(An Ode) To Chimera

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Phoenix Poetry

(An Ode) To Chimera

Choke me with your tail, tune me with your hisses

Let me sly on the scales in the crafts of your anus

And weigh the fate of eternity. 

How, my love, do you stand strong? 

You turn my mouth into shivers,

I am seduced by the white fur on your chest

Unlocked with a kiss, I find your heart. 

Why, my love, is it in mists and conjuagates of black?

I am nobel through seduction of a king

A relation to love, I weep gold onto your breasts

For you devour meat as mist. 

What, my love, is the sustenance of your beauty?


O-Chimera-! When will our sheets be free of wax and stains?

(It Burns)

O-Chimera-! When will you stop suckling the wine from my heart?

(It’s Pruning)

O-Chimera-! When will my images of your nakedness melt into sick?

(It’s revolving)

O-Chimera-! When will your fleshy horrors dissolve into the depths of hell?

(It’s multitudes)

O-Chimera-! When will I be free?

(I’m lonely)


You drunk -you-.

You shifting whore of fire,

You twisted bundle of faded veins,

You emptiness of beguile,

You dream -you-.


Venom is in a puddle on the pillow,

I lie naked in steams of feverish sprawl

Alone in the emptiness of black matter.


My penis is damp and sore,

Coldness breathes on my back as fear

For a mist arises, a lion whispers in my ear. 

Submitted: February 02, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Manx. All rights reserved.

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