The Most Dangerous Game (Scene 1)

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i read the story the most dangerous game by Richard Connell and loved it. but then when i watched the movie (which by the way was made in like, 1930) i feel asleep maybe ten minutes into it. i thought it needed to be re-made, redone, re-awesomed! i will now attempt to re-awesome the most dangerous game.
if you hate it, please don't tell me. lol.

Submitted: November 01, 2012

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Submitted: November 01, 2012



Most Dangerous Game


Scene One: Rainsford and Whitney are at ship docks waiting for their boat to arrive and take them to Rio de Janeiro. This trip is going to be used to hunt the huge jaguar at Rio. it has been much anticipated and is sure to be a good time :D


Rainsford: Rio de Janeiro! Can you believe it Whitney? You think all the talk about the huge jaguar there is true? 

Whitney: Well of course it is Rainsford, where else are the Jaguar going to go? Antarctica?

Rainsford: True...hey, did you make sure we have everything we need? It's going to be at least a month long trip. We have the clothes, the guns, the money?

Whitney: Yes, i checked and double checked. Unless you don't trust me and would like to triple check for yourself. Say, is that our ship out in the distance?

Rainsford: Where?! Where?! 

Whitney: Waaayy out there.

Rainsford: That speck that looks a million miles away? Oh, i could SWIM to Rio and back before it gets here. how long do you think it will be?

Whitney, Fifteen, twenty minutes?

Rainsford: Twenty minutes! 

Whitney: Oh, just wait Rainsford. It'll be more than worth it when we get to Rio.

Rainsford: Yeah, i know, i know.

Whitney: Think about it. all the hunting there is to do there. the warm weather, sounds like paradise to me.

Rainsford: Yeah, it will be paradise. 

Whitney: Whenever i hunt, i feel superior, on top of the world!

Rainsford: I know how you feel. There are two types of people in this world Whitney, hunters and the hunted. Better off being us than anyone else.

Whitney: Amen to that, hey look, it's almost here!

Rainsford: I see! I see! oh, Rio here we come!

Whitney: One last time, check to make sure we have all the bags.

Rainsford: Clothing bag, check. Hunting equipment, check. Money, check. Let's goooo!

Whitney & Rainsford: Rioooooo!

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