Story of a dog

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Story of a dog is a sci fi epic about one man and a strange charcter that appears to be a dog.

Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Submitted: May 23, 2013




I first saw him in a huge hole near the park where I just happened to be at the time. It looked like something out of a Science fiction film.  I watched the dog climb out of the deep dark hole and when he saw me he immediately sat right in front of me like I was a long lost friend. He had a strange mark on his left side and all of sudden before I knew it the mark glowed red and so did the dogs eyes. The dog jumped at me and started biting my leg yelling “I must take samples for my ship”. I immediately gasped in confusion and before I knew he ripped my foot off, I could not breathe and then everything became completely silent. The dog began to laser my leg to decrease the pain of it or so I thought. He had one more glance of me and then took my foot with him. The dog had one more glance at me and then left taking my foot with him. I began to crawl towards the dog and as hard as it was I made my way towards the huge hole. The huge hole then lifted up from the ground and then became a spaceship. The dog freaked out when he saw me but it was already too late to leave me I knew too much. The ship landed aboard a huge spacecraft that looked in the shape of a dog bowl. The doors opened in the back of the spacecraft and it was an army of Cat soldiers holding dogs as slaves. “Get rid of the human” she yelled and the dogs bite my shirt and dragged me against the floor hitting my head. “The cats had dominated your world in the future” said the dog. I remained silent until the dog stopped and saw the view of his dead parents; I knew this because the dogs had the same exact mark on their body. I apologized to him but he did not care and before I knew it he walked away leaving me there. I never saw the dog again. I saw it after that my parents walking towards me but they looked different. They had hair coming all over there body and it kept growing. I noticed the same thing happening to me and I felt something burning and looked on the back of my back to see a sign of a red glow and then I blacked out.

I woke up to the sight of the same spaceship and my parents were chained to a wall with timer next to them saying 48 mins reaming until execution.  I immediately knew what to do and I had the feeling I had done this before. I went on the ship and headed to earth. I knew where this was going; I was like a slave to the cats and was forced to deliver parts to them and at the last second. The ship then begin to stop and headed for earth really fast in fact it begin to burn up and crash into same exact park. I refused to get out and the ship blew up.  I survived it for some reason and the red glowing thing on my body, I begin to fall asleep but someone else was controlling me and got me to rip of a leg of a human body. I tried to take control but I was unable to do anything. The ship again went onto the same ship and the human was in my ship I freaked. I knew what was going to happen but I couldn’t do anything I was in auto drive still. I finally regained control but I awoke to the sight of my parents dead. I walked away leaving him behind…

I started to become human again but I noticed my foot was robot like. I also noticed my hand was a gun also my head was still dog which was really weird. There were cats incoming fast with big machine guns and wouldn’t stop shotting and then I saw it my old car driving past with what looked like me. I started to run after it before I saw a huge spaceship aboard earth with what looked like an egg and all the humans were boarding it. When I turned around I saw the sight of a bullet between my eyes. I woke up in a science lab and I was a dog again. In another room there was a cat. Two men approached me and glanced at me with excitement until the cat in the other cell blew up. The two men looked horrified when the saw the cat approaching. Blood was all over the front of my cell. I was horrified and once again I blacked out…  I was sick of this I just want to go home. I woke up… once again but this time I was human and I was inside some sort of tube thing that was plugged into my head. Matrix all over again I thought and I quickly unplugged it out. Then I realised ahhh crap, what happened to Keanu Reeves when he did that. I was immediately shot out like a missile and I saw… cats? What is with the cats and dogs I thought to myself? When I was walking throw the crowd of cats I realised I had my foot back so all those memories I had was just a virtual reality. I didn’t really do all those things. The same dog from my visions was walking toward me really, really slowly. I ran towards him with confusion and so many questions. Before I made it to him I heard a loud voice ‘wake up?’

I woke up at the same park from the start and saw the sight of a paramedic looking at me, “you ok”? I looked to my left and there was no huge hole instead there was a dog.

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