I Could Not Breathe

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I Could Not Breathe is an imagery poem in which a sea monster catches hold of me and the conclusion you can read and see.

Submitted: February 12, 2015

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Submitted: February 12, 2015



The day to go to the sea,
Has come, where I'll not go even if I get a fee,
As I don't like swimming much,
But will go this time to test my luck.

I went there with my cousins,
And knew it would be very troublesome,
We reached there at ten,
To the sea full of pearls and gems.

We changed clothes before swimming,
I did that by going slow and steady,
But the time had come,
To go into the sea for the fun,

We swam and swam,
Very far from the seashore when,
We felt tired and had to go back,
I was left behind, because of the experience I lacked.

But then I felt something,
Touch my feet, down in the sea crawling,
It pushed me deep into the waters,
And I fought with the strength I could muster.

It was becoming hard to breathe,
But could not win from that thing,
What it wanted I never knew,
But I was becoming slowly askew.

Then I saw my cousins coming,
And the monster fled into its dwellings,
They took me back to the seashore,
Where I had some rest therefore.

It was an experience,
Which had been very serious,
I never knew, what the thing was,
As I could not breathe, in the situation where I was.  

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