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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
It's the name itself.

Submitted: February 27, 2013

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



The Romeo

Put the arrow in my heart, cause you shot me full of your love.

Don't know who sent you my angel, but I thank whoever from above.

Your the girl every man wants, but I actually have you, they just think of.


Girl you got me going macaroni, I'm so glad that you are my cheese.

When I take off this shirt, it's not just to tease.

When my hands start running down your back, you know I'm the type that likes to please.


Treating like you are my diamond, there isn't no one that will ever have my jewel.

When you walk by their jaws go slack, and you can tell that they all just drool.

But then when they see your lips on mine, they just feel a fool.


Beauty, the word is described in one image just by your reflection.

Nothings supposed to be perfect in this world, but your perfection.

Wrote this out to you, just to show you that affection.


This Fire


This fire that I feel in my heart, you sparked it with that feeling of your kiss.

Didn't know what love tasted like, till I felt your lips with my lips.

I feel time slow, as we dance with my hands wrapped around your hips.

Girl are you a drug, cause I feel like we've gone through so many trips.


Glad that you chose to stay, cause most people show themselves to be fake.

When a struggle arises or a problem shows, they always just used to fold and break.

Feel like my eyes were closed for so long, but you were the one that made me awake.

Showed me that there's so much waiting for in this world, we just got to have the heart to take.


Wrapping my arms around you, I never felt so complete.

The fire in my heart, you were the flame that instilled that heat.

When my heart skips, it skips only when it sees you for you make it beat.

Been heart broken before, but with you I know it's not a repeat.


The Cannibal

Bloody ass hands, what have I fucking done?

I didn't mean to do it, I never meant to take it this far.

Just wanted to show him a lesson, didn't mean to permanently make him au revoir.


Sent that man on his way, told him that he shouldn't try.

When I get into this battle, then one of us just has to die.

While your blood pours on the earth, I feel the water rain from the sky.


In this moment, I can feel what it's like to taste wrath.

Tasting destruction, I cast down my ways to follow this dark path.

I'm swimming in a pool of bodies, I like to call it a blood bath.

This is what it's like when you get the thrill to kill.

The hunger, more addicting than any type of pill.

If the human in you won't do it, then the beast in you will.


What's Their Name

Pain, don't need to ask me about it, I felt it's pleasure.

Know what it can do to a man, I've seen how much it can measure.

Make something whole feel like they been living in this tank empty.

I've crossed the line before, don't tempt me.


Looking into the future, all I can see our the horrors of my past.

Wanted this, but good things are never meant to last.

We all know the story, but I just wish you hadn't told it that fast.

Felt like I was on top of the world, then you came around and made it crash.


Look at all these pictures, these are all but memories.

I remember when I used to smile, damn huh it's been awhile?If I had known when I met you, then I would have never played this trial.

If I had known how much of a piece of shit you were, I would have just left you with the rest of the pile.





© Copyright 2020 Marcus Calef. All rights reserved.

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