Random Sh!t

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Dont even ask.

Submitted: December 02, 2013

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Submitted: December 02, 2013



well if your reading this, well, uh... hi :D

Hows it going?

Oh, i forgot that you cant really answer me back...

Well i guess you could post a comment, or do something like that.

How about this, If you're doing good, you should fan me. Everybodys a winner :D

if you'er doing badly, post a comment telling me why. We all win cause i like comments :D Er, well i guess you dont really win cause if your doing badly. or if you post a comment i mean. Well you can post a comment and not be doing badly, Just for the fun of posting a comment, or telling me something or other.

if your doing so-so, like this :) or even if you doing something other then so-so, you can still like this :{D

Well, i should probably get to the point.

I need to stop saying Well so much...

Oh crap, right, i forgot, the point.

Theres not really a point, i guess.

I mean, if you thought there was gonna be a point, then you should have read the title. "Random Sh!t" Now tell me, when you read that, does that make you think there was gonna be a point in the first place? if your looking for a point in a story, it probably wasnt a good idea to read something random like this. Read a book or something. Sorry if this dissapointed you in your quest for looking for a point. If you DO enjoy reading stuff without a point, then, well, thats weird. But i guess i shouldnt judge. i mean, im writing something without a point anyway, so it has its name written all over it for peope who don't like points.


here are some random facts! :D who doesn't like random facts?

Twinkies have an ingredient in them calld Polysorbate 60. Polysorbate 60 is Ethylene Oxide, a highly flammable material that may be toxic if consumed in high amounts. (Oh god) Ethylene Oxide was also used in grenades in the Vietnam War. So if anyone ever asks you Whats common between Twinkies and Grenades, you know the answer! :D

if your average, you will blink about 10,080 times a day, 70,560 times a week, 282,240 times a month and about 3,386,880 times a year.

one plus zero is equal to one... MIND BLOWN /:O

On a Gravestone of an Anonymas person:

Stop, stranger, as you pass by,

As you are now so once was I,

As i am now so you will be,

So be prepared to follow me.

and well i should probably go to sleep, its almost 11:30pm and i have to get up at 7 am, which SUCKS. for me at least. i dont know your personal thoughts about getting up early. i used to get up early and be like Oh cool look at the sunrise ER MAH GERD but now I'm just like Do i HAVE to get up '-_-

Well anyways, bye bye! see ya later! Er i guess not cause idont even know what you look like, that would be really creepy if i did.

dang it i keep getting off topic! But thats the whole point of this story thing or whatever it is.

See! I knew there was going to be a point eventually!


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