Just A Misjudged Teen

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The Story Of One Teen Who Feels Unappreciated. . .

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



I Feel Unappreciated, Nobody Seems To Understand Rather Pay Any Mind To My Life. Somehow I'm Always The Bad Guy, Somehow I'm Always Doubted. Somehow My Life Is Always Up For Questioning, But None Takes Time Or Have Patience To Understand My Answers. Ironic How I Give People What They Ask For, Yet Nobody Understands It So They Don't Believe It. This Must Make Me A Pathological Liar Due To The Fact That No One Understands Me So They Don't Believe Me. People Put Numbers On Intelligence As If The Older You Are You're Automatically More Intelligent Than People Younger Than You. The Fact That I'm A Misunderstood Teen Which Is Common Amongst Humans Matters Less To The Common Community Of Elders. Is It Because I'm Young That I'm Entitled To Be Ignorant? Why Is It That \"We're Just Teens\" When Ignorance Is Flaunted And Havoc Is Caused? Yet The Intelligent Teen Is Misjudged, Misunderstood And Questioned About Every Action They Make? Do I Have To Be Ignorant To Get My Message Across To People? Communication Is The Key To The Door Of Truth, But Its A Lock Of Understanding Attacthed To That Door. We Can Communicate Daily, But If You Don't Understand Me You Haven't Opened The Door Of Truth. Therefore If You Do Not Understand The Truth You Will Be Pushed To Believe The Truth Is A Lie Because It Makes No Sense To You. You Can Not Hold Me Accountable For Your Thoughts, Your Life, Or Your Actions. So If You Can Not Understand What I Explain Then Why Do You Question Me? First You Underestimate Me, And You Question Me, Then You Doubt Me? What Would Be The Purpose Of Putting Me Down Because You Don't Understand Me? I'm Highly Misjudged By The Ones I Call Friends, Even My \"Loved Ones\" Who Share The Same Blood As Me Misjudge And Underestimate Me. Is It So Hard To Just Listen And Comprehend For Once Without Any Negative False Judgements? All I Want Is To Be Understood And Appreciated. I'm Tired Of Feeling Alone When I Reside In A House Full Of People. . .

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