Casino Lie #2

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A couple of stories running together

Submitted: February 27, 2011

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Submitted: February 27, 2011



Since it is Christmas and the homeless shelter is warmer than the campaign car we decided to stay an extra day. If you have ever tried panhandling from panhandlers than you know it is not easy. I mean come on it's Christmas. So anyway it has left me more time to daydream about casino lie #2

I would be sitting at my machine losing all my money which was bound to happen considering all the lies I told. When I was down to my very last spin I would say to myself “ Please let me win just this one time” Right then and there it was over for me. I don't think there ever was a person and never will be a person who entered a casino hoping to win just one time.

The only thing this lie ever got me was that I was able to lose my money more than once on a single visit to a casino. When sending a wish into the universe you must be specific. Had I said “Please let me win this one time and then force me to leave” I would still have my money.

To take this to another level it is best to say it like this “Please let me win my money back then force me to leave of my own free will” If not you could be risking a heart attack or something like that.

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