Silent dreams

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A man who tries facing his demons and fails.

Submitted: October 04, 2011

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Submitted: October 04, 2011




That's all you heard the deafening sound that doesn't exist. Lonely and comforting all the same, it's as if when you Are alone you are free to do and imagine what you want you can become anyone and anything you want to be, you create an all new ego an image of perfection the hero you will never be.  You fight along side your loyal friends and see the fall one by one; they're not as strong as you. You come into the fortress of your enemy enter with bravado  and begin the battle. You throw a punch, he doges it You try a kick and he laughs You take out your sword and with one valiant swoop you aim for his head but he holds the blade with one hand only an inch from his neck; he throws you to the floor and laughs You've been defeated; as you stand there he looks at you with disgust....  The perfect hero, the chosen one, the almighty defeated. \"why?\" you whisper

\"why!\" he speaks, his voice almost cracking with pity

\"why!, because your not perfect.\" he replies, \" because everything you have done has been a failure!\".  \"no one loves you, how can they, you have no future here.\" \" your a boy trying to do a mans job\" \"you will never be better you will never amount to anything you will always be a failure\" he says and doesn't stop, he tells you your worst defects and points to your greatest failures.  His voice fills your head and it be ones the only thing you hear, the loudest thing in the world are his accusations, all of which are true you know it, and slowly start to believe it. You give up... Become the failure that you are expected to be, the voice becomes the only thing that you listen to, the loudest thing in your heart. 

Your faith is gone, your hope has vanished, your love is lost. You roam the world defeated ashamed, but you cope by telling yourself everyone lost to the man in the fortress no one was perfect.  You reach the end of the world and realize why you were still here; you were looking for the things that were lost, you turn to find that they are not there and with your strength gone you collapse. But then you see a man.... A man? Out here? Why? He sees you a reaches for your hand \"no leave me this is where I belong, I am defeated, I lost....\" you say,  \"I know you've lost, I know you were defeated, but I won\" he answers \"then why come for me? Why don't you go and celebrate what you have done why not take your place as king?\" \" you won didn't you?\"  \" why do you stand among those who have fallen?\" you ask

He pulls you up and says,\" so that those who have fallen may stand.\"

\"What use is it we will only fall and fall again.\"  you reply,

\"it doesn't matter how much you fall, sooner or later you'll learn how to stand; not just for a moment or for one step, but you'll learn to walk, to run, all by first learning how to fall.\"

\"learning how to fall?\" you ask confused,

\"everything in life has a purpose even mistakes, if they didn't exist then how would we ever learn to overcome those mistakes that hold us down.\"

\"but what am I supposed to do when I fall?\" you ask,

\"get back up.\" the man answered, and like a vapor he vanished leaving you to wonder if you would ever be able to stand as he did, he did and with a sudden rush of wind that voice, the voice of the man in the fortress returns and reminds you why you can't stand why you will fall again and again, you stand there petrified, scared. A sound of thunder approaches and a voice greater of the man that stood returns, a storm begins and a battle of powers takes place. Unable to move you stand there the eyes closed and the only thing you hear is the thunder as each voice tries to be louder than other, louder they get louder, louder, LOUDER....

And finally.....

Silence... A deafening sound, lonely yet contorting. You open your eyes and find yourself in bed, using the silence to imagine and understand  something greater than you.

But in the silence you hear an all too familiar voice as it stands beside you and it says...... \"faith is born, hope is lit, love is found.\"


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