Casino Lies We Tell #1

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Living is Las Vegas twice, gambling 12 sometimes 24 hours at a time I met a lot of people, heard a lot of stories and some up myself. I made a lot of people laugh at the things we tell our selves while gambling

Submitted: February 23, 2011

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Submitted: February 23, 2011



To amuse my self I was thinking about the two times I lived in Las Vegas. One of the lessons I learned was to never lie in a casino. On the way into the casino I like so many other people would send a wish to the universe to win a lot of money and considering myself a nice honest person I saw no reason why my wish would not be granted. My casino of choice is Casino Royale . I went in there one day and as soon as I sat down at my favorite Keno machine the person next to me won some money. I said to the person “Way to go” That was my first lie. I went into the casino a nice honest person and within the first ten minutes I turned into a liar. I never have been and the odds are that I never will be happy for a person who wins more money than me in a casino. Since I am a person who suffers from depression I am rarely happy about anything never mind a person winning, a person winning more than me turns my world into a living hell. To make matters worse since the universe does not lie it frowns upon liars. It was njavascript:;ot bad enough that the casino already had the advantage I now had the universe thinking twice about granting my wish to win a lot of money.

I found two remedies to this situation.

1: Even if the person sitting next to me wins ten million dollars I keep my mouth shut. I pretend I don't notice, I order a drink, go to the restroom I do whatever it takes to never utter the words - Way to go

2: This tactic takes patience. I will stick around until the person next to me tells more lies than I do and the odds swing in my direction.

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