Beyont The Dimensions

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This story contains a beautiful love triange ......

Submitted: September 20, 2015

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Submitted: September 20, 2015



Beyond the dimensions


"Did you ever think that you could one day be crying about never having a boyfriend, and the next day feel in love? It all started three summers ago..." A boy in blue shirt entered in archies shop ..... luking for something ..... i was just behind him .... dan our eyes met . Oh ..... i went crazy the way he looked . I still get mad when he look with his ' lost puppy eyes '. It hardly take a fraction of second to fall in love . Yes i was in love .........

chapter 1 :- The thirteenth crush

Manoj had started spending too much time with this girl , who looked pretty cute , I must say, much more than the previous ones he had been with. Thinking of all the other women he had dated made me cringe a little with unease. But I didn’t mind much, as long as he stayed with me. And that he did, every single day without fail, for more than two hours at a time. Sometimes, he demanded so much from me. We would play together and discuss every part of his life together. He would talk to his girlfriends , which would hurt me a little but I hardly cared. He knew and understood every wire of my being and I understood his. Mostly, he would share everything with me. But sometimes, he would go off on his own, without a care or a thought for me. Sometimes he didnt want to spend a single sec without me. I was in love with a confused handsome guy. Everything was perfect untill .... that witch entered in our world ..... a wicked witch ... shivi . She was his 13th crush .... i thought she was just like other girls .... who came in his life . I was wrong ..... completly .... this one was different.


Chapter 2 :- The unrated queen

The bell trilled. Whether it was the irregular ringing of the bell (a different sound from what the residents usually made ) I can’t say but I instantly knew and perceived it as a bad girl. I was not much mistaken. Dressed in a Grey shade kurti , shivi entered . she came and sat down on the bed beside Manoj. On the bed! How could he allow this? The bed had been ours; only the two of us had shared it for so long. All through his college, right up to his job. And now, this witch had come to cast a nasty spell on my beloved. I simply couldn’t let that happen. My temper reached boiling point . I just wanted to shout at her. She had removed me from my throne! My bed! What unearthly spell had this woman cast on my dear Manoj?! They spent the entire day together, chatting and laughing, ignoring me completely. At long last, when the light of the day had vanished outside the window, she got up to leave. “Finally! She is leaving!” I breathed to myself. But he apparently had other plans. “Come on, stay on a bit longer. I will drop you…” he insisted. My heart would have broke into a million pieces if he had said another word. But gladly ........... she left.


Chapter 3 :- The Restuarant


What the hell i am doing here ..... i cursed myself. We were at Barista for a get together . She was late ..... till then we were spending some real quality time. He was telling me about some strange facts about world .... i was very curious to know. i was amazed by his knowledge and wanted to completly lost in his sayings but somewhere in my mind i knew that ...... any time she can come . Think of devil and devil is here ......... She entered ....I saw a huge smile on manoj's face. I never saw such a spark in his eyes. Hi handsome ....... she greeted , i melted at my place ..... handsome .... handsome ..... !!!! ... she was using every cheap trick to impress him .... not impress actually 'seduce '. Manoj went to order coffee ...... Finally ..... she looked at me ... ' beautiful ' ... she said with a smile. But i was not touched with this fakeness. We had a long conversation with our coffee. She told us about her family and friends . Manoj was jealous whe she told about one of her friend ' abhishek'. White face of my man turned to red ...... I was very happy ..... bt sad as well . I knew that manoj was feeling insecure for her ..... bt i stil cant see him sad . She was smart enough to change the topic ....... in the mean while manoj finished his coffee ..... but he wanted more i knew him very well. In no time she offered her coffee to him ..... She was very attached to his brother ..... i came to know . In the next couple of minutes i concluded that she was not a wicked witch. I wondered ..... she is so sweet and caring ..... then why she is doing this to me. After droping shivi at her home ...... we left for our flat . whole time in journey i was lost in my thoughts.


Chapter 4 :- Monsoon hits again


From that day onwards, there were no intimate activities, no gupsup together, no casual discussions. I spent a sleepless night ......... i didnt know when were my ordeals over . There was once a time when he loved to explore my depths. My mystery enthralled him and he would sit for hours with me. We spent so much time together, conversing in a white world. But nothing lasts forever , so his other side started taking hold of him, he started searching for girls, talking and befriending them. At first, I was obliging and tried to stop him, to allure him away by presenting him with Facts , tricks , puzzles.But nothing worked , not even a video game could restrain him now. All he wanted was that wretched witch. I dont know how bt i was very sure that next morning will bring some new freshness in my life . It was seven in the morning ..... i was in balcony in arms of my love ...... he was whispering in my ears ..... it was a life time movement ..... his fingers rolled over me ..... over whole body ...... i was thrilled up to my core ....... I was blushing heavly. I heard someone was coming .... we seperated ..... his dad came ..... asked him about some family stuff ..... in end his dad asked him a private question ...... ' are you stil mad for her ? ' .... I could hear my heart beats clearly at that very moment ..... i felt like time was stopped ...... we both were waiting for his answer ..... ' yes i am and i will be till my last breath .....' ...... he said .. Oh my gosh ....... what he just said ..... those words were like musical rhymes for me ...... finally .... yes .... finally ..... the unrated queen was awarded by his master ....... I just gone crazy ..... wanted to jump off from balcony ..... shout with my full energy ....... My long gone glow returned on my face ..... it feels great to be loved ..... when someone admires you ..... when someone make you feel that you are special ...... now its worth it


Chapter 5 :- Ultimate Catch


Sometimes it’s hard to know when to let go. It can be so personal…like the autumn leaf still hanging on the limb in the late October sky, Mother Nature sends a gust of wind to nudge it’s stem loose. For us we must listen for our own nudge from the inner soul. We must know… we will feel, it’s ok to let it be. I was on bed ..... in my dream world ..... having a look at my whole journey with my man. Every molecule of my being is for one purpose only ..... to love him. I always been a silent spectator of his life .... his activities .... his emotions. But i failed to understand that love is smthng which we cant bind. This bird is not meant to be caged. In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: ' it goes on '. Someone has wisely said :- ' A man never knows how to say goodbye ; a woman never knows when to say it '. So .... i guess this is the time .... i should leave that space vacant for someone to occupy it. But its not a sad good bye because i know that no matter how many girls come in his life ........ he will always be my hero and i m his beloved ..... Diary ......

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