My first Crush- Chapter-4

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Kalpana and Karan loves to each other but her friend is against their relationship. Karan invites her in his birthday party. She goes.

Submitted: October 04, 2012

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Submitted: October 04, 2012




It was his birthday. I was confused what gift I give him. It was very hard to decide it for me. It had many reasons. First, I didn’t know about him more. Second, I didn’t know what he exactly feel about me. He feels about that way as I feel or not. Third, I didn’t want to lose him. Fourth, He would like my choice or not. I was totally confused. At last, I choose a gift for him. It was little and simple but I hoped he would like it.

I had worn a peach color dress. I reached in his party with Reshma and Uday. In the way, we were silent because I didn’t want to talk about any topic. She was not interesting to talk about Karan specially including me. And Uday was silent because he didn’t have dare to talk with us. That’s why everybody was silent. I was shocked when Reshma doesn’t like him, why she is taking me in his party.

We reached in his party but I didn’t want to go inside. I didn’t know how should I have reacted before him. I didn’t know I should be glad or sad. I didn’t know I can control myself before him or not. I didn’t know why I was thinking about him a lot. Why was I scared? Why was I so confused?

Uday shook me and said, “Kalpana, Let’s go.”

I nodded and we entered into the party. We were looking for here and there and my heart was beating so fast. When I saw him, I got shocked. He was coming towards us. He was looking hadsome in blue jean and green shirt. He was looking me. My heart was beating fast with his each step.

He came near us. Uday wished him and I didn’t know what to say. Karan hugged him and said with looking towards me, “Thanks for coming. I was waiting you.”

I felt myself helpless to say anything that’s why I smiled. Reshma and I wished him. He passed only smile. I also wanted to hug him but Reshma was with us. I didn’t have dare to say anything before her. He said, “Enjoy the party.” and left.

He was with his other friends. Sometimes, I felt he was staring me. I couldn’t talk him because of Reshma. I was feeling myself upset that’s why I couldn’t enjoy the party.

It was time to go us. I didn’t want to go because I had to talk him. When Uday asked him to go, He asked, “May I drop Kalpana?” It was shocking for me. I was looking towards Karan, Reshma and Uday.

Uday saw towards me and said, “It’s ok. I don’t have any problem.” He hugged him, wished him again. Reshma wanted to say anything but Uday make her stop and they left.

Karan passed a smile and said, “I am to talk you that’s why I …….”

“It’s ok, Karan. I am also to talk you.” I said.

“If you don’t have hurry, May you dance with me?”

I nodded. He held my hand and we came on dance floor. We took our position and in second moment, we were dancing with each other. He was looking in my eyes. I looked in his eyes but I felt something in his eyes. That’s why I was looking down. It was romantic song and I was feeling that it was for us.

He pulled me to close him as I could feel his breath on my ear. He said in my ear, “You are looking amazing.”

I passed smile and thanked him. After that, we were dancing without a word but I was feeling him. I put my head on his shoulder. I didn’t care about others.

Near about an hour later, we stopped. He said to me, “I am coming in a minute, just wait me here. Then we will go.”

I nodded and he left. After a minute, he came with smile and said, “Let’s go.”

We came in parking loan and got into his car. He started the engine. I was looking outside from the window and thinking what to say. I was to ask him Reshma was saying true or not. But What would I say him? If he would have asked me, why I was asking him? What would I say?

I came out from my thought when he called my name. I saw towards him and said, “Yeah.”

“I am to talk you.” He said with looking me.

“What about?” I asked.

“I am going Lucknow.” He told me.  I was looking him with wide eyes. He continued, “That’s why I wanted to meet you last time. I don’t know we will meet in future or not.”

“But why are you going?” He saw towards me with shocked. When I noticed, I corrected, “I know I don’t have to right to ask you. Even we don’t know each other very well. What’s to need to go now?”

He replied sadly, “No, You have right to ask. Actually, I also don’t want to go now. But it is preplaned. I didn’t know that time that I would meet you and I……. He stopped what he was saying.

There was a pin-drop silence between us. He stopped the car in front of my home. I came out from my thought. He was looking me. I saw towards him and got out from the car. I didn’t know what to say. I was astonished. I was taking steps towards the main door. He called my name. I stopped and he came to near me. He took my hands into his hands and said, “Don’t need to worry. I will come soon.” I saw in his eyes. My eyes were full of tears.

I opened my mouth to say, “But…” He put his index finger on my lips and said, “Don’t say anything otherwise I won’t go.” A smile came on my lips and I hugged him. He hugged me back and he was rubbing my back, “Everything will be fine.”

I nodded and grabbed him tightly. We were in that position for some time. When I realized, I left him. We separated each other very slowly. I moved my hair from my hand and I was looking down.

He said, “I should go.” I remembered about his gift. I said, “Just a minute.” I took a small box from my bag. I took his hand and put it onto his palm. “It’s your birthday gift. Now, open it.” I said with excitement.

He smiled and removed the paper from the box. He opened it and saw it. He took out a watch from it and said with smile, “It’s nice as you. But what needs to give it. You came in my party. You are with me at my birthday. It is special gift for me.”

“Don’t you like it? I thought….” I said with sadly.

“No, it’s very beautiful.” He was convincing me. He put it onto his wrist and continued, “Now, Fine.”

I nodded with smile and said, “It will remember about me.”

“I can’t forget you but it will make me feel that you are near to me.” As he said, I was blushing. When he noticed, he changed the topic, “It is my permanently mobile number. When you want, you can call me.”

I hugged him and wished in his ear, “Happy birthday to you once again.” He hugged me back and said, “Thanks a lot. It is better time of my life.” Before separating from him, I kissed on his cheek. I left him and said, “Good night.”

Without waiting his answer, I reached on the main door and went inside.

© Copyright 2020 Manu Kansal. All rights reserved.

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