The Knight of Fire

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A tale of a young boy who is challenged by his dark brother to join the force of evil. Peter must look within himself to see what sort of man he is.


The Lone Knight

Once upon a time, there was a powerful kingdom. It was ruled by a wonderful man who watched over his people like they were his own children. He ruled with kindness, mercy, and love. He had two children, both sons. His oldest was Seth and a younger son named Peter, and he loved them both very much.

There was a gift within the royal bloodline, it was the power to use fire. Not just use it to cook and heat, but it became a part of you, it listened to your very thoughts and will. It protects you and served your desires. This power to bend fire was a powerful gift, but could also be a curse. The effect of this flame within is a short temper, a draw for power, and the ability to destroy.

The gift was discovered within Seth, and it didn't sit well with the boy. After the time of learning of his gift, he took this power and played with it by himself, refusing to follow the guidelines set by his father. He wanted to discover the amount of power he could wield.

But one day it consumed him, at the age of 18 he decided he wanted the throne of his father. He set out to gain it by any way possible, the military was no match for the power of his flames. Seth pushed through the city towards the palace leaving death and destruction as he marched forward to claim what he thought was his right. He blasted through the gates of Father's home, expecting a massive army for him to face, but was met with only his Father.

"Seth? What are you doing?" Father said with a pleading tone.

"Father," Seth said, "I have come to take the Glory I deserve, it is mine, and I am willing to go through you if that is what it takes." He lit his hands ablaze and threw a stream of bright red flame raging towards his father.

The King raised his hand and the flame stopped instantly, "You cannot win, you haven't even begun to comprehend the power within you." Then, with a flick of his wrist fire flew around Seth, bright and powerful. It formed a cage of heat around him that he was unable to escape, he tried to bend it away but the flame knew who the real master was, and didn't waver.

Then Seth was banished, he was taken out of the city by the king and his guards and sent off to find a new path for himself, he would never be allowed back home.

But this story isn't about this older son, it is about Peter. He was eight years old when Seth rebelled, and he remembers well the fear and terror of the people as his brother tore through the village. It was still there even after 9 years, the fear of fire among the people.

Peter was now 17, hanging with his friends and doing as a normal teenager would do, and he had grown up a good lad despite his brothers past. But one day his life changed…


"Peter, come here!" a voice called loud and clear

I turned and saw Will, my best friend from childhood calling and beckoning me to follow him out of the courtyard. A smile spread across my face and I set down the book I had been reading (It was dreadfully dull anyway) and took off after him. I caught up with him and still running, he said "Hurry up, I've got something to show ya!" as he said it he picked up his pace.

"What is it?" I holler and sped up to keep up with him.

"You will see," he said as he led me down an assortment of streets and alleys. When finally, coming around a corner, I found myself in an apple orchard at the edge of the city, and all my friends were there.

"Surprise!!!" they all yelled.


I laugh with surprise and turning to Will said. "What is all this?"

"Well," he said, "your Father is wanting to keep you to himself for your 18th birthday next week so we decided to throw you a party early."

I was taken aback. "What! This is awesome!"

I join the group and we all start having fun, there were games, gifts, and food. All the fun we could ask for. But as the evening was drawing to a close, a voice was heard.

"Sorry to crash the party, but it looks like you forgot someone." I turn and see a big man, scarred and sinister, standing at the back of the orchard holding my friend, Emily, to his chest with a dagger pressed against her neck.

A gasp sounds as we see our friend held hostage

"What do you want," Will says

"The young prince of course," The thug says with a smirk. "He will be quite a ransom package, especially after the disgrace and loss of the first one.

I felt anger swell inside me, this guy wants me? He is going to kill Emily if I don't do something!

Will spoke up, "well you can't have him"

"Will!" The words erupted from me before I even realized I said them "shut up!" I stepped forward and said, "let her go and I will come."

"Good boy." He said, releasing Emily. I walked forward until he grabbed me and stuck the knife next to my ribs. Then all of a sudden four more men step out of the growing shadows, "too bad" the man holding me continues "that all of your friends are going to die anyway.

The girls squeal in fright as the four new men pull swords out of their cloaks. Within me, anger boiled and I thought No! It will not end like this.

"NO!" a yell burst out of me as I jerked myself out of the first man's grip, and with a twist punch him in the face with my left hand. He stumbles back but recovers quickly as he steps forward and lunges with the dagger.

I dive out of the way but I see the other four thugs rushing forward to help their companion. "Run!" I yell to my friends as I dodge another swipe of the knife. I stand, and I find myself surrounded by men. the first one grins and says "Well I guess you are a dead man. Just like your friend will be when we finish you.

They started forward but as they did a strange feeling came into my being, as if I had morphed into something new, something powerful. I liked it.

The first man lunged and I stepped out of the way, swiping him past me with a move of my arm, but the second man was bearing down on me with his sword. I rose my arm to bloke but a wave of flame came with the movement and hit the man, pushing him back. Energy rushed through my body, and the other four stared with shock at the one batting out the flames

All fear within me was gone at this point but I could see it within them. One more decided to try his luck and charged, I grabbed his sword arm, and with a twist snapped his arm at the elbow, he let out a shriek of pain, but then I kicked him in the ribs sending a blast of flame with the blow that propelled him away.

The thugs decided they have had enough, and all took off running. In their rush they left their weapons and the one whom I had dealt the last blow, who lay in the dirt, not moving.

The strange energy faded away, and I looked over what I had just done. Then my mind was drawn back to my friends, I turned and saw them staring at me with horror. "Are you guys ok?" I


asked, walking forward to check.

"Stay away!" one of the girls yelled, and the whole group backed up in fear.

I stopped, "what's going on?" I asked

Will stood forward "You're just like Seth," he said with fear, then they hurried away, leaving me alone in the courtyard.

What! Like Seth!?! I thought, No, that can't be, But I thought about the rush of energy and the feeling that came over me. Am I?

My mind rushed with thoughts of disbelief and fear. Memories of that day flew through my mind causing it to spin, memories of Seth's rebellion. Am I like him? I had felt the power of the flame rush through me, I had enjoyed the rush, the energy, It thrilled me.

I walked over to the thug I had blasted to end the fight, he still hadn't moved, still crumpled in a limp pile. I knelt down and felt his neck for signs of a pulse… there was nothing.

I fell over with shock, I killed him! "No, no, no," I said in disbelief. What have I done?

"So you have it too?" A voice behind me said a cold, familiar voice.

I spun around jumping to my feet to face the source of the voice. And there in the shadows of the trees stood Seth. My Brother. He was dressed in a black cloak and pitch black armor with flame designs forged into the breastplate.

"What are you doing here?" I said venomously.

"I came to talk to you, although I didn't expect to have such an entertaining show." He said with a chuckle. "You have grown quite a bit since I left."

"Left? You mean kicked out! You shouldn't be in here! Get out!" I turned and started to leave to get the guards, then he said something that stopped me short.

"You killed him didn't you?"

I turned and looked at him, feeling guilty.

"Your friends are afraid of you" He continued "You have killed a man, and now you are afraid. How are you going to explain the body to the guards?"

"It was self-defense!" I started

"Yes, but you can't prove that, plus you used fire bending. Not only that but you enjoyed it."

The guilt of that statement drove deep into my heart. It was true, I had enjoyed it. The power I felt while bending was something I couldn't describe.

"Now the people will reject you," Seth said. "As you get older your power will get stronger and if you try to hide that within yourself it will destroy you. You have to learn to use that power." He said, taking a step towards me "Come with me, I will teach you to use your power. You will never be afraid of anyone again, I will show you how to use this power to go through anything in your way. Together we will be unstoppable!"

I looked at him, he reached his hand out to me. I felt a tugging at my heart to go with him, the power he had was amazing. Maybe I could use the teachings he gave me for good, I didn't have to be like him. Maybe I could even change him!

But then a voice inside my head said: "Peter, don't."

I heard it and was surprised by it, but as I thought on the voice a feeling of doubt came into me, a feeling that I shouldn't go with him. "I don't know Seth," I said.

You could see the disappointment on his face, but he recovered quickly. "Of course, don't choose right now. I will come back and hear your decision in a week's time." He turned back towards


the orchard "Choose wisely" he said over his shoulder with a smile. Then he disappeared into the shadows as quickly as he had appeared.

Over the next couple days, I tried to act as if nothing had happened, but the word spread like a wildfire among the entire village. Everyone avoided me and I could see the fear in their eyes. They were petrified of me. Even the ones I thought loved me became distant and refused to speak to me anymore.

Everything Seth said would happen started to roll into an ugly reality as the week came closer to an end. All my friends had left, I was able to avoid legal issues, being that it was self-defense but it didn't really help me feel better. Then the night before Seth was going to come for an answer I was laying in the grass in the courtyard, pondering.

What do I have here? All I have ever had has left me, I might as well join Seth, then at least I will be able to learn."

"What are you thinking about?" A voice said. I turned my head and saw Father standing next to where I was laying.

I sat up quickly, "Oh, nothing much." I lied.

Father sighed, then sitting down in the grass next to me he said. "So when is Seth coming back to talk to you again?"

I looked at him in shock, probably looking really stupid, "how did you know?"

He chuckled "I know a lot more than you think" Then he looked at me in the eyes "Are you going to join him?"

I turned away and in exasperation said "No… well maybe… I don't know" I dropped my head into my hands.

"Peter," Father said, gently putting his arm on around my shoulders, and pulling me into his side. "You aren't a monster, Fire bending is a gift given to all of the Royal blood. Seth chose to use it in the wrong way, the thrill of power, and that joy within the energy that you felt when you discovered it, made him turn inwards. He took the flame and never learned self-control, he just uses large amounts to overwhelm his opponents.

But you aren't like that, Peter! You are loving, and have no urge for power. This fire if used correctly can be used to serve and save the people around you like you did this last week where you protected your friends. If you join Seth, he will make you power hungry and you will lose that love."

I looked up into my Father's loving eyes. "But who can teach me to use it correctly?"

He smiled. "Why I can, of course"

That stumped me, it hadn't crossed my mind that Father was a fire bender also. But it was in ALL royal blood, so it made sense.

"Can you?" I ask.

He laughed and said. "Stand up, I have some teaching to do"


The next evening I stood in the same orchard, waiting for Seth to come.


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