What's in a Name ?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

A murder case being advocate within the rivalry of two of the best lawyers of England. The twists and turns keep coming up and makes this murder even seem unbelievable at a time. In the end,the
murderer and the murdered, both are someone you could've never expected... Can you solve the case before the lawyers do ?

Submitted: April 14, 2018

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Submitted: April 14, 2018



The world is a strange place and we the men who live in it,we are stranger. The day was Thursday, 13th of the spring month which was considered to be the most ghostly or paranormal day of the year according to British folktales.

Neverthless,Lucas was a man who feared breakups and boring food more than ghosts and spirits. Stepping out of his cab,Lucas took off his hat and bowed to the driver as an apology for not having enough currency to pay the cab fare.

“You’re one of the biggest lawyers in the England and you are out of money to pay me huh ?” Exclaimed the taxi driver in agony.

“You drive a vehicle worth of 80 grand,you carry millionaires, doctors,judges,models,A-grade sluts, politicians with more than half of the country’s black money just to get paid with 40 dollors or so. Its not my issue that you can’t rob them and live the life of your dreams… Anyway they call me one of the biggest lawyers of England eh ? But certainly not one of the richest and now pal…… you know why ! ” Witty as ever,this is our Lucas

People imagine a courtroom as a sweet peaceful Disneyland of Justice.Well it’s not. The courtroom is filled with a dozen people in black coats who wasted their teenage life and parents money into studying law,Rows of audiences who didn’t want to be there,Actually 90 percent of the people present in a courtroom don’t want to be there (including the judge).

But the question my friend…..is not who doesn’t want to be there. The question is who actually wants to be in such a place. And there is one word for that answer. “Accused”

The courtroom is the only place where one fellow could die as an accused and reborn as a respectable citizen free of all accusations.

Just as Lucas entered the courtroom,the Judge looked sharply at him and spoke : ” There is not much you really can do to save the accused.Evelyn Scarlett was found with the blood-shed knife in her bedroom with her fingerprints on it as clear as a fake promise.With the cold body of her dead husband lying in front of her.

Even if God wanted to see her from this case he wouldn’t be able to.”

“There are certain dirty things a god can’t do your honor, that’s why he made us humans.” Offending the character of all mankind in just two lines,now that’s something a lawyer can do better than a terrorist.

“Let’s get the case started now,shall we,your honor ?” said Michel Angelo the popular public prosecutor of the state.

“Very well” replied the judge.

•SCENE OF THE CASE “It was around 8:45 p.m. of 3rd March,Monday, with a little rainfall that lasted for 20 minutes. The neighbors mister and missus Smith heard a loud scream from the Scarlet Manson and they call the cops immediately. The cops arrived after 20 minutes, and went inside the bedroom,they found Mrs Evelyn Scarlett standing in front of the bleeding body of Mr Carter Scarlett who was declared dead by the official British medical council at 1:45 a.m. on the same night. The fingerprint the cops found on the knife she was holding matched the fingerprints of the accused Evelyn Scarlett. What else can assure you her being the murderer,Lucas ?” Said Michael in a sarcastic tone.

“The murderer is not the one who holds the knife but the one who kills with the knife”

The Smiths heard the scream around 8:45 p.m.Then they called cops who arrived after 20 minutes. The thing is why didn’t Evelyn make any attempt to escape from the murder scene during those 20 minutes ? conceded Lucas.

“When the screen came out at 8:45, perhaps Carter was still alive and during the 20 minutes the cops took to arrive they must be struggling and he actually got killed few minutes before the cops arrived” Said Michael.

“This.All of this makes it sound like Carter was fated to die. The struggle could have gone more than one minute and the cops would’ve prevented his death. Your conclusion says he died few minutes before the cops arrived, as a disadvantage of which Evelyn got no time to escape and was caught. That made Carter too obvious to die and Evelyn too obvious to be caught” He said.

“Then let’s just assume it was a simple murder” said Michael trying to end of argument.

“Let’s just imagine it was not” Interrupted Lucas.

“The medical council declared Carter Scarlett dead at 1:45 a.m. which is four hours forty minutes after 9:05 p.m. which is exactly when cops took custody of the body of Carter after receiving the call 20 minutes ago. It took the medical Council 4 hours and 40 minutes just to ensure life or death in a body ? What if Evelyn was not the murderer ? What if she failed to stab him to death during 8:45 p.m. to 9:05 p.m. after which the cops arrived and later his body struggled for 4 hours and 40 minutes and finally died at 1:45 a.m. in the British medical Council on the same night?” He said

“That’s not it,he was already dead when the cops found his body at the scene”

“Says who ?”

“Says the chief inspector in his report of the murder scene”

“Then one of them is lying.Either the medical council or the inspector” Lucas thundered.

“The murder was done for possibly to reasons •To ensure the death of Carter Scarlett •Or to ensure the arrest of Evelyn Scarlett”

“Could be both” he added.

“Lucas why don’t you believe that the wife has murdered her husband?” Said the judge who had been quiet all along,getting impatient now.

“Because all the facts and evidences so far have failed to convince me of Mrs Evelyn being guilty and death of Mr Carter when she killed him.”

The audience had started getting impatient now as well.The Judge saw the increasing murmurings among the audience and announced to continue the case on next week.

“But Mr Carter if you give us some more time we could…..

“Mr Michael Angelo,you address me as your honor and its opposing to address me by my name,you understand ?” Interrupted Mr Carter,the judge before Michael could finish.

“Excuse me my honor what is your name again ?”

“Carter,why do you ask ?” Said the judge.

“May I have your full name,Sir ?”

“Its Carter Scarlett”

“Mother of Jesus ! No one told me about it.Your name matches with the name of the victim,don’t you damn think that’s weird ?”

“No I just thought it was some weird coincidence and ignored it” said the judge in a confused tone,unaware of what Lucas was trying to conceive.

“There are no coincidences sir, just misunderstood logics. Lucas exclaimed.

“Well we share the same names.So what ? What’s in a name ?” Judge expressed his ignorance.

“Its all in the names sir…. •Evelyn Scarlett insured the death of Carter Scarlett by stabbing him •Chief inspector insured his death by inspecting his body in his report. •Medical council announced him dead upon hours of inspection.

This leave us with the question that upon which stage of inspection,was Carter Scarlett actually dead ? If Evelyn Scarlett really wanted her husband dead in that point of time, she could’ve had cut off his throat or stab his heart and flee from the scene.But she half-killed him and stood there with the knife like she was waiting for the cops to come and witness that scene just as she made it look.” Luke said,getting a little impatient.

“Just what are you trying to say Lucas ?” Michael asked.

“I am trying to say that at 8:45 p.m. of 13th march,Evelyn Scarlett stabbed her husband but failed to kill him and the husband made a scream which the neighbours heard and called the cops who arrived 20 minutes later. When the chief inspector inspected his body which seemed dead to him, but he was also some much uncertain of his death,that he sent the body to medical Council for confirmation.

What troubles me,is the fact that during those 20 minutes,she could have either escaped or ensured the death of Carter Scarlett by stabbing him a couple more times.But she did none of that”

“Well a murderer flees the situation after committing the murder” Michael added.

“Exactly….that’s why she stood there. Because she hadn’t yet murdered Carter Scarlett.And if I’m right,which I always am,Carter Scarlett never died,the murderer has not escaped the scene of crime yet.Means the murder is still to be done,My Honor” Lucas prolonged.

“But how can she murder someone who’s already been declared dead and is lying in some medical Council right now ?” Judge felt him getting somewhere.

“No, that’s not it,the woman,the murderer, the Evelyn Scarlett never had any Carter Scarlett to murder.It was just a man who was stabbed and made look like he was dead but he replaced himself with a fake dead body declared dead by the medical Council and he did that doing those 4 hours and 40 minutes”

“The man,whoever it was,he could’ve simply escaped during the 4 hours and 40 minutes but he took his time and arranged for a dead body,to hide his being alive and fake his death.What was the intending ?” said Michael.

“He tried to ensure the arresting and accusing of Evelyn Scarlett,the woman who tried to murder him. And he used the law to have his revenge.He could’ve revealed his survival but a charge of ” Attempt of Murder” wouldn’t satisfy his rage of revenge.

He wanted Evelyn to face the consequences of a murderer.It is all the plot of his revenge.” Lucas said.

“And know that we have revealed his plot of the revenge on Evelyn Scarlett,he might try a payback on her again sometime” Feared Michael.

“He might already be here. In the courtroom…… among us…” said Lucas.

Silence. A venomous silence encaged the courtroom.The fear of being present in a shadow of 4 walls with a man,a presence which had been considered to be dead so far,until now.

“If there is any possibility of that,we should provide immediate safety to Evelyn Scarlett and must take her into……..”

Before the judge could finish his statement,he was startled by the view,by what he saw when he looked at Evelyn. She was gone.Disappeared from her seat.Minutes before she was sitting in a room with presence of 51 other people and the next minute she blended in the non-existence,as she was never there. Or did she simply walk off while everyone had all their attention on the case and least attention on her ?

“The murderer is among us ! ” Lucas said

“How can you say that ? She could’ve just escaped on her own while the whole courtroom grew impatient and we were arguing.” Said Michael.

“If she wanted to escape, she could’ve escaped on the day of the murder during the 20 minutes, the cops took to arrive !”

“Then we can find out if we can save her,if we find out who’s the murderer” Michel Said.

“Who is the murderer…..that is the question….

The courtroom is filled with a dozen people in black coats who wasted their teenage life and their parent’s money into studying law,Rows of audiences who didn’t want to be there,Actually 90 percent of the people present in a courtroom don’t want to be there (including the judge).

But the question my friend…..is not who doesn’t want to be there. The question is who actually wants to be in such a place. And there is one word for that answer. “Accused”

And that means…..Evelyn Scarlett. But how could it be ? How could she be the murderer and the victim herself ?

Well…..there is one way she could be the murderer….if she is not the victim…

But if even she is not…then who is the victim ? Who has been the target all along ?” Lucas said.

“The victim is the one who’s been the victim since the beginning.” -The shrillness of a manly voice echoed over the courtroom… Soon followed by an ear piercing sound of a gunshot and warm smell of gunpowder.

The whole courtroom witnessed a man standing behind the judge,disguised as a woman they all have been referring to as,Evelyn Scarlett all this time.

“It had been clear all along….Evelyn Scarlett was to be the murderer and Carter Scarlett,the Judge became the Victim” Lucas grieved in a low tone.


“Indeed, Lucas Benjamin won his case Carter Scarlett lost his life, My greetings to both.” Said the Man who was Evelyn Scarlett so far,as he took his Kingly Departure from the courtroom.

The murder never happened on 3rd March.

The whole court was a murder plan.

The courtroom was a playground.

The accused was the assassin.

Lucas advocated for the accused,Evelyn Scarlett. Lucas claimed for Evelyn to be brought in front of the judge. Lucas counselled the case so perfectly that everyone, especially the judge had all their attention on him instead of Evelyn.

So who was the murderer ? Could we say.. Lucas ?

© Copyright 2020 Manshu. All rights reserved.

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