A Math Situation

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Hari, the notorious, finds himself face to face with a Math test. Something he was always scared of, but he always has many tricks under his sleeves. What will he do to dodge this tricky situation.

Submitted: November 25, 2009

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Submitted: November 25, 2009



At 5'o'clock,when everyone in the house was enjoying the last lap of sleep, Hari turned off his alarm clock and got up still haunted by the dreams he had last night. This was probably the first time he had used this alarm clock his uncle had given him on his ninth birthday. Usually he would stick to his bed until his mother would shake him with both arms and wake him up for school. Today, however, his dreams were enough to shake him off the bed.

Knowing that he didn't much time to waste, he took out his mathematics book and a notebook from his school bag. He started sliding through the pages of his book until he stopped at chapter 6 which said \"Algebra\". He noted down a question on his notebook and started figuring out a way to solve it. After looking at the question from every possible angle, He concluded that he couldn't make anything of it. He finally gave up and note down another question. He kept gazing at his notebook as if it was an endless galaxy with zillions stars.

Math was never his favorite subject and Algebra added to his frustration. He was thinking, \"Who came up with the idea of including alphabets in Math. Alphabets are supposed to be used to sentence making, not in solving mathematical problems. Only if I had a chance to revise rules of math, I would ban the use of Alphabets in it.\"

This, however, didn’t give him any relief because he knew he had to be proficient in Algebra in two hours because of the test which would take place later in the school today.

There were very few persons Hari feared in his life and right on top of that slim list was his math teacher, Nathan. Within a year of his tenure in the school, Nathan earned the title of the fiercest character in school. Hari had only heard the stories of Nathan beating students with his weapon, a club. It’s said that children who were beaten by Nathan never spoke a single word again. They spent the rest of their life in trauma and depression. Nathan and his famous club came to Hari's class when his permanent teacher Mr. Tyagi went on leave.

It was two days ago, when Nathan had announced that he would be taking a test the next day. He didn't need to tell what would happen to those who failed it. Hari knew what would become of him if he went to his school the next day. When he reached home, it didn't take lot of efforts to convince her mother that he was suffering from fever and take leave the next day. To his misfortune, however, more than half of the class went down to different diseases and skipped the school. Because of this, Nathan decided to take the test next day. Fever was followed by severe headache and Hari was pleased that he had managed to dodge his biggest nightmare by taking another leave. His happiness didn't last for long when his friend Rajam informed him that Nathan had to go for a meeting that day and postponed the test to today.

The same evening, his father yelled at him, \"Look at your enthusiasm when you are flying kites but when it comes to going to school, you are too sick to even leave the bed. I am not going take any of this now. Better get ready for school tomorrow.\" His father was the second person on the list of most fearsome person so Hari knew he had no other option but to go to school the next day.

In his dream last night, he saw Nathan was asking him a mathematical problem, “A boy receives 5 shots from a club on day one and 7 shots on day 3. If the total number of shot received in three days was 16, find out the shots he received on the second day.\" Later in the same night, he had another visual of a giant club who had feet and hands giving a devil laugh to Hari.

At nine, Hari had achieved feats which were equal to finding kryptonite for children of his age. One of them was writing a sick leave application and signing it with your father's signature. Considering it as his last option, he started writing a new one. Halfway through, he realized stating that him being down with fever or headache wouldn't make any difference to Nathan as he would still go on and take the test. At this time, he came up with the idea he thought was foolproof and would save from the test. He picked the pen and a fresh paper in which he started describing how he fell from roof while flying kites and lost his memory. Due to this, whatever was taught to him had faded away and had to be taught to him again. He had never felt so satisfied with himself. He knew he could escape any crisis and he just did.

With the freshly gained self confidence, he reached school. When Nathan entered the class, he went up to him and gave the application.

\"What is this?\" asked Nathan.

\"Sir, this is sick leave application.\"

\"Oh, I hope you are fit enough for the test today\" Asked Nathan.

\"No sir.\"

Nathan gave him fearsome looks. \"And would you care toexplain your meaning Hari?\"

\"Yes sir, it’s written in the letter. Please read it.\"

He had received umpteenth sick leave applications and had doubts on their authenticity. This one, however, was different. Never before, he had heard something like this.

\"So, you have lost your memory. Right?\"He asked with a sarcastic look.

\"Yes sir.\" Hari cleared his throat.

\"Yet you remembered which class you had to enter. Right?\"

\"Y...Yes.. Yes sir.\" He had to make an effort to speak. His throat was choking.

\"And you also remembered that I am your math teacher. Right?\"

Hari nodded.

\"And you are also aware that today is a math test and what I am going to do with those who fail it. Right?\" Nathan's hands slithered towards his club.

Hari gulped hard and kept silent.

\"So Hari, I have doubts that what's written in this application is a lie. Do you want to say anything?\" By now he had already clutched the club and was directing it towards Hari.

Hari was sweating all over. He knew he had to make a comeback or be ready for the beating of his life. Hari was sweating all over now. He knew he had to make a comeback or be ready for the beating of his life. Without thinking twice, he said, “Sir, I can explain the entire incident. I was flying a kite on the roof when I saw a red color kite was going above the roof of my house. I jumped to catch the kite but I lost my balance and fell down from the roof. My parents took me to the doctor who informed them that I have lost my memory.\"

Nathan gave an amusing look knowing that he had found another worthy of his club. Hari had a feeling something bad was going to happen.

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