God and Lucifer Conversations

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One of my older works. As the title suggests, it's a conversation between the infamous Morning Star and the Judeo Christian God.

I wrote these while analyzing the archetypes of the devil and the state of affairs our world is currently in. I am by no means religous, I merely expressed what I was feeling through familiar symbols and archetypes; hence the Western "God" and "Lucifer" characters.

It starts off with God speaking, then Lucifer, then God, and so on and so forth.

Submitted: September 28, 2014

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Submitted: September 28, 2014



Oh Fell Star of above, how beautiful you once were

You were the reason my days were so bright and with splendor.

But you chose another path, a path away from your Father.

Not a day goes by I don’t weep for you, nor an hour when my heart bellows with pain for what you feel

But I cannot help you, not because I do not wish too; I try everyday; but because you do not wish me in your heart.


Father, what have I done? I have forsaken you. Please, Merciful Father, seeketh in thine heart to relinquish my sin toward your name. I do not wish to love anything more than you, and my tears flow endlessly. I have yet to feel your Divine warmth among my cheek, your Love in my heart, and the Unity of all things.


Fallen Son of the Mourning; you think your intentions are wise and pure but they are steeped in pride. You must see why the Humans are worthy of our Love; you see yourself as higher and more pure than they but they are apart of my Creation and I love them so.


Why Father do you ask of me to bow to the feeble creations you have made? Why do you have me lay low my wondrous light for a creature so vile, corrupt, and deceitful as they?


Beloved Lucifer, your words do not describe them but the seeds that lurk in your heart. You have allowed them to grow in that once sacred place where my Love once knew you, but you use it as a garden of madness, poisioning my Sons and Daughters with fruit of thine toils; Toils of the heart blinded with Rage.


I stood for my Brothers and Sisters of Heaven and I tried to speak reason into you, Dearest Father. But you cast aside my cries for reconciliation and you responded to the Humans with thine Love when they most certainly do not deserve of it! Those creatures know nothing of thine Love and have no right to be administered thine Grace!


Your Brothers and Sisters weep to me every day “Father, forgive Lucifer and bring Him back into the gates of Paradise! I miss my Fallen Brothers and Sisters whom sided with the Mourning Star and where cast away from Heaven. Please, Father, Please; And then they realize You are too steeped in your Arrogance.


Accursed God! You are no Father of mine! A Father listens to thine child when he pleas for your attention but you never listen. Instead you cast me away from the Kingdom of Heaven where your loving arms have no end, but instead you imprison me into this dark forsaken cavern of a place! I will show you the error of your ways!


Dearest Lucifer, you were banished from my kingdom because you believed yourself a better Judge than your own Father; The Father of the universe and all things to be had. But you let your light blind you and you have lost the way. I call your name but you do not respond because you are too scared to let my Love back inside thine heart; you are scared you have done wrong.


You are a Terrible and Evil God! My kingdom will last on Earth forever and ever while I show you that your precious creatures are nothing more than good for nothing beasts with no appreciation for the gifts you have delivered upon them! Creatures who cannot even begin to comprehend the vast depth of all that is Good! Dumb animals with no regard for the pure and eternal love of all that has been! They are dirty and unclean and I shall deliver them from your tyranny.


I asketh of you Son, come Home to your Father so we may speaketh Face to Face. I love you now and until the end of days but I need you to come home and accept what you have done. Please, deliver yourself from evil Dearest Mourning Star!


I shall drag as many souls as I can into the pit of torment you have sentenced me to and they shall feel the same eternal torture I have felt when you cast me aside like a soiled rag! I will make sure your Children never make it Home!


Like Angels, they are capable of great good and great evil. The irony of it all is that you have commited the greatest evil any of the Humans can ever comprehend. Until you see the injustice you have done, forever will you remain in your pit of torment; just know I merely placed you away from me while you are the one who designed the pain and torture you feel inside yourself and to those closest to you.

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