Gunshot 18

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helping the very things he kills, wanna know, read it.

Submitted: November 26, 2012

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Submitted: November 26, 2012




He stood there, watching it. His head mimicking its. He peered into its eyes looking at it. It lifted a finger to its lips, so did the boy. The boys mother looked down at him and smiled, she looked at her, smiled, then looked back at it. It smiled at him, but different from the way his mother did. It was evil, the grin wrapped around to its cheeks. The boy looked confusedly at it. He didn't understand its true intentions, and how could he? He watched it jump above the door fame and hand so it head was level with his mothers. The boy took a step to his mother, as she turned to go throw the door. The boys eyes widened as his mothers head rolled to his feet. He looked back up at it, tears streaming down his face. It made a hissing sound, pulling his mothers body away and into the ground.

“Mommy! Mommy!” the little boy screamed. “Come back to me! Mommy!” it came back from under the ground, it got down to his level looking into his eyes.

“This,” it hissed picking up his mothers head. “this is all you will ever remember of that woman.” it chuckled. “What a shame she was pretty too.” it hissed again. The boy raised out his hand, almost touching its deformed face. It tilted its head to look at his face, covered in dirty tears. “She, will be loved and devoured.” it looked at his face, this time seeing the blood on the boy. It stuck its arm out to him smearing it over his face, until most of it was covered. “You should join us, we demons always need a human with your strength. Remember that!” it sank back into the ground taking his mothers head with it, only, it took nothing. The body remained on the ground bleeding, and the head at hi feel looking up at him.

It had only taken her being, it left the physical parts of her behind. The boy put his hand back at his side looking down. His tears parted the red on his face showing his pale white skin. He felt his legs collapse beneath him, making him fall to the ground. He ripped the grass from the ground, digging and digging deep down in the dirt. He wanted to find it, to get his mother back. Then something came over him. He stopped crying. Everything in that instant was different, very different. He rose to his feet staring at his reflection in the glass door his mother wished to enter. He looked in his eyes, looking deeper then that, he looked into his own soul. Nothing. He saw nothing. Just back. Just and abyss. When he looked into the abyss he saw nothing but the abyss looking back at him. Nothing. Black.

He looked to his right, seeing the clothes line. Mothers white sheets hung on them to dry. The boy went over to them. He pulled on the sheets with all his might. He tugged and pulled and it came down. He pulled so hard the give of the sheets made him fall on his butt with the sheet then covering him. Despite the fall, he got back to his feet ragging the sheet on the ground. He walked back to her body. The boy genitally sat the sheet on the ground. With one last tear he picked up his mothers head looking into her eyes. He knew her soul wasn’t there, but he starred anyway. He imagined the brightness, the light, looking back at him. The saw the light that he didn't see in himself. He put her head to her neck. He knew it would save her, he knew it wouldn’t change anything, but he wanted her to be whole. He picked back up the sheet and placed it over her. He tilted his head and smiled a little trying to be happy.

“Momento mori Mommy.” The boy said. “Momento mori.” He didn't quite know what it meant. He just remember his mother saying it to things when they died. Momento mori, remember your morality, is what it truly meant.


“I can not believe you! That was amazing!” a girls voice yelled.

“Yea it's nothing.” A man said, truly meaning it, wanting no praise.

“No no! It was amazing! Let me show you how much it means! I'll take us to get drinks!” He light green eyes lit up. She grabbed his arm trying to lead him away.

“No I must be going home. Good night miss.” he pulled his arm way, truly uninterested in the girl. Her light blonde hair flew over her forehead like a river, shining and flowing.

“Good idea! We can just skip-”

“No.” He put his finger to her lips. “I am going to my home and you are going where ever you belong.” She looked around. No one else was near them. She grinned evilly.

“Fine. Then,” she began to change forms. “I can just kill you here!” Horns began to grow from her head and her green eyes faded to black. Her back hunched as it then lost shape and twisted like that of a snake. Her fingers grew to a point and she gained two more arms.

“Should have guess” he said with a sigh. “You're uglier than the male that killed my mother.” He pulled out a gun and shot once. Her body fell to the ground. “And what does that say?”

“I am not going to-” One more shot. Followed by another. Three shots in all. Black liquid flowed from the body as she, it, lay dying.

“If you don’t mind, I am going home, you can go back hell.” He kicked her,m its, body and walked back to his car. He put his gun back into its holster and let out a sigh.” And another. Can't I just get a break. It's been 12 years sense mom has died, so why do they insist on having me?” He kicked a rock into a puddle. “Screw that damn car.” He walked pasted the car, he need to cool off, walking back would do the trick. He continued to kick rocks. He put his hands in his pockets looking up at the full moon. He turned his head to get a better look at the stars. He could see his building, the sign was on. He squinted noticing the faint light from the sign showing a figure. He picked up his pace nearly running to the building.

“You must be Nex.” one of the figures said. He was a man. Then he saw two other figures with the man, one was a woman.

“Yes, that I am. Who are you?” Nex pulled his hands from his pockets looking back at the dead snake woman's body, it was already gone. Taken in by the ground.

“We have a job for you.” He looked at the woman with them. She was out cold. He looked round the men to get a better look at her. She was small, young, but really small.

“Not interested.” Nex said taking a step close to the door.

One of the men pushed a wad of cash to his chest. “We have a job for you.” Nex pushed his hand away.

“Not. Interested.” he continued to his door.

“Please!” the other man spoke up. “Please take the job.” Next thought to himself about nothing. He wanted to give the impression he had to think about it he had time. Which he knew he did, he hadnt had a job in weeks.

“Whats my pay like?”

“Good. 10K.” He wanted to let his jaw drop, but he kept his poker face and just looked at them.

“Judging by your looks and her, I'd say that's not a good amount.” What a lie. That was more money then he'd make in three months. The quieter of the two men nodded.

“Fine,” he started again. “12K. That's as high as I can go.” the first man added to the wag of cash and held it out to him again. Nex snickered and ripped it from his hand. “All you have to do is drop her off at that location by the next half moon. Good luck.” The men took off as Nex looked down at the little piece of paper attached to the wad of cash. He looked at the girl who was still out cold on his door.

“Well Nex, what the hell did you just get yourself into?” He asked unlocking the door picking her up. He held her close and felt something strange. Something about her made him feel uneasy. It was probably nothing, he was just frazzled from the face off with the woman, it, back a moment ago. He placed the wad of cash on the desk in the middle of the room. The looked over to the couch to the right, covered in crap. Then at the bed to his left. Clean. He sighed knowing it was only right to let her have the bed. It was then he noticed what she was wearing. She only had a long shirt. Nothing more that was visible.

He placed her genitally on the bed covering her up. He studied her face. She had a natural look of innocents. Like she had never done anything wrong, but her clothes and the men that brought her here showed a different story. 'Just who is she?' he wondered cleaning off the couch. He kept quiet not wanting her to wake up. He grabbed a blanket and pillow from the back of the couch and laid down. He looked up the the ceiling.

“I'm going to hell for all of this.” he chuckled, drifting into sleep.



He felt cold, shacking, couldn't stop moving, but yet he wanted nothing more then to stop moving. Then he rolled. 'Shit. I'm gonna fall off the couch' he thought, but he didn't. The cold, he felt the nice cool on his head. Then he opened his eyes, he looked right into her. Her light hazel eyes looked into his filling him with delight.

“Hello. You have a fever.” She got up and walked from him to the other corner of the room to the stove. She pulled a bowl down and fulled it with the liquid from the pan on the stove. She found a spoon from a drawer and brought them both to him. She set them on the stand next to the bed, then putting her hands to his shoulders. “You need to sit up just a little for me.” she smiled at him. He sat up looking at her, still only dressed in that shirt. It was a normal size from a man, but was almost like a dress on her.

“How- how old are you?” He asked as she brought the bowl to him.

“Its not nice to ask a lady that!” she smiled blowing on his spoon. “Its only chicken soup.” the put the warm spoon to his mouth and repeated as he ate. “I am almost 18, I will be in a few weeks.”

“How tall are you?”

“Oh, you noticed,” she giggled a little bit. “well, I am about four nine I think. I know I am really small. But hey, its just who I am.” she smiled putting the empty bowl on the stand. “I hope this passes soon. You shouldn't have been out in the rain last night, or have slept in those damp clothes.” He looked down, different.

“Did you change me?” Her face turned red.

“Not everything. Just your shirt and pants...I didn't see anything I swear I didn't look!”

“Well thank you. I am already feeling better.” she looked confused. She felt his head. His fever was gone. Like that. He sat up and got out of the bed. She quinted at him. “Something wrong?” he asked.

“You're an odd one.”

“Me?” he chuckled. “You're hardly the one to talk.” she pouted standing next to him. “My name is N-”

“I know who you are!” she folded her arms. “I answered your phone this morning. Some guy is coming over,” she looked at the clock. “He should be here soon actua-”
“Hello Nex!” the door flew open and in stumbled an idiot. “Whoa! What a pretty lady!” he was almost as tall as Nex. He had deep brown eyes and black hair. “When you said you were going out I didnt know you'd being the party home!” he noticed her only in a button shirt and sitting on the bed.
“Anderson, you're an idiot.” he put his hand to his face sighing. Anderson ran over to her and took her hand.

“That means if you're not with him, then my lady would yo-” Nex smacked he back of his head making him lean forward and fall back to the ground. “Ow Nex that really hurt yo-”

“Shut up.” he looked at the girl on the bed who face lacked expression. He watched her stare down at Anderson. He looked down at Anderson when he saw her going to look at him. “Why did you come here?”

“What? I'm not allowed to come see a friend? That's a bad mentality to have you know.”

“Then glad to have you as a guest, how long will you be staying?” Anderson looked the beautiful, innocent looking girl with the light hazel eyes. He watched the light shine off her light brown hair.

“How ever long she's staying!” Anderson flinched as her saw Nex's punch coming.

“Anderson, you're such a perv. I'm surprised some girl hasn't killed you yet.” the girl scooted to the middle of the bad and folded her legs. She grabbed a pillow and held it in her lap, she smiled as she watched the two bicker.

“Yea! Well, someone should have done away with you for getting all the pretty girls and doing nothing about it!” Nex rolled his eyes and looked over at the girl on the bed. He felt his spirits lighten. He began to feed off her happy demenor.

“Why,” she looked at him. “are you so happy. Why are you smiling so much. If I was hear he'd probably be trying to get you.”

“Well you are here, and you are treating me better then most of the men I have been with in the past.” Anderson shuffled off the floor to his feet.

“Then! Allow me to treat you even better!” he winked at her. He felt an uneasy cloud over him, he turned slowly to see Nex peering into his soul. “I- I was only kidding. Tee hee...”

“Really Anderson, why are you here?”

“Oh right. Maybell is in town.”

“Yea and why do I care?”

“Well I just thought you two might-”

“Listen, that was long ago.” Nex looked at the cheery beautiful girl sitting on the bed not having a care in the world. She wasn’t even listening to them anymore. “And I have to take her somewhere. Got another job.”

“I'm happy for you. Kinda. I mean your mom and all. Ju-”

“Hey. Just stop there. That was long long ago and I'm over that. Just drop it.”

“Sorry. I should probably go. I got someone at home waiting.”


“I don’t remember her weren't the only one who went to a party!” Anderson chuckled walking out the door.

“Hey, I'm sorry about him.” Nex took a seat on the bed next to her.

“Its fine!” she said moving closer to him. “I could tell he loves you.”

“What!?” Nex messed up his face.

“Not like that! More like a brother. He cares for you. He only means best you know.”

“Yea I know, that's what makes me wonder sometimes. I just wish I knew how far he'd go for me, if I needed that.” she put her hands on his shoulder.

“You know very well how far he'd go for you. You just want him to tell you.” she giggled falling back on the bed.

“So you know my name, but I don’t know yours.”

“Huh?” She sat up. “What do you mean?” he chuckled a little bit. How was asking for her name confusing to her.

“What is your name?” She frowned and he felt it. Almost like a link. He fed off her happy and felt her sad.

“I don’t have one, or at least I don’t think I do. No one has ever given me on. I'm always just girl.”

“Then what do you want me to call you?”

“Hum, I don’t know. What ever you want.”

“Well, you have a beautiful face, and you always seem so full of spirit, how about Serenity?” The girls face lit up. He turned to look at her. He noticed her shit still ragged and depressing.

“I love it!” Nex got up and went to his dresser. He pulled put a shirt and his smallest pair of cargo pants.

“Here. It's all I have for you. Now I looked at the place you need to be and we have to move out soon.” Nex handed the clothes to her, she took them and began to change. “What the hell are you doing!?!” He turned looking away from her, his face turned red.

“Well I'm changing like you told me too! I'm sorry!”

“I didn't mean in front of me!”

“Sorry!” she was unhappy again, sad even.

“Hey no! Don't get sad! I'm not mad at you!” He sighed. 'She is really different'. He thought to himself. “Do you know where I am taking you?”

“You're taking me somewhere? I thought you were my new guard, but I guess not.”

“So you have no idea where this is, or where you're going?”


“Oh okay.” He began to pack his bags with weapons and clothes. Nex looked at her, and she was starring at the front window. He didn't get it at first, then he heard the hiss.

“I am going to take her life Nex, the girl is mine!” He saw it outside the window. Its spider like legs grabbing the beams of the window. Its head moved in a circle memorizing Serenity. Its tail breaking the glass snapping her out of it. It, the demon, rushed in the broken glass after her. She turned to run, but tripped over the bed. At the last second Nex jumped in front of her shotting the demon in the face.

“How dare you!” it hissed at him slashing his chest with its tail. It knocked the gun from his hand sending it half way across the room. The demon pinned Nex against the floor boards with its horns as Serenity went for the gun. “I don’t think so my dear!” The demon grew in size and its tail whipped across the room slashing her back. She fell to the ground in pain. Her small body sid across the floor almost to the gun. She slowly kept to it, picking it up and firing, nearly hitting Nex too. The shot hit the demon square in the head.

“No! Serenity! Run!” He looked at her shaken face.

“Oh you should get attached to pets you cant keep!” it hissed at him. Serenity fired another shot. And another, and another. The beast shrank but was only stunned not dead. Nex looked over at her and saw the blood running from the wound on her back and down her legs. Nex got up and ran to her.

“Shh, give it here. Hand me the gun.” Serenity didnt take her eyes off of it. She handed him the gun shaking like her own earthquake. Nex aimed the gun at it, ready to fire. The demon urned its head 180 degreese to look him in the eyes.

“Oh dear Nex, you have no idea what hell you have just dug yourself into. Your pet will be the death of you!” Nex shot six rounds into its head, with each shot fired Serenity blinked. Black liquid oozed from the beast and the ground took it back. Serenity fell to the ground in shock.

“Serenity.” Nex dropped the gun and ran to her. “Hey hey. Look at me, look at me Serenity!” She looked up at him. She saw the gash in his chest.

“You're hurt!” She watched as the wound slowly healed until nothing was left.

“No, you're hurt. Turn around and take the shirt off.” Serenity turned and tried to lift off her shirt, but the gash on her back also went over her shoulder blades. “I am going to help you. don’t be afriad.” he lifted her shirt and looked at the wound. It was bleeding, fast. He jumped from the floor and ran to the dresser and grabbed a gauze roll. He dashed back over to her and began wrapping.

“Ah, Nix it hurts!” She cried from the pain, and it hurt him too.

“Just a little longer.” then he was done, and it hit him. “Did you call me Nix?”

“I am sorry, that is not your name?”

“No, its Nex, with an e not an i.”

“Oh so its Ni- Ni- Ni-” she frownd. “I- I cant say it!”

“Its fine. Then just call me Nix. I don’t mind, its close enough.” then she saw its reflection in the hanging pans. Another one.

“Nix!” she screamed.

“What?” she tackled him as the arm of the demon scraped the lower half of her back. “What the hell! Another one?” Nex pulled her off of him and set her on the couch. She was knocked unconscious.

“So was not the fist one here?” The demon turned into a woman, or the illusion of a woman. She was more beautiful then Serenity. Her hair flowed and her eyes made you trust her. “Shame. He failed. But now its my turn.” She drew a sword. “I am not like the others. I have fighting. I just want the girl, alive. So hand her over, or I will have no problem killing you.”

“I,” Nex reached behind the couch and drew his sword. “I will not let any of you have her.”

“Why.” she laughed to herself. “If only you knew.” She ran at him aiming for her, letting her guard down, as he sliced her in half.

“Not even a match.”

“Damn, not enough attention payed to you, underestimation is the end of me.” again the black liquid, and her body going into the ground. Nex put his sword away then tended once more to Serenity's wound. He wrapped her lower back and slowly picked her up, grabbing his bag, with the money, weapons, guns, all packed away. Nex opened the door to remember his car was back on the street. Nex grabbed her tight and ran down the street to the car. When he got there he threw the bags in the back and set her in the passenger seat. He hopped in the drivers seat, put it into high gear, then pushed the peddle to the floor. Like that, they were gone.

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