FLIRT - A Short Storie about Desire, Passion and...

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short storie about passion, desire, love...
I hope you enjoy it! Brazilian Kisses :)

Submitted: September 30, 2012

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Submitted: September 30, 2012




Kiss.jpgAmong many guests, she noticed just one. He was in a corner of the room, holding a glass of whiskey and talking, who knows what about. She did not care, she just wished that he noticed her. His style was unique; he wore loose linen trousers, a shirt of the same fabric, and stylish shoes, rustic and modern at the same time. He had beautiful light blond spiky hair, neither short nor long. His smile illuminated his face and his eyes were as a green ocean.

She wore a dress of silk crepe, lightweight, with stylized red roses, which praised her curves; the lateral tear brought sensuality to her walk, sometimes revealing, sometimes not. On the back, a deep neckline revealed a tan from the sun and loose strands of hair from a bun half stuck and half loose. She wore red sandals, very high, with only two straps and two small diamond stone in each. A luxury! Her eyes were black and almond-shaped, and her smile was charming.

She decided to change seats and stood a little distant, but facing him. After a few minutes, still engrossed in the conversation with his friend, he looked toward her, just a glance and kept on talking. But that image of just a few seconds touched him. He looked back, and, so, yes, looked at her. Her eyes, the detail of loose hairs, her feet in beautiful sandals, her skin tanned from the sun, he heard no more of what his friend was saying, he was lost in the figure of that woman. She was staring him. They smiled.

His friend nudged him and asked if he had heard what he was talking about. He apologized and went straight to her. She began to feel the sweat on her hands, a good feeling invaded her body, tried to disguise it, but she had no more time, her body throbbed emotions, of wanting to know, not knowing what could be, and not knowing if it could happen. He stopped in front of her, got a few seconds in silence, and without saying a word, stole a kiss.

She gave in to the kiss, a quick kiss, a touch of lips. He brushed a strand of hair away from her face, smiled, and invited her to dance. Their bodies moved together, involved in the magnificent voice of Ella Fitzgerald, it was as if they were immersed one in another. She tried to ask his name, gently, he put his finger on her lip and nodded no. He joined his face to hers and whispered into her ear that there was no need to say a word, just feel. He just wanted to feel her in his arms.

The attraction was immediate. They looked at each other, and delicately, they joined their foreheads; his hand slid over the neckline of her dress, their eyes met and they kissed. A passionate kiss. The song ended, he held her by the hand, and they walked towards the exit. They went out arm in arm, full of passion and ready for living a beautiful love story or just an unforgettable love night...

BY - Marcela Re Ribeiro

© Copyright 2019 Marcela Re Ribeiro. All rights reserved.

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