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Brother that get annoyed by his brothers and in the end changes his mind.

Submitted: March 12, 2015

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Submitted: March 12, 2015




By Marcos Guarido


David, Eloy’s little brother, decided to wake him up. David slowly entered his brother’s room, and all of a sudden, Eloy recognized that his little brother was jumping on top of him. When Eloy saw him, David ran as fast as he could out of the room.

Eloy got out of the bed and went to the kitchen. When he got there, he saw the most delicious thing ever you could get for breakfast. A plate full of pancakes. Eloy thought it was a dream, but he pinch his self and recognized it was the real life. After eating his wonderful breakfast, he took a relaxing shower and went to his room to get his clean clothes. He had some problems trying to chose the clothes he would wear today, but finally he got short pants and a soccer shirt.

After waiting for everybody to wake up, eat their breakfast, take a shower and put their clothes on, they went down to the garage to get the car to go to school.

When they reached the dark garage, they went on the search of their car. Eloy was the first one to find it, he decided to tell everybody where the car was. When Eloy was reaching his car, he saw something moving behind it. He decided to approach towards it. Suddenly, the thing just jumped on top of him, and guess who it was, it was his little brother, David. After Eloy calming down from the scary experience, all of them, Eloy, his mom and his two brothers, decided to enter the car and go school.

The car trip to school for Eloy was even worse than what his brother had just did. It was like his worst nightmare had become true. He usually called what was happening, his brothers. His brothers, David and Angel, really annoyed him. He obviously liked them, but normally they were really annoying.

When they were reaching their school, after a hour getting annoyed, Eloy got ready for the moment of freedom. The car stopped, he said bye to his mom, opened the door and ran as fast as he could toward his friends. He is running desperately to reach his best friends, Juan and Jorge. Suddenly, Eloy felt something the had hit his right foot, it was a small rock. After the impact with the floor, Eloy felt an enormous pain in his left arm. He started touching it and observing it to see what happened, and he recognized that he had twisted his arm. He decided not to tell anyone so no one would worry about him.

The bell rang. Eloy turn around to go to his next class, Social Studies, when he saw an stampede of kids running trying to enter the school all at the same time. He got really surprised and decided to wait for everyone to enter first so that nothing will happen to him again.

He entered the class and saw that all of his classmates were concentrated and writing on a paper. He also noticed that everyone were really nervous.

“What is happening here?!” Asked Eloy confused.

“We have a pop quiz, now go sit down in your seat.” Yelled the teacher.

“Ok, Mr. Eduardo.” Responded Eloy.

“You have 20 minutes to finish this quiz.” Said the teacher warning Eloy.

Eloy went to his seat and Mr. Eduardo gave him the pop quiz. It seem almost impossible to finish a 20 question quiz in 20 minutes with a twisted arm. Even though, he got prepared, wrote the date and his name and got started with the pop quiz.

Surprisingly, Eloy finished the quiz in just 10 minutes. For him the quiz was really easy. He was expecting the quiz to be really hard, but instead it was easy. After, he finished the quiz, he had free time to do whatever he wanted to. He decided to read and play some board games with his friends and classmates.

Social Studies class ended. Now it was time to go to lunch. He waited for everyone to go out of the classroom because he didn’t want to get hit in the arm and make it hurt even more. Everyone went out running towards the cafeteria.

Today in the cafeteria was Eloy’s favorite food, pizza. He really loves pizza, he got a full plate and went to sit towards his friends. There, he started talking and eating with his best friends. He enjoyed that time a lot.

After finishing lunch, Eloy and his friends decided to go play something at reassess. They started playing some soccer. All of a suddenly, David appeared and Eloy immediately knew what he was going to do.

“Hey Jorge. Hey Juan.” Said David.

“Hey David.” Responded both at the same time.

“David go away I know you are going to embarrass me.” Eloy said angrily.

“No way Eloy, I’m just going to talk about the time that you failed that goal without goalie.”  Said David.

“David, please, can you go away?” Asked Eloy patiently.

“Ok Eloy, just because I’m a nice guy.” Responded David.

The bell rang again. It was time for PE class, Eloy favorite class. Even though it was Eloy’s favorite class, he decided to ask the PE if he didn’t have to play that day.

“Hey Mr. John.” Said Eloy.

“Hey Eloy.” Answers back Mr. John.

“Mr., could I not do PE today? I’m think I have twisted my arm.” Asked Eloy.

“Oh, no way Eloy. Remember you used that excuse last time.” Responded John.

“Oh, true.” Said Eloy really embarrassed.

“Now give me two laps because you were trying to trick me. GO, GO, GO!!!”. Said John impatiently.

Eloy went running around the field with his classmates immediately. Two laps around the field was exhausting. After running, everybody was sweating and some even lying in the floor!

Unlikely for Eloy, they were starting a new unit, the basketball unit. He couldn’t play with a twisted arm, but he was scared that the teacher would yell at him again. So the teacher got up and started making the two teams. Eloy was lucky and got all his friends in the same team, but he was still a bit worried because of the twisted arm.

The game started bad for Eloy’s team. They were losing now by 10 points. Suddenly, Eloy got the ball and started running towards the basket, when he felt a push from behind. He had fell again in his arm. It was more pain than even last time. He started sweating. He saw his arm and saw it was all swollen. He realised that was broken and suddenly, Eloy fainted.

When he woke up, he saw himself in a hospital bed with his dad, mom and his two brothers looking at him.

“He is waking!!” Said his father enthusiastically.

“Hey son, is everything ok?” Asked his mother.

“Yeah, but what happened?” Eloy replied.

“You broke your arm playing basketball in school.” Responded his little brother, David.

Eloy looked at his arm covered with plaster.

“The doctor said it will be okay in about two weeks.” Said his mom.

“This is for you brother.” Said both brothers at the same time they handed him a present.

“Thanks.” Responded Eloy surprised.

It was the book he had always want. He got so happy when he saw the book he had gained.

“Well, I think we should let him rest a bit.” Said his mother.

Then the whole family left the room and Eloy was alone with his new book. He wasn't really expecting this from his brothers. In that moment Eloy thought that his brothers weren’t so bad as he thought they were.

© Copyright 2019 Marcos Guarido. All rights reserved.

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