Son of a Caveman # 25 The Love Note Escapes

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Another very short chapter in the Caveman series. I titled it The Love Letter Escapes because I can envision the love letter jumping out of the pants pocket. It's as if sometimes in our lives things happen when we are meant to see or hear something. Why is not always apparent. In this case Who knows

Submitted: December 19, 2008

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Submitted: December 19, 2008



One day while doing Cavedads laundry
A piece of paper falls out of Cavedads
pants pocket. Curious as to what it was
she decided to open it up. It was the love
note Baitshopgirl had written to Cavedad.
At first she feels a flush of anger and betrayal
which quickly turns to fear. Fear because it
looks as if Cavedad has fallen in love.Her
one night stand meant nothing but this looks
serious. She decides to put the note back in
the pocket wash the pants and say


I can take it as a woman
I can treat him like a man
I can treat him like a bad boy
Over who I have command

A real test of life and love
Maturity and wisdom
I am myself like him
I like to be forgiven


Grow up little girl
Control your rage and fury
Forgiveness isn't yours to give
It makes you judge and jury


Pain does'nt mean you love him
Anger doesn't mean you care
You were pretty sick of him
As long as he was here

That night at dinner she said nothing
of the note. Dinner was pleasant and
afterwards he went to the basement
to tie flies and she decided to go

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