A pale of Wind

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a loving short story made for my loved one

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



there was once a beautiful beautiful princess. the princess was fairer than the moon but hand not once in her life laughed cencerly. but one day there came a young man and spoke to the princess: princess let me entertain you. the young man bowed and a smile played on his lips. the princess became interested in the young man, saying with a gentle smile: please entertain me. the young man began to tell the princess a story about a country far away in a past no longer known to man. the princess quickly became blissed by the young mans story and listened with big eyes and a big smile on her soft lips. the months went on and the princess both cried and laughed together with the young man as he told her stories both sad and funny. when the year ended the man came to the princess and said: i have to leave. the princess begged the young man to stay but the young man only told her: tell me you love me and that i have your heart. the princess refused and the young man told her that he would come to her once again when the first blossom blomed. the young man left and the princess was once again unhappy and bored. but as promised the young man came back when the first blossom blomed. the princess was overjoyed to see the young man again and wellcomed him warmly. and once again he told her stories and the princess became as blissed as before. and they laughed and cried together as the young man continued to tell stories and talk to the princess. and again when the year ended the young man told the princess that he had to leave. and once again the princess begged him to stay but the answer he gave her was the same as before: tell me you love me and that i have your heart. the princess refused to tell him and he told her that he would be back when the first blossom bloms. and year after year he came back, telling stories and asking for the princesse´s love and everytime she refused. the fifth year he came back the princess had begun to age but he was still a young man and at the end of the year she asked him: why do i become older and start getting wrinkles while you havent changed at all over the last 5 years? the young man answered and said with a sad smile: my love for you keep me young and strong so that i can be with you forever. the princess raged and told the young man:i hate you! dont you ever come back here! the young man hid his face and walked out while telling the princess with a messy voice: i will be leaving tomorrow morning. the princess fell asleep

next morning the young man was nowhere to be found. the princess waited for a year and when the young man didnt show up when the first blossom blomed she became worried and agonised. when the young man hadnt shown up in half a year after his promised time she aranged so that every soldier and guard in the country was mobelized and was sent out to search for the young man. he was nowhere to be found, it semed like he had never existed to begin with. now the princess was worried sick that she had made her lifes bigest mistake by sending the young man away as she had done. the years went by and still no sign of the young man showing up. the princess got married and became queen. the queen had one child with her husband, a girl. and arfter she gave birth to her child it became verry clear that the queen was dying. on the queens deathbed the young man apeared, smiling sadly and said: i know you told me to never come back but i have to ask you one last time.. do you love me? and is your heart mine? the queen refused the young man once again before she died and the young man dissapeared as fast as he apeared. tye years went on and the queens daughter was like a perfect replica of her mother. once again the young man apeared infront of the princess and made her happy with stories and tales. and in the end of the year he told the princess that he had to leave. and the princess begged him to stay and he told her: tell me you love me and that your heart is mine. the princess refused and he told her that he would be back when the first blossom of the year blomed. every year he returned and ever year he asked her to love him and every year she refused.

one day he told the princess :i have something to tell you. the princess answered and said: what is it that you wish to tell me? the young man was pale and said: to tell you the truth i am dying.the princess became a litle worried and asked him: why? our doctors are the best in the world and can cure any disease. they can surely cure your illness. the young man answered and said with pain in his voice : it pains me that even after a hundred years you cant find even a litle love for me in your heart. now my love for you is dying and i with it. please tell me you love me and that your heart is mine.the princess laughed nervously and thought that he cant be serious, this must one of his jokes. the princess raised her voice and told the young man: no i dont love you. now stop it this joke is not even funny! the young man pailed and a single tear fell down his cheek. the princess became terrified. not once during their time together he had cried and semed to be in such pain before. the young man wispered: please tell me you love me and that i have your heart. the princess stared at the young man as his teardrop fell from his chin and shatered as glass when it reached the marble floor. the young man trembeled and the princess saw as the young man began to turn into dust of silver semingly being blown away by the wind. as the princess saw this she rushed up towards the young man, grabing him and saying: i love you. she looked into the young mans face, wet with tears as he forms with his mouth:i cant hear you. the princess stares terrified at the young man and screams: i love you! dont leave. Please dont leave! as she say the last word the young man shaters and is blown away by the invissible wind. the princess fall to the ground on her knees crying, holding a tiny speck of the silverdust in her hand

the princes wakes up from her dream. terrified and crying. she runs out of her room and down to the stables thinking that he cant leave i love him to much. she runs crying through the corridors and rooms of the palace. when she finally finds him she is exhausted and falls crying in his arms. crying: dont leave i love you so much! she looks up in the young mans face. with a teary face he says: oh Momo... oh god i love you so much! i will never leave you! as he kisses her sweet lips. and when their lips met a shivering wave whent through the princess body making her tremble and she was young and slender as when they first met. the young man wiped his tears, smiling tenderly towards his beloved princess, wispering softly: i love you forever and my heart is yours untill it stops beating.

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