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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is only the beginning, it's not done, I mean. I was in love AmazingPhil and yeah well here it is. I found out that I can write and its not all that bad... I hope! But yeah... here it is!

Submitted: August 16, 2014

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Submitted: August 16, 2014



I was walking into the street when someone grabbed my wrist, the next thing I see is a blur that drive right in front of me. I was shocked, if they didn't stop me I could have died, or just be seriously injured. I was day dreaming like normal and I didn't even notice the light change from green to red. I would have looked pretty cute if it was my time to go. I was wearing My black ruffled tank top that the straps are laced. It is one of my favorite shirts because even though I mostly wear black it also had a nice flower print. I don't know why but I have been in love with pink lately. The flowers were also a soft pink. I also have my nails painted neon pink with my pointer finger black with sparkles, and then my pink chucks on a nice pair of boot cut dark blue jeans on. My hair is black that barely touches my shoulders, but that is when it is straightened. You couldn't really tell because I had it in a bun. I wear glasses but I don't really need to. I mean I did when I was younger but my eyes are correcting themselves, mostly because I'm awesome like that.

I looked over my shoulder to see the savior of my meaningless life. He was tall, kinda skinny, and had black hair. The oddest thing was that his eyes were a pretty ocean blue. Was his hair his real color or does he dye it? I was staring for a few seconds trying to collect my thoughts. When I realized it was probably creepy. So I looked down to the ground. I notice that he was wearing pretty awesome clothes. I looked at his shirt again, It was a purple color with red eyes looking at you, and a creepy smile. Then again that Pokemon is creepy anyway, mostly because he was a ghost type. I grinned when I thought of that crappy joke. He was wearing black skinny jeans and black chucks. I looked up at him again and I was still smiling.

" Oh umm, hi... I mean thanks! Thank you for letting me not die, in a horrible accident that is." I stuttered. I hate talking to cute guys, they really make me nervous.

" You're welcome..." he said weirdly. Great just meet this guy and he already thinks I'm a creep. I turned around and looked at the light so I wouldn't bother him anymore. As I was looking I thought about pulling out my phone and post a twitter status about how mental I am. The light was taking forever so I pulled out my phone and started to check it, when I realized people were moving around me. I most have taken a minute or two to realize because when I looked up from my phone almost everyone who was waiting at the place with me were going there own way across the street. The light then again turned red and here I was standing at the same place like a dip.

"Shit.." I whispered. That is my fucking life. I bet that guy thinks I'm a real idiot now. I looked around to see if anyone noticed, but they didn't care. Then I noticed that I didn't see that guy either. Man, he most have been a fast walker. Then I heard some laughing behind me. When I turned, I seen that he was still there. I blushed he totally seen how I was being an idiot. "great..." I muttered. He looked at me curiously.

" What?" he asked as if he was confused on why I said that.

" So you seen me look like an idiot, and then decided to laugh at me." I confessed my real feelings, why did I do that. I normally just come up with something.

" No, I wasn't laughing at you. I was laughing because I found someone who does what I do all the time." he smiled at me. "You see not only did I notice you pull out your phone to look at it I was pulling mine out at the same time, and well I looked up when you started to look around to see if anyone notice that we missed the light." he continued

"So you don't think I'm stupid and just waited to make fun of me?" I questioned innocently. As I start to look at the ground because I know I'm totally blushing. I don't know why all of a sudden I was acting like such a girl.

"No, not at all" he laughed and I was still blushing. "So are you a fan of mine or do you not know who I am?" he asked. I must have looked at him really confused like because he didn't stop. "Hi my name is Phil, I only asked that because I thought you might have recognized me, or maybe you were just thinking... I am a YouTuber I go by AmazingPhil." he started explaining.

" Oh you're a YouTuber!" I said excitedly. "My friend Zoe always talks about some Youtubers she likes, oh what was his name..." I love Zoe even though she was a total fangirl about this guy, I mean come on almost everyone fangirls about something. Mine was more nerdier things like an anime or a new Marvels movie coming out. "what was his name, I mean she is crazy about him... Maybe it was.. no that doesn't sound right in my head.. Something is on fire?? no, not on fire???" I started questioning even that in my head.

" Dan is not on fire?" He asked

"Yeah, but how do you know that, is he popular or something?" I asked, all he did was laugh. He probably laughed for a good 5 minutes until he realized I was on the brank of tears. He looked at me and probably realized I haven't seen a single one of his video's.

"I'm sorry, I'm soooo sorry, I thought you were kidding please don't cry!!!" He started to really panic, "Dan is my roommate and that's why I found it so funny!! Oh my gosh, please don't cry I wasn't laughing at you, I promise!" he said.

Wait a minute did he just say roommate, Zoe is going to kill me for not knowing this guy, and also for telling the one guy in the world who is the roommate of the guy she is madly in love with that she was crazy about him. I'm dead. I should have just got hit by that car. I was freaking out about what my crazy best friend would do to me I wasn't even paying any mind to this guy who was freaking out about me. When I finally realized he was pulling me to an area that he could leave me to get us a drank because he was saying what I wanted?

"What?" I asked

"A drank, would you like a drank, coffee, tea, soda, anything to your heart content!" he said franticly

"I'm fine, were are you dragging me?" I was so confused, how long was I daydreaming about my best friend killing me. "Why are you freaking out, what happened when I was out of it??" I asked. He stopped pulling me away when he realized my confusion.

"You looked like you were about to cry, and then you wouldn't answer me, so I thought you hated me? I was going to buy you a drank to apologize, I didn't know you really didn't know anything about me." he said. I looked at him. "I thought you were just trying to play cool, I'm sorry, I thought almost everyone knew about us, but when you mentioned your friend I thought for sure you were kidding. I am soo sorry."

He was in such a state of panic. I felt so bad for him, he was like a cute little puppy that was just kicked.

"OMG! No, don't be sorry, I was out of it thinking how my best friend was going to kill me when she found out I told the one guy who I shouldn't of said she was crazy about his room mate. I was off in dream land again! I am sorry I worried you!" I said. We then just looked at each other, and then we kinda just laughed.

"Well now I just kinda want a drank still, would you like one?" He asked me as he nervously start to rub the back of his neck.

"Umm... sure, if you want to." I looked at the ground and blushed. I looked up and he was smiling.

"Okay, cool. Have you ever had bubble tea?" he asked grinning.

"No?" I said.

"I feel like your going to love it, there is a place in Chinatown area three blocks from here. But we will need to cross that street we still never made it across!" he laughed. When he grabbed me and started to take me some were he pulled us the wrong direction. I laughed at the fact that we were talking that whole time in front of that light and never once crossed it.

"That's cool, I was actually going over to Chinatown to get me some more pocky, And I was going to look to see what is new around there. I haven't been over there in a couple months." I said laughing. he looked over at me and smiled.

"You like pocky?" he asked

"Yeah? Doesn't all wanna Asians like pocky?” I asked. It accrued to me that He really didn't even know me. I was talking to him so easily, it was like talking to a close friend. Then I realized I haven't even told him my name. "umm..."

"Well I can see that now. So Miss. Wanna be Asian, do you like anime?" Phil asked

"Do I like anime," I laughed mockingly. " Sir, I love anime! And seeing from your shirt I noticed earlier you are a ghost Pokemon fan" I laughed as I was thinking on what I was about to tell him.

"Yes, yes I am" he laughed "and what are you a fairy type?"

"God no, what do I look like, some girly girl. I am so cooler than that I'm a physic type fan.." I said then I paused and then stated. "Yeah yeah, I know your next comment you know, the one thing physic type are weak to are ghost types. That's cute and all but I don’t care. Oh yeah, by the way my name is Erin..." I grinned. he looked at me shocked. He was obviously read his mind, and yes he probably thinks physic Pokemon were perfect for me.

We were talking all the way to the shop that sold the bubble tea. We walked in and all of a sudden a girl came up with a grin, and said she was like his biggest fan.. eye roll. Fangirls! I am one but I would never go up to like Thor and be like, OMG MARRYYY ME!!!! He looked normal, does this happen a lot? She asked to take a picture with him and then she handed me her phone. I looked a little shocked but turned to get farther away to take the picture the whole time. I rolled my eyes and was a little pissed. But when I turned at a good dissent, I just smiled at them. I didn't want Phil to worry. Then I preceded to take a picture, than I zoomed it to get only him and her hand on his waist and took a picture of him looking a little shy, but why did he like her? Was he nervous about the pictures? What was going through his head. I stopped for a second and let the camera fall as I tried to read his body motions. Nothing really jump out at me. He was just standing there with her as they both looked at me. Wait was is me. No, it couldn't be. I took the picture and then did another one of them together and then walked toward them. handed her the camera, as she thanked him for the picture. She kinda looked at me and was probably wondering what a girl like me was going walking the streets with him. She stopped to look at him again. He was looking at me again, I looked up at him and he smiled. My a little confused on why he just randomly smiled just look at him. He looked at the short blonde with bright blue eyes and asked if that was all, and that he would like to go back talking to his friend. She looked disappointed and then thanked him again and took one more look at me and had a little hate and jealousy in her eyes, but then she walked away.

His eyes were on me as I looked over at her as she walked to her boyfriend looking guy. Why would she be jealous of me and be mad if she has a boyfriend. I looked over at him and seeing him grinning.

"Jealous of some random girl? I don't know why you would be, I mean I'm all yours right now." Phil said with a little wink. I looked at him and laughed.

"I am not jealous of some girl who just let her boyfriend to come talk and take pictures with some "YouTuber" who is probably out of everyone who's in here leg." I laughed. He looked at me curiously.

"Everyone?" he asked.

"Yes, everyone in here." I repeated.

"No, there is one person in here that is almost at my leg, but she is to slow to figure out when she was just flirted with." he said

"Who???" I said as I tilted my head a little bit. All he did was laugh.

We finally got our drinks from one of the workers at the counter. I thanked him for our drinks. He just smiled. When I went to go find Phil he was outside the drank shop. When I was about to say something I realized he was on his cell phone. I stop to let him talk. I don't think he realized I was close because the next thing I heard was.

“She is such a nice girl, she's not even a fan. I want to keep hanging out with her can you tell everyone I'm sorry. No! She is not my girlfriend, I just met her! Just tell everyone I'm not going to be there. And NO I am not asking her for her number for you. No not her friends either.” He looked horrified with his friends next comment. I thought he was just so cute with his expressions. I was wondering if it was Dan. What would Zoe do if she got a call from Dan.. I decided it was time to be brave and have some fun with Phil at the same time.

“Phil??” I said like a question. I tried to sound a little cuter than normal. “Oh, I didn't know you were on the phone would you like me to step away?” I asked a little quietly, but still loud enough to were his friend could hear. Please God that that be Dan. The look on Phil's face let me know it was fine to stay. He looked a little nervous for a second, and then he was emotionless. But then he just looked at me and handed me the phone.. “Hello??”

“Hello, my name is Dan Howell! Also known as DanIsNotOnFire, I hear that you are one of the horrible teenage girls that doesn't have internet and you don't know how awesome my friend Phil and I are. As you are only 17 I understand the sadness of being the only girl in existence that is not madly in love with either one of us or both. You shouldn't have to worry, this idea of us not being on your mind, it will soon change. All you have to do is give me you number and I will make sure that Phil will be jealous, and you will be the only thing on his mind.” He said it with such confidence, I looked at Phil speechless. The only thing I could think of was okay, I will give him my number but first....

“I am soo sorry Dan Howell for not knowing who you are and stuff but are you kidding me? I will probably never fall in love with your “Awesome” self because the first thing I notice is that you are down grating the rest of the world! Sure I'm not famous on YouTube and stuff but you don't have to act like your doing me a favor, because I don't really want to get along with you! Oh and I'm not 17, I'm 20 so check yourself.” I said more than I was planning on saying. I look at Phil and he had a smile on his face. Was he worried that I would just let Dan say whatever he wanted. I laughed at the fact that these guys don't know how normal girls act.

“Oo your brave, I like that.” He said

“Thanks?” I replied, kinda thankful he wasn't pissed off at me.

“So that number?” he asked.

“It's (***)***-**** “ I said slowly.

“Okay, I got it! Let the fun begin.” I grinned when he said that. Phil just looked over shocked. He was wondering why the hell I gave it to him I bet. “Now let me know were you guys are going in a text. I just sent you my number. I will meet you there. You sound interesting! Can't wait to talk to you in person. Now put the Amazing one on!” he said cutely. I looked at Phil and held the phone turd him, he took it to listen to his friend. Then he hung up with Dan. I pulled out my cell phone when I heard it start to play my ringtone. It was Closer To The Edge by 30 Seconds to Mars, I looked at the text.

-Hey, it's Dan Howell ;)

-Hi. My name is Erin.

-I know, lol. Phil told me! :)

Wow, he texts faster than he talks. I thought it was impossible to text that fast. I looked up and Phil looked a little hurt. I put my phone back in my pocket.

“So... What would you like to do now that you canceled on your friends just to hang with me?” I said a little flirty like. He looked at me and was a little shocked,

“Did Dan tell you that?”

“No I heard you when I was walking up to give you your drank.” I said, he blushed.

“Did you here anything else.” He looked nervous.

“Only that I wasn't your Girlfriend.” I laughed. “What were you doing talking about me?” I laughed again. His face was red. “I'm just joking around you know? You can laugh to if you want.” he looked at me. Then looked at the ground, than once again looked at me. He smiled, I melted a bit. Another text. He looked at my pocket. The music was only 3 seconds worth of sound. I didn't take out the phone. Phil was happy about this. He turned to look around.

“What would you like to do?” he asked.

“Um, lets go to the video game store? Unless you don't like video games...?” I said.

“Don't like video games? I LOVE VIDEO GAMES!! I didn't expect you to like video games, and you like anime, and you totally loved your bubble tea! I can tell we are perfect for each other.” He said.

I looked at him nervously. Perfect for each other. I blushed. That's only three things. We've only known each other for not even 2 hours. And he thinks we would be perfect... Sure I think he's cute, but that is really the only thing. I mean I figured we were good enough to just start calling each other friends. Wait what am I even thinking. He probably just said that randomly, he didn't mean it like a couple or anything. Stop over thinking this Erin! My phone went off again. I pulled out my cell.


-Hey, it's Dan Howell ;)

-Hi. My name is Erin.

-I know, lol. Phil told me! :)

-Omg, Do you know were your going yet?

-What is up???

I sent a message back that said:

-We are going to the Video Game store in Chinatown! I don't think he was thinking but he just said we were perfect for each other, lol. Hope to see you soon! :)

Not even a second later I got a message.

-Sounds like him, don't think to much into it. He doesn't really think before he talks. Sorry he's so weird I will be there in about 10 minutes so detract him until then I want to be there first so it looks like an accident.

I sent.

-Got it!


I looked up. Phil was almost about to go into the Video Game store when I realized.

“Oh I almost forgot about my goal. I need pokey, It's only a few stores over can we get that first??” I said quickly. I put my cell on vibrate. “If I go there first I might not save money for the pocky..” he looked at me and smiled.

“Sure, I totally understand that.” he said. “Lets go”

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