway.

“Amy! Oh my god congratulations! I heard you passed your license! You’re a veterinarian now! I am so happy for you” Hugging me too

It’s awkward and I think David saw my reaction and my fake smile.

“Oh my! I almost forgot to let introduce my cousin! Derek this is David and Amy”

Derek is not really a bad looking guy. He’s tall, taller than David too, he looked really nice and clean.

“Oh! And he’s a doctor Amy!” Nicole said

“Awesome to know” I said

We went in to the bowling alley and Nicole grabbed David’s arm already and flirting with him. Derek and I were behind them, trying our hardest not to be so awkward with each other. Derek smiles a lot and seems like a very nice person. While Nicole and David are paying for their lanes, I was about to pay for ours but Derek stopped me and pay for ours. He asked me what size I wear and I said 7 and he got me my shoes. We went to our lane and ordered some drinks and some pizza and fries.

“Oh my, this game is between David and I versus you and Derek Amy?” She asked

“Sounds good to me.” I answered

Derek and Nicole started and Nicole’s ball went on the side.

I was giggling and David looked at me.

“What?” I asked

“Nothing. I am always fascinated by your smiles and laugh” He said

“Really? For some reason I can’t believe that, but watch me kick yours and you friend’s touché’” I said confidently

David went to bowl first and not bad for him but he still misses 2 pins. I went to bowl mine and it’s a STRIKE! I am so proud of myself. They do not know what they’re dealing with. I play bowling as a sport when I was still in college. Derek gave me a high five and next thing we know we are way ahead of Nicole and David. I realized that Derek is not as bad as I thought. He plays bowling with his friends a lot too so he’s pretty good at it. David tried to catch up with me and Derek with multiple strikes too but Nicole’s score is pulling him down. In the end f the night me and Derek won. David doesn’t look very pleased between me and Derek but I really do intend to make him jealous.

After bowling, we went to a bar to drink some more. Derek and David decided to go play billiards. Me and Nicole are just drinking on the table and trying to make conversations.

“I really like David, I think he’s sensitive and really precious” Nicole described

I took another shot of tequila and waved again to the waitress to get me a rum and coke to wash it off. I drink a lot when I was in college but tonight, I am drinking this much again. I usually still know what I am doing and know my limitations. But tonight, the pain of seeing Nicole and David flirt with each other is like someone is stabbing me and its very painful. All night I’ve trying to hold my tears and not to be emotional. That’s a big No, No and besides I don’t want Nicole see me pathetic.

Nicole went and play with the boys when I took another shot. David rest and went to my table.

“Amy, I think you already had enough drinks tonight” David said

“I’m alright, this is nothing; besides I need to still celebrate right?” I answered him.

Nicole and Derek finished the game and I went to the restroom to go potty. I was swerving on my way to the restroom when David grabbed my elbow.

“Amy, enough we are going home now. Your father is going to be mad if I take you home looking like this.”

“Well can I at least go to the restroom and pee?” I asked being sarcastic.

He did let go of my elbow. I went straight to the restroom and did my business. After that, I washed my hands and took a good look of me. I am all red with all the tequila shot. I washed my face and thankful that I didn’t put any mascara or black eyeliner. I dried my face and retouched my blush on. I did make sure David wait outside the restroom for a good 10 minutes. Payback.

I saw David still waiting outside the ladies room, Derek and Nicole is with him waiting for me.

“Are we ready to go?” I asked with a smile

I went and grab Derek’s arm and went outside with him. While Nicole did the same to David. We give thanks to each other and a couple of hugs to Derek and Nicole. David and I are in the car saying nothing to each other. When suddenly he pulled on the shoulder of the road.

“What the hell is wrong with you Amy” David asked with anger on his tone

Because I had multiple shots, I have enough courage to answer and asked the same question.

“What the hell is wrong with you too David?” I answered back mocking him.

“Nothing is wrong with me!” He screamed

“Then why the hell are you screaming at me like I did something when I was just trying to have fun your friends? Especially Derek? Don’t deny it David I can see that you’re having fun also with Nicole, so I don’t think we have any problems here David! Stop being paranoid.” I answered

“Amy, you know what you been doing all night. Are you trying to make me jealous?” David asked

I looked at him agog. I really have no idea what’s really going on and why are we having this screaming conversation, So, I just answered the truth.

“Yes.” I said

He grabbed and kissed me. My body is rejoicing and answered his kisses back. The kiss is so passionate I don’t want this night to end. Kissing the person that I’ve been waiting since I am 16 and now that it’s happening my heart is pounding so fast. My face burns because of the kisses and also effect of alcohol. He softens his kisses but still holding my face with his both hands. The kiss is unbelievable; I don’t want it to end.

“Don’t ever, ever make me jealous like that again Amy, coz I don’t know what’s going to happen to that guy Derek if I see him flirting with you like that again.” He said softly

“But Nicole is like all over you, it hurts like hell David, how could you” I said starting to sob

“No Amy, no tears please. Nicole is my past. She begged me to come tonight but I refused. She kept calling me and texting me asking if I changed my mind then when you came and gave me the snack, I told myself it’s time to ask you out. Nicole is a good friend. But I never looked at her like I do to you”.

His words gives me a tingling sensation to my whole body. No man ever said things like that to me ever. Especially coming from the person that I loved since I am still young and do not know the true meaning of love.

He kissed me one more time and went home. He gave me another kiss goodnight. Tonight didn’t end up as bad as Imagined. It’s actually one of my best nights ever. Thinking how he kissed me and get jealous of Derek is priceless. For the first time, I felt important to someone. I am dancing around in my room and I can’t wait for tomorrow to see David again.

I took a cold shower singing and smiling. I know its past midnight but I can’t help it.

The next morning, the sun is shining and the heat is exhausting. As usual my Uncle Steve, David and my father is at my clinic to paint. Me and my step mother Susan is bringing them lunch this time. Also me and Susan is going to go to the furniture store to buy some tables and chairs, and my office desk. I am very excited about it.

“How was your night out with your friends and David” Susan asked

I smiled and all I can do is smile. I told her that I met Derek and Nicole. Derek is a doctor and Nicole’s cousin, ended up not being bad at all. He is cool to hang out with and a bowling pro. I told her about Nicole and David flirting and how we beat David and Nicole’s bowling skills. I told her that the night is great and I took too many shots and David took care of me as always.

I didn’t tell her about me and David kissing yet. I don’t want anybody to know yet. I don’t want to jinx it.

Susan noticed my smiles and giggles and she knew there’s more. What I like about Susan she never push it to the limit. She knows when is enough and when to stop. She knew that if there is something wrong, she will be the first person to know. It’s a girl thing.

We arrived at the clinic with the food. My father asked me to grab David inside. I went and didn’t find him, then all of a sudden he grabbed my arms and pushed me to the wall and kissed me nice and hard so passionate that I am catching my breath to get some air to breath. I love it, I love the way how he show me that he wants me so badly.

“I missed you Amy, I’ve been thinking about you all night.” David said

“Me too” I give him multiple kissed around his face and I love the crooked smile.

“Did you tell anyone?” David asked

“Nope, not yet I don’t want to jinx it.” Answering him back with multiple smooches.

“Let’s go and eat you must be starving”. Inviting him

He went and stole another kiss and we finally went outside. My father, Uncle Steve and Susan is watching us laughing and playing around.

“So, how was your night you two?” Uncle Steve asked

“You just asked me that this morning as soon as I arrived here Steve” David

“Well I want to hear it from both of you” Smiling back

I answered him about most of what happened again. Just like what I said to Susan, my father is silently listening to my stories and Derek’s name is there a lot.

“So he’s a doctor” my father asked

“Yes Daddy he is. But he’s not my type.” I answered

“Well how’d you know that he’s not your type if you only get to know him for one night?”

“Because, I don’t have time for that for now daddy, as you can see I am trying to build my business” I said wanting my father to drop the topic.

He finally did. An hour later, Susan and I said our goodbye’s to the men and went to the furniture store. We bought simple really comfy chairs for my patient’s which is mostly pets. Also bought a desk for myself. We bought decorations, but mostly frames. I told Susan that me myself is going to take pictures of the pets and put it on the frame. I used to like photography. I told myself that on my first paycheck I will buy a worth it camera for my photography hobby


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