The Surgeon

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The Surgeon is a good poem about a surgeon who got a fortune out of a diamond.

Submitted: December 02, 2014

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Submitted: December 02, 2014



There was a surgeon, happy and honest,
He cured his patients to his best,
Once came a Prince from far,
And he had to be cured fast.

The surgeon cured the prince,
Not for money but since then,
He had a fortune smaller than a pen,
It's worth was about a million pound pints.

He told his wife the whole story,
And she was filled with glory,
She reminded him of going to Renshaws,
He became angry and clenched his jaws.

They hid the diamond in the fridge,
And went happily across the ridge,
They came back after a weekend,
And found a mess and a wasteland,

They found the diamond stolen,
So they became heart broken,
They contacted the police the only thing they could think,
The police came on a car faster than an an eye blink.

They found the two culprits,
But they were not the gits,
So they found one last culprit,
Who was actually the git.

The culprit had taken ice from the fridge,
And had got the diamond into his ribs,
The surgeon performed a quick surgery,
And took the diamond into his home and out of the infirmary.

The surgeon was happy again,
As the plight was gleeful again,
I'll never forget this poem,
I swear! I swear!

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