My First Crush (Chapter-3)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Kalpana and Karan love to each other but her friend (Reshma) is against their relationship. Karan invites Kalpana on his birthday's party Read and Enjoy it.

Submitted: September 29, 2012

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Submitted: September 29, 2012




I lay on my bed and I was thinking what happened today. I didn’t want to think about it but I couldn’t control myself. ‘Why I was thinking about Karan so much?’ I asked myself and hid my face into my blanket. I was so tense. I don’t know when I slept.

Reshma didn’t say anything about that. She was normal and behaving as nothing happened last night.  And I didn’t want to make it an issue. That’s why it’s better that we didn’t talk it.


After one week,

I got a call by unknown number. I was confused who could be. I got shocked listening his voice by other side, “Hello, Kalpana, its me.”

I only said, “Karan”.

He said, “You recognized me I thought you might forget me. (I wanted to say that I can’t forget you ever.) Actually, I want to invite you in my birthday party. I know that you don't like party but if you come, it will be my pleasure. Are you listening me?"

I suddenly said, "Yeah I am listening. But I want to know where you got my number?" "Why have you not liked that I called you?" He asked.

“No, it isn't my mean. It is my pleasure that you called me. I only want to know that." I didn't want to hurt him.

He replied, "Oho! Actually, I didn't have your number that's why I asked to Uday. He gave me your number.”

“What?” I asked with shocking.

“You have any problem?”

“No…… Actually…..” I didn’t know what to say.

“It’s ok, Kalpana. Would you like to come in my birthday party?” Thank God, he changed the topic.

“But you know I don’t like parties.”

“But it’s my birthday party, Kalpana.”

“I know but…. I will try to come.”

“Ok, you are coming. It’s final. I will wait for you.”

“But, Karan…..”

“I don’t am to listen anything more.”

“Ok, I will come. Now, is it fine?”

“Yeah, Thanks, Kalpana, I will wait you, Bye. He said with cherish voice.

“Bye.” I cut the line. I was thinking how Uday could give my number to him. It was not fact how much I was glad that he invited me. But I was scared if Reshma would listen about it, how would be her reaction. I mean her boyfriend gave him my number. I was tensed how I discussed about it. Because I didn’t want to hurt her anymore. It was necessary to ask her.


(I was lying on my bed and thinking how to ask her. She is not my parents, teacher but she is best friend without whom, I can’t imagination my life. She is part of my life and I can do anything for her. Even, I could forgot Karan. That time, I thought that it was easy to forget him. However, I didn’t imagine it was almost impossible as I could think. I felt somebody is coming towards my room. I knew it would be Reshma. I prepared myself to talk her. But I felt myself helpless when she was in front of me.

“What happened?” She asked after looking me like that.

“Nothing.” I didn’t want to reveal it..

Sitting on my bed, she said, “I know very well. You are hiding something from me.”

“Shut up, and I should ask you what happened. Your boyfriend got to go you.”

“Actually,……. She said slowly, “I am to tell you that he gave your number to him.”

I was looking her with open mouth. (What? She knows about it.) “To whom are you talking?” I asked, as I didn’t know anything.

She saw towards my face by a side of her eye. “I am saying that Karan asked your number from Uday. Uday asked me and I said ‘Yes.’ Actually, Karan wants to invite you in his birthday party.”

“And you said ‘Yes.’ It’s amazing.” I asked her. It was my time. That day, she was showing that I made a big mistake and she gave my number very easily. After all, I was right to know the reality. Why she was behaving like that?

“Don’t you like to go in his party?”

“No, I like to…..”  I stopped when I saw towards her.

“I knew it that’s why I did it.”

“But that day, you are talking about him strangely.” I was taking interest to get to show her down.

“Yeah, my opinion is not changed about him. I gave your number because he is going.”

“What? Where is he going? You are telling a lie. He didn’t tell me about it.” I was not able to believe in my ears.

“What? He called you.”

“Yeah, today, he called me and he only invited me in his party. He didn’t tell me anything.” I told her reality.

“What did both of you talk?” She was inspecting, as she is my teacher.

That time, I was glee that’s why I told her everything what we talked.

“It means you are going to his party.” She said as I decided for going.

“What is your decision?”

“If I forbid you, you will not go.” I don’t know she was asking or telling me.

“Yeah, I met him only once but you are my best friend. You are valuable for me.” I said it but I wanted to go. I wanted to meet him and talk him. I don’t know what he did black magic on me.

She said with smiling, “By the way, I have good news for you. We are also going. Uday was his friend that’s why Uday goes to his party. This time, you will come with us….”

I was not listening what she was saying. I was only thinking about Karan.



Thank all of you for raeding. Please give comment as I can understand hat do you want to read. 

© Copyright 2020 Manu Kansal. All rights reserved.

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