Most Dangerous Game (Scene's 2,3, & 4)

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it wouldnt let me edit the title of the last document, so all scenes will be different pieces.
These are scenes two, three, and four of the script, hope you love it!
comment & like if you like it, or if you wanna suggest something or something like that :D

Submitted: November 12, 2012

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Submitted: November 12, 2012



The  Most Dangerous Game


Scene Two: Rainsford and Whitney board the ship and meet the other men aboard. 


Captain Edward: Welcome aboard! I'm Captain Edward and this is my ship. If you should need anything, I'll be the one steering the boat. -chuckle.-

Whitney: Well I'm Whitney and this is Rainsford. We've very excited to be going to Rio, thanks for letting us tag along! :D

Captain: Of course, you two just sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip.

Rainsford: Don't have to tell me twice!

*Set change. Whitney and Rainsford are now in their cabin and unpacking*

Whitney: I'll take the top drawer

Rainsford: And I'll take the top bunk. Say Whit, whatdaya say we head downstairs and meet our temporary shipmates?

Whitney: Sounds good to me! 




Scene Three: Night time has fallen and all the men are in the bottom deck talking and getting to know each other


Randall: And then i said, "That's no whale, that's my wife!

*Randall & All other shipmates laugh abnoxiously. Rainsford and Whitney walk in and an awkward silence forms.*

Rainsford: Uhm, hello. We just thought we'd come down here and meet our temporary shipmates. I'm Rainsford and this here is Whitney.

Randall: I'm Randall and that's Pat, Brian, and Sammuel.

Pat: Hi

Brian: Hello

Sammuel: Pleased to meet ya.

Whitney: So...we all going to Rio for the same reason?

Randall: Well I'm going to get awa from the wife and kids. I need a week or two to just myself. 

Samuel: I'm going to explore the ancient ruins and attractions!

Brian: Well me and Pat are going for the hunt. There's supposed to be an awesome jaguar game going on there.

Rainsford: Me and Whitney are going for the hunt to! Maybe if we stick together we'll have a better chance of catching the biggest game!

Pat: Alright, stick with us Rainsford and...what did you say your name was?

Whitney: Whitney, and you?

Pat: Pat.

Rainsford: I'm feeling a little stuffy, i'm going to get some fresh air. Be right back!

*Set Change: Rainsford is now on the top deck stargazing. He zones out and starts day dreaming.*

 *Sound Effects: Gun shot, LOUD.*

*Rainsford is immediatley awoken back into reality and falls off the boat from being frightened. He immediatley starts swimming toward the closest land, Ship-Trap Island.*

Scene Four: Rainsford just fell off the boat and is now frantically swimming toward Ship-Trap island.

Rainsford: *Swimming, panting from exhustion from swimming. He reaches the island and passes out on the beach. 

*Set Change: It is morning and Rainsford is awoken by waves hitting him*

Rainsford: (to self) wuhh...oh man, oh man! that wasn't a dream, i really did fall off the boat! *looks around, still sitting. gets up and starts walking towards forrest*

*Time Pass*

Rainsford: Aww man, i gotta find some food or something soon... (now shouting) Hello! I anybody out there? (voice fades with each plea) Anybody? No one? Guess not...

*Sound Effect: Gun shot, LOUD.

Rainsford: He...Hello...?


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