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camping inside out

Submitted: October 06, 2008

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Submitted: October 06, 2008



I like sleeping intense. It fun to be intense. Tent protect frome wedder. like

ran and sno and stuff.. One time i was sleep in tent. It waz raining otside tent.

I culd here bare otside. I was fraid . I pretend to be sleping . bera went away.

I guss I foold bear. Sumtime I pits tent in my bedrom. My gurlfreind she dress

up like a wild beest. I likes her like dat. Sumtime she scatch me ind I say

ouch. You scrath me lake a wild beest. She growl like an aminal. Sometime

I tink she reely is beest. One time she jumped on me end I tought it was baer

I yelled BAER reel loud like dat . She call me her liddle love bone I cals her

my littel poochy baer. Gosh we likes eech otter lots. Sum time I make tent

in beed you know whut I meen. ha ha. Sumtime we phil batub up end preten

It be mountin lake. Weget bear ha ha and try to swim. We cant.

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