What lies beyond the forest

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jude Fraser, an outstanding astronomer, discovers the answer to one of the most asked questions of human-kind: Are we alone? But everything comes at a cost, especially knowledge. (wrote this around 3 years ago for a school-paper)

What Lies Beyond The Forest

Part I

I open the door and get out of my red 1967 Corvette Sting Ray. I walk out across the green colorful and beautiful grass continuing onto the wooden sequoia floor, being able to smell the delicious nature-like scent of woodland beyond my nostrils. I take my sandals off. I walk barefoot passing by the huge yet modern living room across the hall. The enormous kitchen eroded the room and as I passed by the arcade room; it roamed my delight. The basketball court filled my distraction and until I reach the end of the hallway; it filled itself with famous original paintings that lead to ten bedrooms (with sufficient space for an amount around for thirty or forty people). I must have walked at least six hundred meters to get to my bedroom, the biggest room of all, and the last room at the end of the hallway.

I open the door slowly enough not to make any noise to be heard within a mile and I observe a rather disturbing phrase written with blood upon the vast window in my room. The window inside my room surrounds the whole scope in a dome shape; in a straight line directing firmly towards the dark, beautiful sky which read: ''You search wrong, it's not up  WHICH you are looking for, but-'', and an arrow follows towards the window which is facing a dark, colossal forest which read: ''What Lies Beyond The Forest''.

I collapse on my knees, astonished by the fact that not only was there someone in my bedroom, but such a person had written it with blood that sprayed across the entire area. That made me feel anxious. I regain my stand, and analyze the room. Who could have done such a thing? Whose blood has been painted in my room? How is it possible to overcome a hostile intrusion with such a tight security? And of course, (the last question I asked myself was) what do they mean by this so-called message that they left upon my room to witness?

I walk across through the murky blood and glance at a nearby light, (except for the great moon) it's what lights the entire room with a clear vision of the scarlet colored blood that is spread through the area. I walk slowly towards (what I now know is) my new computer. I reach the chair and take a seat. I read the title of a Microsoft Office Word document and now know that all my questions would unquestionably be answered: ''Hello Jude Fraser''.

I read carefully:

''Hello Jude Fraser,

We know who you are. At the current age of thirty-three, you are the world's wealthiest astronomer that ever lived. THE REASON OF YOUR SO-CALLED WEALTHINESS is due to your vast investigation about what you "homo sapiens-sapiens" so call ''Aliens'', or shall I say, "Extraterrestrial life" (it's more comforting), WAS PRIMARILY CREATED. Your PREJUDICE IS DIRECT AS WELL AS CORRECT AND the problem is that you know too much ABOUT OUR EXISTENCE. TODAY, You have discovered the essential piece of the puzzle; to stop looking up.

We are watching your every move. I don't designate this by the means that we are only watching you because of your discovery. no, We are watching the entire human race; stalking every child, staring at every person BY night and roaming your very houses while you sleep. watch the shadows... how you humans think so emotionally about careless things, such as love and lust, AND how you reckon you are the almighty of all above and beyond. It's all A TEST to study you And eventually get rid of you AND YOUR existence.

Jude Fraser, the blood covering your bed sheets and everything else, belong to:

-Every employee that worked within a radius of three kilometers.

-Jonathan & Lisa Fraser, Recognized as your parents.

-Daphne Briers, also known as your ex-wife.

-Emma, your nine year old daughter.

(This is to catch your attention and for your own good, so do as you are told).

...Read the text on your cell-phone.''

The tears on my face start rolling down my cheeks, start falling onto my laps and reach onto my lower thighs. I crash my face against the keyboard and moan hard enough to think that it could have easily been mistaken for a little eight year-old girl. Ten minutes later, I wipe my face with hatred, pull my phone out, and read the text; ''Erase your hard drive and lay the micro SD card that is in your wallet on your tongue and swallow it. We are watching your every move.''

Since my room is also occupied as my office, I am nervously walking towards the spot, ready to erase my hard drive (along with all my studies and discoveries). In other words, my whole life's work and passion are to be destroyed. I erase it (all of it) and grab one of my space-rocks, after opening the computer, I smash the hard drive into bits. The micro SD card I am about to swallow is the entire completion of my lifetime work and the overall reason of why all of this has happened. I swallow the chip in a grotesque form and gag, but it goes down without a worry.

I look at my cell-phone and it says; ''We want you to break the window in your room below the sentence (that we had written on your pane) and walk straight forward in a bee-line. Pass the forest and re-discover this message: ''What Lies Beyond The Forest''

I put my phone away and grabbed the space-rock, I throw it several of times at the window (thinking drastically) until I finally break it open. I walk straight onward just imagining what would be an alleged yellow brick road guiding me to my correct course. I pass the first tree of the murky, dark and unquestionably moist forest.

It must have been until a couple of hours that I started thinking that I should just run off into an oblivion. I didn't think too much of the fact that they were contacting or viewing me, because of the simple reality that they'd be able to observe or identify me as easily with all the trees and darkness as a distraction. But I am a fool, I then realized I was out-smarted. Just after that thought, my phone vibrated and I read: ''We are watching you And we are closer than you think''.

My brain starts messing with me, hearing creeks and bizarre noises that could be most probably... THEM. Sounds that are even beyond anyone's mystified imagination. An extremely developed foreign language, I'd say.

I start talking out loud and shout: "-The micro SD card contained the data required to provide proof that aliens exist, but we were looking at the wrong direction. It's not up in space but--". At this point I start lacking of energy, but see light of guidance after three and a half hours, and it's trying to light the way beyond up the trees and up ahead. Now I understand what they initially meant with what they smeared upon my window. It confirms my primary theory. I reach the last tree and observe the massive city at my feet, (down below) Los Angeles, California. So I continue where I halted: "-What Lies Beyond the Forest-".

I understand now and I honestly don't know how to respond towards it. Is it dire or fine?  Suddenly, I feel a rush of happiness and yet horror. They live among us all!

I stare at my phone: ''You must understand now. what you see... its whole destruction is near. Look at the big rock at your left. walk towards it and grab what's on it. You'll know what to do. We are _________________''

"-So that's who you are...-", I surprisingly remarked to myself.

I walk very calmly towards the rock. I grab what appears to be a Smith & Wesson revolver and know exactly what to do.

"-I always thought these guns were fancy... By the way, watch it Vena. They're coming for you.-", I warned.

I load and lift the gun at an angle of forty-five degrees aiming directly at the center of my head. I smile and pull the trigger.

End of Part I



















We're still watching you...



Submitted: December 26, 2013

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