Insanity vs Confusion

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Things involving my own confusion.

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011



A person can only take so much confusion, so much spinning. At some point, they have to fall. When one has never fallen they have so much chaos coursing through theirminds, at all times of days.The very cells of their bodies jumbled. They are no longer sane- they lost their sanity trying to stop the befuddlement. The very fibers of their beingtorn by the unnecessary bemusement, brougt on by the ones they surround themselves with. Knowing what we do, we cannot judge them for interacting with these few.A life-time of confusion can damage a persons' psyche. They become... fimiliar with this pother. They do not know anything else. They only know thee disorientation. Theyknow it's not good for some, but good for them. With all that turmoil- much more than an average person- they have a right to live how THEY desire. It's what is mostnecessary to keep the partial print of lucidness. To have even that tiny speck of a sound mind in a mind full of obscudreness is worth anything. Trust me.

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