no longer out there

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Submitted: September 27, 2019

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Submitted: September 27, 2019



I have been walking the streets in search of the house I grew up in. It had been demolished some years ago, its place taken by a block of flats with a small supermarket on the ground floor. 

I push the store door open and the light floods my brain, like ice spikes on hot skin. 

‘Evenin’! she said, without lifting her eyes. The girl at the cash register stood there, checking her phone right where my teenager bed used to be. 

‘Hi there..’I mumble as I walk down the isle by the fresh greens. There, I would brush my teeth right where the dairy section is. 

‘What?’ she says, looking straight at me.

‘Nothing, sorry, er…just talking to myself’

She returns to her screen, frowning. She’s in her early 20’s, brown hair, rather pretty and certainly upset for my interuption of her quite lively phone chat.

I pick up a bottle of water off the shelf and catch a glimpse of a boy’s face in the glass. ‘Come on, drink up!’ ‘Drink up!’ My mother used to raise her voice a bit, annoyed by my perpetual ignoring of her requests. 

I put the bottle in the cart and take a few steps towards the fruit cases. The kitchen sink used to be right here. I would, somehow impatiently, wash the way-too-many strawberries my father had bought, my imagination already busy with the future taste of strawberry tart. 

‘Hey! Shall I weigh those strawberries?!’

In front of me, the girl at the cash register looks a little confused. I nod and give her the bag. 

‘Anything else?’ she asks, this time with a shade of a smile of her face. 

‘No, not really’ I tell her smiling back at her. She was, after all, rather pretty and standing where my teenage bed used to be.

Outside, the cool evening wind sends quick shivers through the skin of my bare arms. 

‘Hi, I’m on my way home!’

‘Love you! Don’t forget to buy some fruit for the kids, ok?’

‘I bought strawberries…love you too!’

‘Don’t buy too many, ok?’

‘Ok, ok..!’

I have been walking the streets in search of the house I grew up in. It is no longer out there.

© Copyright 2019 Manuel Paun. All rights reserved.

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