Keep it Real

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This is too all the people who fake the funk...just keep it real

Submitted: January 23, 2007

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Submitted: January 23, 2007



Walking down and passing an Asian restaurant I observe random people fumbling around with their chopsticks while trying to hold a conversation and rush through their lunch break.  A thought comes to mind, why would you eat with chopsticks in the first place just because you happen to be in an Asian food place… It's not like when you go home, you take out your handy-dandy chopsticks and eat your Spanish rice and enchiladas with it.  But for some reason you HAVE to eat fried rice and egg rolls with chopsticks…C'mon now, keep it real.


Going through myspace it's interesting to read people's "About Me" section that start with, "well I don't like talking about myself…" proceeded by a very long paragraph describing every detail of their life or those tags saying your this type of "kisser," "save by the bell character," or surveys revealing sexual experiences. Often accompanied with dozen of photos that they take of themselves in front of a mirror, all the same but different angles.  The oddest being those pictures of themselves almost nude…when 85.7% of the females & males have no business only wearing underwear when they haven't exercised since 5th grade recess.  If you're in love with yourself …don't fake the funk, keep it real.


Since we are in the subject of myspace… "gangsters." C'mon…since when has a true gangster posted pictures of themselves with guns (btw self incriminating), along with family photos and other homeboys/girls describing where they live and what HS school or hood they rep'in.  It's interesting to see how much I have in common with a "gangster" from New Hampshire as we both have a taste for the same movies (i.e. the goonies).  Writing on their pages with slang that makes you need to get a codebreaker just to read through it because the upper and lowercase throws you off.  Then to take the time to decorate the webpage…I wonder if he is thinking about color coordination while picking out the theme of the page and scrollbar color.  C'mon get on your hustle and off of myspace if you're a true gangster and keep it real.


I don't care how cold it may be but there is no reason why a man should wear glossy chapstick.  The only exception being if you just kissed your girlfriend, but then it wouldn't be evenly applied.  As I walked to work one morning, something caught my eye which when I looked was a guys lips glistening with the morning sun.  I was like, "dude has some glossy lips."  If your gay, fine…I can understand that perhaps you're the diva of the relationship but if you're a man then don't be getting your legs waxed/shaved, getting manicures and pedicures, and stop wearing glossy chapstick!  If you're trying to come out the closet then come out all the way and keep it real...

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