Graduation Gift

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Submitted: January 23, 2013

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Submitted: January 23, 2013



Short Story.... A young lady was going to her last week in college. She was in the top 5 i her class, and had a job waiting for her once she graduated. Her mother and father surprised her with a brand new 2012 BMW as a graduation gift, which was her dream car. Later that night she was leaving her night class. As she started walking to her vehicle, a group of guys approached her and asked for her car key. She refused to give them up so the group of guys beat her and beat her until she finally let the keys go. They left her for dead. The group of guys took the vehicle to the other side of town and sold it. The buyer of the BMW asked,''where did you get this brand new BMW from? ''They told the buyer,''from a college, it was some girl's vehicle.''The buyer told the guys,''good job I will have some more work for you later.''Meanwhile, the girl was rushed to the hospital where they had to perform emergency surgery. Her parents were calling her phone all nigh, but didn't get a response. They immediately knew something was wrong, because she always answered their call or was at home by this time. Finallly they get a call from a detective and the detective told them that their daughter was beaten and was in ICU, and they needed to come up there immediately. When they made it to the hospital, their daughter was just laying there, helpless. They asked the doctor if she going to be alright. The doctor told them if she came threw, she was going to be paralyzed from the neck down. All they could do is break down and cry. Her mother called her brother and said,'' you need to come to the hospital, your sister is in ICU. When he made it to the hospital, he asked his mother what happened. In tears she said,''your sister has been beaten and they can't find her car.'' ''What car?'' said the brother. ''We surprised her with a brand new car while she was at school today,''said his mom. The brother asked his parents, ''what kind of car did you buy her?'' They responded ''Her dream car, a BMW. ''Now her dreams are gone beacuse her brother paid people to steal her dreams and goals in life, and at the same time he is dead inside. He never thought his sister would be the victim of his own scam.

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