Lost Kingdom

Lost Kingdom

Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy



Status: Finished

Genre: Fantasy




In the beginning of time the kingdom of light is the source of peace in the western part of the pacific, until such time a vast creature of the dark forest lurking in the pitch black domain, planning to take over the kingdom of light.
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In the beginning of time the kingdom of light is the source of peace in the western part of the pacific, until such time a vast creature of the dark forest lurking in the pitch black domain, planning to take over the kingdom of light.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Lost Kingdom

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In the beginning of time the kingdom of light is the source of peace in the western part of the pacific, until such time a vast creature of the dark forest lurking in the pitch black domain, planning to take over the kingdom of light.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 25, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: February 25, 2013



In the beginning of time the kingdom of light is the source of peace in the western part of the pacific, until such time a vast creature of the dark forest lurking in the pitch black domain, planning to take over the kingdom of light.

The Kingdom of Light is a prosperous kingdom in the western hemisphere. All people in the kingdom are happy with Queen Amia and King Arvize discoveries in science. Together they build the kingdom with enough supply of foods, water and energy.

"Our kingdom will always be stable as long as we are here to protect our people my love."

The king continue while checking the rounded platform that hold precious crystals.

"The kingdom of light will shine forever" King Arvize uttered.

Amia the Queen holding the black diamond mounted the precious crystal into the rounded platform and examine the precious gem.

"Yes my King, we will do our best to insure that our kingdom will shine for our people.

We will protect them, together we can achieve stability for foods, security and defense development.“ Said the queen.

The King hugs her wife and gently kisses her. The moon serves as a lone witness for the undying love of the king to the queen. The tower of light where the King and Queen stayed at night is the tallest structure in the kingdom bastion. Overlooking the entire kingdom. The Tower of light served as the sun of the kingdom at night.

Chapter 1 Retribution of Gradra

The cluster islands of Campusa positioned south in the vast ocean of pacific where thevillage name Sariah was established by early settlers. The villagesorrounded by beautiful hills, river, falls, and forest. The villagers were able to develop the farming process withthe help of the kingdom of light. The kingdom assists the islanders to develop systems and technique to maximize the production of farming. The village Sariah is one of the trading places in the island where all merchants from nearby islands traded their goods. Sariah is a self-sustaining village. It has a fertile ground, the source of domestic agricultural products that supply to the kingdom of light. The kingdom of light sent engineers and scientist to the islands to guideand help people achieving the development.

It is a bright summer, Sariah's beautiful riverattract villagers for fishing. The river is abundantof shells and fish. One day a young woman named Gradra arrived with her little sister. They wanted to catch fish and collect shells after harvesting fresh vegestable from the farm and fruits from theforest. Her little sister Rayah is excited on her first day of fishing. Gradra started to unrolled her fishing net and teach her little sister Rayah the techniquesof catchingfish. It's almost a quarter of hour when Rayah shouted to her sister,"Gradra! I catch the fish," said Rayah.

"Oh wonderful Rayah try to hold it, I am coming" said Gradra.

"Yeah I catch it from my net “she smiled back to her older sister.

Gradra pick up the big river fish however, the fish tries to escape back to the water. But Gradra was quick enough; she used her sharp bamboo stick to pierce the fish.

"Father will be happy to know you catch fish for our dinner tonight, I think this is enough for our dinner" said Gradra smiling to her little sister.

"Yes I am happy too Gradra, can we do it again tomorrow?" Rayah replied as she rolled the fishing net preparing to leave the river.

“Sure Rayah we will be here tomorrow," Gradra assured.

"We will catch more fish tomorrow," She hugs and kissed her sister.

Gradra affirm her sister that the next morning will be a great fishing day for both of them.

"Let's go!" Gradra ask her sister Rayah. She and her sister hold the basket full of vegetable and fruits they collected earlier.Together they climb on the hills heading to their home.

Gradra's father Ragush, he is a decent man. He work as a builder of a long waterway, a new invention from the kingdom of light to supply water into the farmland.

The farmers enable to tap the water source from the river to use as a support watering structure during the summer time. Her mother Sayar is a great herbalist; she had a variety of medicinal plants that she used to create medicine for the villager.

They reach their home almost sunset and they wash their body through the waterway and proceed to thewooden door.

Gradra open the wooden door, her father is chopping potatoes on the wooden table to cook for dinner.

"Oh what we have tonight? “ Said Ragush, "a big fish?" said Gradra's mother.

"It is a big catch from Rayah," Gradra said smiling to her little sister.

"Is that so? So sweet my little girl" cried her mother.

They hug Rayah, Gradra felt so blessed having a parent like her mother and father.

She is very happy seeing her parent appreciate the wonderful effort of her little sister Rayah.

"Mother I brought you some fruits from the forest." said Gradra.

“Oh dear it is so sweet, but next time try to avoid this place, haven't you heard a lot of little girls lost in that place? I warned you, not to go back there" cried her mother while washing the fish. "Yes mother I promised." "That is good" replied by her mother. Gradra and Rayah help their parents preparing the foods and together the family enjoys the dinner.

The hours past as the solitude of Sariah embrace silently the dark beautiful night sky and the new dawn arise. Birds started to sing in the misty morning. The sunrise gives the golden splendor in the western sky.

In the house of Gradra, her mother started to nurse her garden by watering and trimming her plants. Her father preparing breakfast with boiled eggs, hot tea, milk, honey, cheese, fruits and fresh bread he made.

Gradra awaken by the sound of the bird flapping right beside in her window and when she open the window, the young belle astound for what she hadfound, a beautiful white bird with blue eyes and golden beak.

"Oh what a beautiful bird" she uttered then Gradra stand up and give some dried seeds to the bird and the bird rush to Gradra's wooden window.

Gradra arrange her bed and she heard her father singing. She left her room and walk into the kitchen,“Father, I will help you.”Gradra said.But his father wanted her to prepare herself and call her sister. “Just take a bath honey and wake up your sister, the breakfast is ready.” command by his father while taking out the pot of boiled tea from the top of the heated charcoal.“Yes father “said Gradra and she walk toward Rayah’s room. Her little sister still sleeping and she sat down near beside her.

“Rayah, wake up! We have to go now”Gradra smile, looking at her sisters face. “Hmmm, Hello Gradra” said Rayah while her older sister extended her hand reaching the lock of the wooden window and open it. "Here comes the sunlight" said Gradra she push the window and the entire room of Rayah's lighted by the morning sun. She tie the curtain made from the finest fiber of pineapple which her mother used to weave. “Hurry up we will take a bath then we eat our breakfast and go to the river, so that we can start our fishing earlier,”Gradra said, while folding Rayah's silk blanket. “Ok, just stand up now and go to the bathroom” Gradra holding her sister lazy arms and pulling her off from the bed, while her sister smiling, seems enjoying what Gradra's doing. "Hmmm, ok" I got it, hahahahha Rayah's laughing. then she get her cotton bathrobe and proceed to the washing room.

The family richly shared the morning breakfast, Gradra and her sister Rayah enjoyed the foods his father cooked.

"Father when you will visit uncle Zaruh?" said Gradra then sipping her hot milk "is He coming to my 18th Birthday?"

"I and your mother will visit your uncle the next harvest, it is near after this lunar month, and we will bring fruits and grains for the King and Queen." "We will also give presents to our princess Aliah, those fibers weave by your mother and also some essential oil." Gradra's father said. "Oh dear, I wish the princess will like it." uttered her mother.

" Mother is uncle Zaruh will come to my birthday too?" said Rayah "Yes he will, but your 13th birthday still far, two more lunar months to come." said Sayar their mother.

Gradra look at her sister, she smile and arrange Rayah's tangle black hair.

"Gradra try to come early when you finish collecting vegetable and done your fishing with Rayah, I need your help filtering our essential oil. We need to prepare it, we only have a week before the lunar month will end." said her mother.

“Yes mother," Gradra said. Gradra is little confuse about her upcoming birthday, she is excited, somehow little lost what she will do on that day.

While walking with her sister heading to the river, her thought is on the coming days, the 7th day of the next lunar month will be her 18th birthday, she has no idea how she will celebrate it. Her mother told her that's the time she will dress up with flowers and vibrant colored dress and will drink the water from the spring as a symbol of her unification with the lunar God Vhulahn. She will be dancing with her friends. She is thinking about Damsuh, her young handsome childhood friend living right next in the foot of the hills.

Damsuh aided Gradra in fishing; she taught her how to catch and cooked the fish in a bammbo steam. He is a brave young warrior always go hunting deers and wild pigs and even shares his catch to Gradra. He teach Gradra how to use the swords and bows, but Gradra polished all of these fighting skills more from her uncle Zaruh. He is the head of the elite warriors in the Kingdom of Light.

Zaruh trained Gradra & Rayah to be tough from the young age. He wanted them to be brave and be a fighter. Since, they don’t have a brother to protect them in time of trouble. So Gradra and Rayah have no choice but to follow their uncle Zaruh. Though beautiful and tame both of these two sisters are lethal

All of the interaction between Damsuh and Gradra create the foundation of love, which each of them secretly love each other.

"Gradra! over here!" Damsuh called Gradra. The river water level was high and on the top of rocky side, Damsuh rolled on his fishing net, he catches already some fish.

"Glad you are here" said Damsuh. "Yeah, Rayah wanted to cath another fish" smiling to her sister and also to the young man. Rayah started to pull out her fishing net, the same with Gradra.

"Your birthday is near" I want to hunt a deer as present to your birthday." Damsuh is confident to give his promised gift. "Really? " a timid smile from Gradra, she was blushing and her heart beat fast, she excited but too shy to show it to Damsuh. "Yes! You are special to my heart you know that!" Damsuh replied smiling to Gradra while weaving those fish he catches using the wild vines from the river bank.

Rayah is giggling for what she heard and seen and smiling to her sister. "What?" hahahah Gradra laughing at her little sister, "nothing" Raya's replied but secretly laughing at the back of her head. The two sisters laughing each other loudly.

Damsuh look at Gradra's face. He don't want to missed any of that smile and laugh. He likes the beautiful black hair dangling right in her shoulder, big brown eyes and bronze skin. He adore the beauty of the young lady. The young woman is very special to his heart and he will do everything just to make this girl happy.

Damsuh cooked some fresh fish in the bamboo steam and shared it to Gradra and Rayah. While the three enjoying their foods, there is a stranger behind the back of the big stone, right at the upper part of the river.

She is a beautiful woman, tall, wearing a silver satin dress, surrounded by some crystal and gem stones in her nick. She is glistening, her eyes color is blue, and a golden long hair. She has a very distinct red lips and prominent nose and she looks like a princess. Above her there is a flying eagle repeatedly circling the domain.

The woman come out from hiding and walks through the place where Gradra, Damsuh and Rayah set a temporary haven.

"Peace be with you" Said the woman, Gradra was surprise for the lady, same with Rayah and Damsuh.

"Peace be with you" Said Damsuh and Gradra.

"My name is Aryanah, I want to warn you to leave this place and find shelter on the eastern side of the hills, there is a secret cave right beside the falls." as she continue her warning.

"The Red warriors of Volca's kingdom is near, they are sailing the pacific a week ago." "The warriors will reach this place in twenty four hours. They will attack every villages including Sariah." " These Red Warriors are monsters and inhuman, you have to act now to save your family for this chaos." Uttered Aryanah.

The eagle still circling above sky continuously.

"How could you be too sure that this will happen?" said Damsuh.

"Two islands in the north already destroyed by these monster warriors seven days ago."

"They burned villages houses and most of their victims turned into ashes."

"Killed a lot of the villagers, children, adult and old, even the animals."

"These monsters spare no one and they are strong, mighty and ready to strike chaos," Aryanah specifically illustrate how vicious the red warriors.

Rayah is shaking and hold her sister arms, Gradra felt that her sister is frightened; she hugs her while Damsuh continue talking to Aryanah.

"I have to go; you must leave this place before mid-night to escape the chaos of these monsters," Aryanah said.

"I will be waiting for you at the secret cave." "Before I forget this, please take this stone Gradra," she handed over the tortoise color gem stone to Gradra. "Just put some water on that stone, the stone will guide you in your journey," Aryanah said.

Gradra though confuse, she get the stone. "How did you know my name?" asked Gradra.

"It is a long story Gradra, someday you will find the truth" replied by Aryanah.

The eagle slope over Aryanah's shoulder, the is bird whispering Aryanah.

"I have no time, I need to travel to the other village to warn other people" and suddenly Aryanah lift in the air, she defy the gravity of the earth like the eagle.

"I will see you then! goodbye Gradra!" She fly extraordinary fast with the eagle and faded into the sky.

Gradra and Rayah amazed for what they have seen. They can't imagine that the legend of Wings Kingdom is true.

"Gradra I am afraid" said Rayah, "Don't worry, I am here, I will never leave you." assuring her sister that she will protect her against unexpected chaos.

"Damsuh you have to run to inform your parents and the people, and then we will all meet at the entrance of the village," said Gradra.

"We will rush to my father’s farm and proceed to our home."

"You take care Gradra!" said Damsuh. "I will be waiting for you at the village entrance," and he hugs Gradra and Rayah.

Damsuh run fast and reach the village leader and inform him about the threat, all villager alarmed by the sound of the warning of horn. Together the village people gather once and for all to know what's happening.

"Father! Gradra cries we have to leave the village, the woman from the Wings kingdom warn us to leave the village and take shelter into the secret cave at the other side of the hills." Gradra startled while telling her father the story of Aryanah.

"This can't be happening we are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and still the Volca's red warriors are planning to invade us."

Hurriedly Ragush take his two daughters into the wooden chariot and whisper the horse to run. The horse started to run and the family anxiously gone.

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