My first crush (Chapter-1)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
It's a love story about two guys named Karan and Kalpana. They are different but they love to each other very much. KALPANA has a friend named Reshma. Uday is Reshma's Boyfriend. Kalpana met Karan because of Reshma and Uday. But Reshma is against their relationship.

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



First time, when I met him, I didn’t know that I would love him so much. He would be part of my life. My life would be incomplete without him. It was true that he is my first crush. Nobody attracted me like that except him in my twenty years. He is different and so attractive. That’s why I haven’t forgotten him after two years, three months and twelve days. I remember very well our first meeting.

Before two years, three months and twelve days…..

I and Reshma (my best friend) were arguing for going to party. Reshma said, “I don’t want to argue you. You are coming. It’s final.

I told with innocently, “You know very well. I don’t like to go to parties. And I don’t know there anybody. What will I do there? You know everybody that’s why you like to go in parties.”

She commented, “If you don’t go to parties, how will you know peoples. You know how much you are bore. You have only one friend and unfortunately, it’s me.”

I said with grief, “What do you mean? You are my friend because of me. You don’t want to be my friend……”

“It’s not my mean, dear. I just wanna to say….”

“’What do you wanna to say…’ Tell me.”

She smiled and said, “What do you think? You can change topic easily. Your parents gave me instructions that I would take you in the party. They also tired to make you understand that you should go out and enjoy your life.”

I requested, “Please don’t give me lectures. I can’t listen more lectures about this topic. Everybody does what he likes. I like to be alone and do study. That’s why I do it. What has anybody problem it?”

“We are not anybody for you. We love you that’s why we want your best. If you think I am your friend, you are coming with me. Get ready so soon. Because Uday will be reach within some minutes.”

“What? Uday is also going with us.” I asked her with surprise. I knew it but I was looking for an issue that I didn’t have to go to party.

“Yeah! What is your problem? He is my bf that’s why he will go with us.”

“I know but you know….”

“I don’t know anything except you are coming with us.” She ended the arguments

I went to washroom for dressing up. Within half an hour, I got ready. I commented, “Where is your stupid bf? I heard that he is coming within some minutes.”

She smiled and replied, “He text me that he is in the way. By the way, He is not so much stupid.”

I asked, “You agree that he is stupid.”

“Yeah! But…”


“But he is so sweet. Every boy is like that. I don’t know why you don’t like him. He is not bad as you think.”

“I am not saying that he is bad. But sometimes, he behaves like a stupid.”

“For example…..”

“I don’t know why? He has problem with me.”

“He doesn’t have problem with you. But he is concerned for you. After all, you are my best friend.”

“All his behave are concern for me. It’s amazing.”

“By the way, you always fight with him.”

“Why are you forgetting? He comments on me.”

“He only….” She couldn’t complete because we heard Uday’s car voice.

We saw towards each other and passed smile. We came out from her house where Uday was waiting us with his luxury car. As he saw us, he passed smile.

We came to near him. He commented with his smile, “I can’t believe myself you are coming with us.”

I replied, “No, It’s not me. It’s my soul that’s why bewaring from me.”

He smirked, “It’s ok. Now, I have habit of you.”

Reshma hit her hand on his arm and said, “Let’s go, Uday. Otherwise both of you will get finish the party.”

“Ok, My sweetheart. Your order is always first.” We laughed on his comment.

We got into the car. Uday was driving, Reshma was next to driving seat and I was on back seat.

Uday started to drive the car. Uday asked, “Kalpna, How did you ready to go to party? Who is that great person whom to get you ready for it?”

I saw towards Reshma. Reshma told proudly, “After all, she is my friend. And she listens me everything.”

We passed smile. They were talking whole way and I was looking outside from window. I was passing smile as they thought that I was listening them. Actually, I was not interested to listen them.

Within half an hour, we reached to restaurant where the party was. That was looking beautiful. As we entered into the hall, we heard the loud sound of music and cheering of peoples.

By hearty, I didn’t want to stay there for a moment. We stood a side in the hall and Uday asked, “Would you like to take some drinks?” Reshma nodded but I refused. She smiled and said, “Kalpana, don’t worry, it’s soft drink.” Uday smiled and left. Reshma was telling me about everyone. I was hearing and trying to keep remembers about everybody. I don’t know how peoples keep remember about everybody.

I saw him first time there. I asked, “Who is he?”

Reshma was looking me surprise. May be! I asked only about him. Uday came to near us and told, “He is Karan. By the way, take it.” He rose one glass towards me and another towards Reshma. Uday finished his introduction by telling his name only. We took our glass and Reshma took a sip and told, “He is not your type.”

I saw towards her with shock, “Are you mad? I am only asking him and you are thinking it another way.”

First time, Uday was my side, “Reshma, I agree with Kalpana. She is only asking about him. You didn’t tell her about him that’s why she is asking you.”

Reshma scolded him, “I know her very well. She didn’t ask me about any guy till now. And she is asking a particular guy. Do you know what is it mean?”

I interrupted, “What are you thinking, Reshma? I am only asking about him. It is not a big issue. I don’t know why you are behaving like that. I didn’t want to come here but I came here because of you. You didn’t want to tell him. Don’t tell me. It’s fine.”

Uday said with smile, “Now, cheer up.”

Thank god, Reshma smiled. I was confused why Reshma was behaving like that.

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