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this is about a family that struggles with money and relies heavily on the father to bring home fish every day just so they can eat

Gone fishing,

Says the sign

That hangs above his door;

But if he returns

With empty hands

They won't be eating anymore.


Gone fishing

Says teh man

To his children and his wife;

But if the streams

Are running dry

They'll have an even harder life.


Gone fishing

The mother says

When the baby starts to cry;

She weeps for hours

When no one's near

For how hard they have to try.


Gone fishing

Says their son

He wants to help his dad;

He hopes that he

Will catch a fish

So his mama won't be sad.


Gone fishing

The baby coos

As her papa walks away;

The mother cries

And prays to God

They won't be hungry another day.


Gone fishing

The family says

When they need another meal;

They wish that this

Was all a dream

But they know that it is real.


Gone fishing

Says the sign

That hangs above their door;

They caught a fish

But set it free...

They won't be fishing anymore.

Submitted: January 24, 2012

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Brian W

A good poem and I like the format...Nice flow and rhyme... Well written

Tue, January 31st, 2012 11:11pm


thank you :)

Tue, January 31st, 2012 3:14pm

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