exchanging recognition

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this is just ussual short story

Submitted: October 09, 2011

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Submitted: October 09, 2011



The air is cooler today than yesterday. Maybe it's because last fall instead of snow. Today is my first direct view of the snow. It was not in vain I've lived in this country. though I should hate him for one hundred percent all of my life here is different from before.
The first lesson is boring. I hated the lessons of history because it requires memory. Unlike matimatika or biology that require power logic. I felt something on my back. I turned back. I see casey was laughing, he signaled me to give a roll of paper on my back on Vicki person in front of me. I grab the paper, when I sat back down, I was surprised Mrs.Tollins existing in front of me.
"What are you doing Giselle?" Mrs.Tollins asked,
"I ..." I turned back, I see casey is glaring at me. I did not dare to casey. I'm afraid he made the calculation to me. "I took my paper that falls .." I smiled.
"What paper? Should I see?" Mrs.toollins asked, I gave the paper to hesitate. "Well ... Giselle, now you can get out of my classroom! Please!" he said. damn! I got the blame. I walked out of class with embarrassing.

I tried to forget what had happened. Why am I foolishly admitted that it is my paper? damn! I walked into the bathroom, I feel there is something odd in belakangku.aku not menghiraukanya. Munkin was only momentary hallucination. I resumed walking. I shut the bathroom door when I've entered it. I wasted all that I want to discard.
after I straightened my clothes. I push the door handle, but ... why hard. Oh My God, I'm locked. I tried to push but still not open. I climbed onto the toilet.
"Anyone here?" I said, but no answer. I got off the toilet. I sat in that seat W.C. I wait for no one who entered.

Gosh! What time is it? I accidentally fell asleep. It was dark. ah damn it I will be locked overnight. who had the heart to lock me? munkin freaks who envy me. but what they irikan me? I'm not special. Giselle never mind, I heard the sound of my stomach. I'm hungry ... why are you stupid left hand phone in your locker?


The sad morning asleep in school toilets. My body ached from sleeping less comfortable. 'Blag' open door. I'm surprised.
"Casey!" he was amazed to see me sitting in W.C.
"Giselle? You stay here?"
"Yes ..." I mengatakanya with embarrassment, I had to smile dengat. I ran out of the toilet,
"Thank you, please do not tell anyone else, I beg you!" I say, leave W.C


after the last class finished, I sat in the canteen. Casey came suddenly, handing her a glass of ice cream. I was surprised, to him or her what's wrong?
"What is this?"
"Sign of gratitude from me because you were yesterday ..."
"Never mind I've forgotten it!"
"Stupid! Grab it! I'd pay it!" he said with a slight jerk. I took the ice cream it with hesitation. I ate ice cream that,
"I hope you're not going to force me to admit your mistake again!" I said.
"Well ... I confess I'm a lock you yesterday!"
"What ?!!!" I said surprised. damn! were you the one, I immediately put ice cream to the face.
"Hy! What are you doing?" I leave them. when someone at the door canteen menabraku because his eyes fixed on handphonya,
"Sorry!" turns out it was Criss, son of my stepmother is now living with his father, "Criss sorry!" I said.
"What did you do to casey?" Criss said,
"He locked me in the toilet! Until I sleep there!" I said. Criss laughed,
"I'm a lock!" he said, I immediately pushed him,
"For what reason?"
"I think that is in is casey! Because yesterday I saw him walking toward the bathroom!" he said with a laugh. I turned to see casey,
"Casey! Sorry sorry sorry sorry! Please do not make me count!"
"Stop!" casey said. At least you're announcing, it seems to admit the mistakes of others? "I actually followed you yet, you go to the bathroom ... so ..."
"For what?" I asked,
"Thank you!" he said.

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